Monday, June 24, 2019

Like a River Glorious ~

For thus saith the Lord, Behold,
I will extend peace to her like a river...
~ Isaiah 66:12 ~

The lyrics on each photo are from the hymn ~ Like a River Glorious,
written by Florence (Frances) Havergal.
While Florance met with some boys so as to witness the Gospel 
she ran into cold, wet weather and became chilled.
Her fever grew worse and at the age of 42 with her brother at her bedside,
he commended her soul into the Redeemer's hand.
So young, yet, she was ready to meet her Savior.
Then sings my soul ~ is a book on 150 Hymn stories that belonged 
to my beloved in-laws ~ Bill and Betty.
I came home with this precious book and I will read and cherish it
knowing that it belonged to my in-laws.
Our time away in Canada was a time for family
and the internment of my husbands dad.
It was also a time with my husband's siblings to go through
their parents estate bringing a little bit of a closure to both 
Bill and Betty's passing.
Praise the Lord, they are both together now in glory with their Savior.

After spending time with family my husband and I headed up North
to spend some time at Lake Superior Provincial Park.
We practically had the park to ourselves,
maybe it was due to all the rain. 😉
Even though we had plenty of rain, that didn't stop us from 
enjoying some of the sites, nature, hikes and God's amazing creation.

These photos were taken of the Sand River
while we enjoyed our 3 hour hike on a day that was 
a mixture of sun, clouds and rain, 
but oh what an amazing river with its many rushing water falls!
These photos are just a small glimpse of some incredible beauty.
The hiking trail was right alongside the river 
and those rushing waters were astounding.

We stayed in Agawa Bay, where again, we practically had the 
campground to ourselves.
Our site was right on Lake Superior where the beach was
nothing but granite stones ~ my husband's joy!
He loves looking for stones to polish
and the beach certainly kept us busy looking for those perfect stones.
My husband has a rock tumbler, so our collection of stones will be beautifully polished.
As we hike around the large granite rock, I can't help but think of
the many granite countertops in their various colors that 
grace many homes with their beauty.
God's marvelous and glorious creation that we are blessed to enjoy.

We crossed the Border into Michigan and drove along Lake Michigan 
enjoying yet again, the beauty of our God.
Unfortunately we were not able go get good scenic photos 
due to the rainfall.
We stayed at a beautiful State Park right on the lake,
but oh my...the puddles in the park were incredible!
Each site had it's very own private puddle pool. 😉
So much water, every water source we encountered was swollen.
As we drove through areas of farm land in a few of the States
it was disheartening to see the fields flooded.
We prayed for those farmers as they work hard to plow their fields
in between the rainfall, then having to wait for a dry spell.
We saw a sign attached to a fence that read ~
Did you eat today? Thank a farmer
Yes, thank you to those HARD WORKING farmers and their family's!
Seems as though we brought the rain and cold weather back with us,
as it has been cold and rainy since we arrived home.
In all things give thanks ~ I am very thankful for the moisture 
which has made everything just that much greener and lush.
We enjoyed our time away ~ but it's good to be home.

I'm praising the Lord for His love and watch care over us
while we were traveling.
Both going and coming home we had some pretty nasty storms,
and driving a 35 foot  motor home with our "toad" behind us
can make for a stressful ride.
God cares for His own.
While driving through Wisconsin, as big and bright as anything 
was a billboard that said,
It was breathtaking to say the least!
Through the many heavy rainstorms we drove through
 our hearts were blessed with the Name of our Savior, 
surely nothing less heavenly could have
reflected such a glorious site for our eyes to behold.

To God be the Glory!

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