Sunday, January 3, 2016

Christ, our Ultimate Strength and Resource

While taking my walk out in the cool brisk air of the afternoon
I knew when I got home that it was time to write this post.
The psalmist wrote that
"the steps of a good man are ordered by the Lord" (Psalm 37:23).
God not only lovingly orders our steps but also our stops.
The apostle Paul experienced successive divine "stops"
while on his missionary journey within Asia Minor.
The Holy Spirit prevented him and his missionary team
from going to the western and northern reaches,
but instead led them to the northwest, to Troas.
God met him there with unmistakable instructions.
You can read about it in (Acts 16:5-10)

The New Year brings with it many changes, doesn't it?
For many years now I have enjoyed bringing in the New Year
quietly sitting at the feet of Jesus near the fire
and listening to my Savior speak through His Holy Word.
This year we had the joy of spending New Years Eve
with Stephanie and her family.
Instead of sitting at the feet of Jesus,
Stephanie brought in the New Year playing hymns on her piano,
and oh... it was divine.
Before the clock struck midnight, Stephanie and I sat in
her craft room and talked while the men were playing crokinole.
Our fellowship was bittersweet, as we talked about my blogging.

My plan was to e-mail some of you and just share with you
where I am at right now, but felt I owed it to you all
to share a post.
I have met so many precious woman through this blog
and each one of you have become my dear, dear friends.
You have been gracious in following along with me
even when I have not been as faithful ~ thank you!

My steps are being ordered by the Lord,
and the Spirit is not permitting me to continue with blogging
at least for a little while.
When you're a child of God, you know when the Spirit is speaking, don't you?
We hear Him speaking, but often times it is the yielding part
that can be so difficult. 
As much as I do not want to, I know I need to stop for awhile.
It was in May of 2013 while working with Hospice and Home Care
that I found myself dealing with an inner ear/balance disorder caused by a bacterial infection.
After much therapy I was diagnosed with Vestibular-Labynthitis
which has left me with some challenges.
One of the things I was told to be careful of, was the computer
or any technical device such as my phone,
which I tend to use a lot as my computer. 
My dear Stephanie is always having to remind
me that when I begin to feel over loaded while on the computer
I'm to quit. Left to myself...I forget what the therapist 
has told me as this condition also brought with it some memory loss. ha!
I have had to learn to make many adjustments
over the past couple of years
and when you are the type of person who is a goer (like myself)
those adjustments can be hard to swallow. 

Stephanie said it best while we sat and shared our hearts,
"mom, you need to reboot".
In her wisdom...she was conformation as to what the Lord had already
pressed upon my heart some weeks ago, 
and I knew it was time to rest awhile. 
As well as needing some rest from my blogging
my husband and I have a situation that requires
a great deal of our time and I need to set myself aside for that,
and so... this seems to be the "stop" that God has for me.
"I know the plans I have for you, declares the Lord"
God's plans are far better than my own.
 "God's thoughts are not my thoughts,
neither are His ways my ways".
Therefore, I will "wait upon the Lord and trust Him completely".
It's all about trusting Christ, Who is our strength and resource.
I will trust in the Almighty God,
who cares about every little detail of my life
and know that He is looking after my own good.

My blog will remain open and as the Lord leads
I will return with a rested and "rebooted" soul
full of God's glorious energy that comes from heaven above.
I may come knocking at your door periodically 
so as to soak in your grace and loveliness.
And please~feel free to contact me.

Paul's joy could not be snuffed out by his circumstances,
but it came from his trust in God's provision;
he could be happy in abundance or in scarcity, 
for he knew that Christ was his ultimate strength and resource.
(Philippians 4:10-13)


Gracious Heavenly Father,
thank you for Your love and care for us.
We know that we can find rest in You
no matter what may come into our lives.
 Cause us to be so sensitive to Your Spirit,
that we hear the whisper of Your voice
as You speak tenderly to our hearts,
and may we yield completely
and wholeheartedly trusting
that You desire only our best. 

Be Gracious!
~ Debbie ~

The scenery in these photos are where we are blessed to live.
The photos of the road is where I walk daily with the Lord.
God bless you!
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