Wednesday, February 27, 2019

Happy Birthday with a Give-away Blessing

Happy Birthday to ME!!
I'm loving it! 
This year, today, I am celebrating my 60th birthday
and I have to say that I have enjoyed reaching those mile stones over the years
and this one is no different.
 I truly believe we can choose to grow old gracefully.
We can look forward to our Birthday's and not dread them,
knowing and trusting God as He guides us through each day of our lives.
For me...I looked forward to all those BIG birthdays over these past 60 years,
except for my 13th birthday, I wasn't looking forward to those teen years.
~ I was 16 in this photo ~

there was no stopping it and onward life went.
Time doesn't wait for anyone.

My 20th was exciting because I was just beginning my life with my dear husband,
and it was in my twenties when I gave my life to Christ.
Life was fresh and new as I began my journey as a Christian woman.
Soon after my salvation, God placed a dear woman
who was totally bedridden with MS ~ Muscular Dystrophy in my life.
This dear woman would become my first spiritual mentor
and as I reflect back I can see clearly that God knew I needed her
in those beginning years of my walk with the Lord.
I may one day share that amazing story of how God perfectly brought us together.

My 30th was my favorite birthday, not sure why, but I couldn't wait to turn 30! 
Maybe it was because in my head I thought being thirty you were all grown up. Ha!
My thirties were lived mostly in Canada were I began
working with Home Health Care.
My heart was drawn to the palliative care and would soon lead me to
working mostly with Hospice patients.
Most certainly, my passion.

My 40th was exiting!
My mother out did herself with her decorations for my birthday party
of purple balloons, tons of balloons by the way in different shades of purple.
 The dinning room was filled with flowers balloons and confetti ~ OH it was gorgeous!
It was a perfect beginning to start off my forties.
Both of our daughters were married during my forties
and before reaching the age of 50 I was blessed with two precious grandsons.
I now have four awesome grandsons to love on.
I had always wanted a baby at the age of 40 ~ I came close, but God had other plans.

My 50th...
I enjoyed turning the "Big 50" but it arrived with some heartache,
though I must say the years during my fifties were glorious 
with much spiritual growth, for which I am very thankful.
Heartache covered by God's love and grace makes all things beautiful.
In my late fifties God gave me my precious Donatella,
and she has warmed her way right into my heart.
This dear girl has the happiest tail, and that, makes me happy!
I wasn't looking for a dog ~ but God certainly knows what is best for us.

And now I've reached 60!
Seems hard to believe actually ~ when I was a young child,
I always thought 60 was soooooo OLD,
but I don't feel old at all, I may look old, but I feel great!
I did notice a new little wrinkle near my lip just the other day!
I'm calling it my birthday wrinkle. 🎁
Oh I just have to tell something crazy about getting older!
So my dear daughter Stephanie had a Valentine Tea for me.
 We had talked and set the time and date over the phone,
which by the way, we chose the date specifically because it was free for the both of us.
Well...on the day of the Tea I was busy (in my cleaning clothes no less)
when I received a phone call from Stephanie a half an hour after I was to be 
at her home, she was wondering if I was coming.
"Coming I said"???
Oh dear friends, I gasped!!
How in the world did I let that happen?!
It was highlighted in my calendar ~ I had in my head what I was going to wear ~
I planned for a friend to watch Donatella ~ I made appointments around the date ~
but I had one thing wrong, in my head I planned everything for the wrong date.
I clean up well, and I did it in one BIG RUSH!!
I was thanking the Lord on my drive to Stephanie's
because I could have easily missed her absolutely gorgeous,
not to mention hard work, Valentine Tea
and I would have never forgiven myself.
So...I do not feel like I'm getting older,
but here's proof that I just may be getting older after all.

☆ ♡ ☆ ♡ ☆ ♡ ☆

What does the Lord have for me this year and in the years to follow
as I live out my 60's should that be God's will?
I enjoy looking with anticipation as to what God is going to do in and through my life
with each and every year that He grants me precious life.
I belong to Him, and as a child of the King my desire is to be used of Him,
and to bring glory and honor to his Holy and Righteous Name.
My ultimate goal in this life is to one day see Christ face to face,
but here on this earth I'm on a journey, a race in which I must strive for the finish line.
I know that if I run in my own strength I will fail miserably, however, 
there is strength in Jesus Christ that will make my journey successful,
and for that, I will praise the Lord all the days of my life!

