Tuesday, January 2, 2018

Nothing Stays the Same ~

With each New Year comes change...
Over the course of four years our family has experienced a number of 
changes that have taken place.
From my own health issues leaving me with a balance disorder, 
to the estate sale and selling of my parents home, 
to the loss of my precious dad and now with the health issues
my dear mom has been going through and will continue to live with.
Mom's life has changed drastically leaving my sisters and me with the task
of looking after her many needs, as well as trying to help her
in making the right decisions that will best suit her
with a lifestyle and living arrangements that she can accept.
It's not an easy task and it certainly wears on our own life and health. 
Today marks 6 months since mom's heart attack.
She has been through so much including the brain surgery 
which has placed her in a rehab facility keeping her longer than we had expected.
Mom has been a real trooper through it all
and I commend her for striving and believing she will one day live alone again.
God knows, and I have patiently learned how to wait upon Him and allow Him
to direct us and carry us over each and every little bridge
that we must cross.

"Nothing stays the same"
That became my motto in life four years ago.
As I am getting older the effects of change have hit harder and deeper
than those changes made when I was much younger.
Life is such a carefree place when we are younger, isn't it?
Its all good when we belong to Christ and I am reminded on a daily basis that
there is nothing that comes as a surprise to Him. 
To God be the glory for great things He has done!
I will give praise to his Holy name, for His love abounds and abounds.
I couldn't imagine going through the struggles of life 
without Jesus Christ, as my Lord and Savior.

With much thought and prayer, I have come to a decision 
 of closing this chapter of my life with my Blog. 
I desire to be found faithful as I follow after God, accomplishing 
all that he has for me, bringing glory to his Name.
It seems like the hours in my day come and go so very quickly,
leaving me with little time to pour my heart into my blog 
or even having the time to visit those of you, whom I've come to love,
respect, appreciate and enjoy so very much. 
In order to have a friend, you must show yourself to be friendly.
 Sigh... I just haven't the time right now to give towards visiting,
though I long to be more active, it just isn't happening.
Thank you for your faithfulness with your visits 
and for your amazing, beautiful friendship. 
I shall hold each and every one of you close and dear to my heart, forever. 

There are many things calling me right now and paths I believe 
God is directing me to venture out on. 
I know that by God's grace and his strength I will be able to do all 
that He so desires for me to accomplish. 
As I grow closer in my relationship with the Lord,
I know that I can trust Him wherever He may lead. 
Right now, mom has many needs that must be met and cared for 
and I want to be available to do all that God would have me to do. 
I have some of my own health issues that I need to take the time for,
as well as some personal endeavors I hope to accomplish. 

God has used this blog and our wonderful blogging community 
to enrich my life in ways I would have never thought possible. 
I have gleaned such beauty from your many posts, dear friends,
not to mention the outpouring of love and grace that each one of you have 
showered me with over these past years.
It has been above and beyond BEAUTIFUL!
Thank you for welcoming me so graciously into your community 
and befriending me with an unforgettable loving and caring friendship.
My blog will remain live but I will not be posting.
I have made many, many dear friends that I hope to remain in contact 
with through e mail, so please send a note when you have extra time on your hands
and I will happily respond back as time allows. 
Much Love to you!

"Watch, stand fast in the faith, be brave, be strong. 
Let all that you do be done in love. "
1 Corinthians 16:13&14

~ Debbie ~

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