Monday, October 20, 2014

Tea Cup Exchange

Are you looking to make a new friend?
 Through Stephanie's tea cup exchanges over at   
The Enchanting Rose
is a wonderful way to do just that.
This is Stephanie's 5th teacup/mug exchange
and it is such a lovely way to meet other women.
I had the privilege of sending overseas this time
to someone I have never met before
here in the community of blogging.
With great joy I packaged up my gift box
and off to Germany it would go
finding the home of Claudia, at
The Story 
Overseas seemed to be what God had for me this time around
 in this lovely exchange.
I was graced with a beautiful gift box 
from Alice who lives in Italy!
Yes... Italy!
When I picked up my package at the Post Office
I know I squealed with delight!
Italy... Italy... That was all I could say
to myself over and over again.
My sweet daughter put me together
with a precious lady all the way from Italy.
In my lovely package
 was a tea strainer that rattled,
 causing me believe that the tea cup
had been broken during it's flight here.:(
~I was too afraid to even open it~
I left it on my kitchen counter
until after dinner,
then got enough courage to open what I thought 
was going to be pieces of a tea cup.

But in God's goodness,
everything was as it should be, in one piece. :)
As I began to take each and every gift
out of the box all I could say was,
"I have been blessed"

My "Cashmere" tea cup wrapped in newspaper
 from Italy was as pretty as pink gets!
This lovely tea cup has the name, Enchant'e.
I thought that was interesting 
seeing that this exchange was through
the enchanting rose.
Beautiful, just beautiful.
 For those of you who do not know,
pink is my favorite color 

"A few recipes from the region
Friuli Venezia Giulia, North~East Italy
compiled with love by Alice"
were tucked in with my lovely tea cup.
The most beautiful hand written traditional recipes
were shared with me
all the way from her country.
I will have a great time using the tea cup
cookie cutters with my grandsons
when we do some baking together.

And then...
The dearest hand written letter 
on the most beautiful stationary
I have seen in quite some time.
Letters written on beautiful stationary
have nearly come to an end these days.
It was all so beautiful...
and I truly felt richly blessed.
Thank you dear Alice,
for the love you packaged up and sent my way.
I will cherish each and every gift
you shared with me for years to come,
and I look forward to 
the beginning of a new friendship.
Stephanie~ Thank you for the heart that you have
in putting these tea cup exchanges together.
So that we as ladies, are given 
the opportunity to enjoy and meet
new friends around the globe.
You do a fabulous job!
Thank you Precious Heavenly Father,
for the friends You bring across our paths.
May we, with our lives, bring honor and glory
to Your Holy name.

~ Be Blessed ~

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