☆ ♡ ☆ ♡ ☆ ♡ ☆

For Christmas this year I received a beautiful devotional book and journal
from my dear Stephanie. 
I have never heard of this author before, she even lives in Colorado, 
but I have so enjoyed her beautiful writings and her 
simple approach to the seasons of our lives with Scripture. 
The author ~ Ruth Chou Simons is also an artist
and both art and text in the book are from her, its gorgeous!

 Gracelaced ~ 
Discovering Timeless Truths 
Through Seasons Of The Heart
is a beautiful book and journal set that I would love to gift someone 
with my Birthday Give-Away Blessing.
I do not usually have give-aways, in fact I've only had 2 since I've been blogging,
but this is a special occasion for me 
and what a good time to share JOY with someone else.
Not much is required of you to enter ~
I would love for you to share in a comment one of your special birthdays
then, if you wish to enter I will place your name in a crystal dish 
(of course it has to be a pretty crystal dish for us ladies)
and my dear husband will draw the name from the dish on the night of the 12th.
I will announce the winner on Wednesday the 13th of March.
I shall be singing with JOY in my heart throughout this day
as I praise God's Name for His abundant mercies
He has bestowed upon me over the years.
It's a glorious day!

"And let the peace of God rule in your hearts, 
to the which also ye are called in one body;
and be thankful. 
Let the word of Christ dwell in you richly in all wisdom;
teaching and admonishing one another in psalms and hymns
and spiritual songs, singing with grace in your hearts to the Lord.
And whatsoever ye do in word or deed 
do all in the name of the Lord Jesus, 
giving thanks to God and the Father by him. "
~ Colossians 3:15-17 ~

Take Joy!

Thursday, February 14, 2019

Meet my Valentine ♡

Happy Valentine's Day!
42 years ago just three weeks shy of Valentine's Day,
I met my Sweet Heart. 😎
While we had just met and were not "officially" dating, 
my husband asked if I would be his "Valentine" on Valentine's Day. 
What a disappointing reply when I had to decline as a good friend
whom I worked with at the time had asked first
and I thought it would be rude to be a "Valentine" to more than one,
even though he was just a friend whom I worked with.  
Till this day my husband has never forgotten that
and every Valentine's Day he is sure to ask the question, early by the way ~
"Will you be my Valentine?"
Of course my answer has always been yes since my mess up that very first
Valentine's Day shortly after we met. 
My husband is a tender hearted guy and those little meaningful things
matter to him, for which I am very thankful. ❤

I met my husband on the ski slopes where
I was working as a chair lift operator while my husband was enjoying being a tourist.
My husband and a friend saved their money and came to Colorado
just to ski for three months.
All the way from Canada he meets a girl born and raised in Colorado,
only God!
This photo is of Game Creek Bowl where I worked, gorgeous isn't it?!
My husband took this picture after a snow storm just weeks ago.
he said it was an "Epic Day" snow up to his knees.
Unlike the year when we met ~

 That particular year, 1977 was a bad year for snow
and so my husband spent most of his time on the slopes
where the chair I worked on was located, it was there he would strut his stuff
hamming it up for this operator on his ballet skis.
Ballet skiing was something all new to me,
so of course he caught my eye, though I never let on.
My husband has a style in his skiing like none other, I could pick him out
on a slope covered with hundreds of skiers,
whether he was on his ballet skis or down hill skis.
The first time I saw him coming towards my chair lift
I was smitten!
And the rest is history...

Meet my Valentine ❤

This video is of my Sweet Heart doing down hill skiing.
I do not have any videos of him on ballet skis, sure wished I did.
John Denver's song "Sunshine on my Shoulders"
goes perfectly with this video that was done here in Colorado.
Enjoy some Colorado beauty ~

I thought it would be fun to share with you a couple of photos
that were taken for a Valentine's Banquet my husband and I went to
since it's Valentine's Day and all. 
Gone with the Wind ~
The theme was well known couples, we were Rhett Butler and Scarlett ~
I think my husband looks quite handsome with pitch black hair. 😉

Another year the theme was the 50's ~
The two of us had a great time playing it up as boyfriend and girlfriend ~
we were "going steady" and in love.😍

So happy you stopped in for a visit to say hello!
I've been in Arizona enjoying some time with my dear mother. 
Enjoy your day in all its glorious beauty
and spread some love today. 

Take Joy!
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