Monday, February 23, 2015

I'm Back!

" Blessed be the Name, blessed be the Name,
blessed be the name of the Lord!"

I love the chorus to this hymn
and sing it in my heart
when rejoicing over the goodness of the Lord.
My dear and sweet friends,
blessed be the name of the Lord,
for He has blessed my heart richly.


" The blessing of the Lord, it maketh rich,
and he addeth no sorrow with it"
( Proverbs 10:22 )

This is a beautiful piece of scripture
 I claimed during my time away and,
 with the health issues I have been going through.
The goodness and grace of my precious Heavenly Father
is more than I can put into words dear friends. 
My God, my Savior and the healer of my body
has touched me with His tender hand and mercies.
In a very short time I have made great progress!
All my praise and thanks go to my God,
with an overflowing believing heart while
trusting in God's promises found in the Scriptures.


"Father I thank thee that
thou hast heard me"
(John 11:41b)
This was the prayer of Jesus when he brought Lazarus back to life.
By faith I trusted in the Lord 
knowing He would hear my prayer
because Philippians 4:6  tells me ~
 " Be careful for nothing, but in everything by prayer
and supplication with thanksgiving
let your requests be made known unto God" 
 By "prayer and supplication"
 supplication is for particular needs.
"We can continue in prayer, 
and watch in the same with thanksgiving"
( Colossians 4:2 ) 

 God desires that we would be in prayer always
and watching with thanksgiving
as He answers those prayers according to His will.
His love for us is far greater
than we can even fathom.
His ways are far greater
 than all that we can do for ourselves.
His ways are perfect
 no matter what the outcome of our prayers may be.
Therefore ~
 we watch we wait and we trust Him, with a thankful heart.

And then... We are to pray one for another.
"The effectual fervent prayer of a righteous man
availeth MUCH."
(James 5:16b)
You my dear and sweet friends
were out there praying for me I know,
because I could feel those prayers and your love.
From my heart ~ thank you!
Thank you for your love care and concern,
my heart is truly blessed.

Precious Heavenly Father.
Your love brings me to my knees
with a heart full of gratitude and praise.
You care about every detail of our lives,
more than we even care for ourselves.
Many times we fail and yet ~
You are there to pick us up
and love on us in all the areas we are so in need of.
Thank you. Thank you for so much!

To God be the Glory!


Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Stephanie's Teacup / Mug Exchange

Hello sweet friends!
Yes, I'm really heading South!
Actually I fly out today, or rather tonight.
My dear Stephanie is having her 6th annual
teacup  and mug exchange
and I wanted to share it with you before I went away.

These are just a few of the precious treasures
I have received through her lovely exchange.
I have had the opportunity of meeting
sweet ladies from all over.
One in Texas ~ one in California ~ one in Canada ~
one in Germany ~ one in Italy ~ one in the Northwest
just to name a few.

"The warm rays of love,
generosity, integrity, honesty, sharing and caring
kindle the spark of life and blessing
in the heart of true friendship."
( Karla Dornacher ~ Friends Forever Book )
Not only have I received some beautiful
tea cups and lovely gifts
but the friendships that have been made
through Stephanie's love and beauty
in her exchanges are endearing.
Through this exchange
 you will meet and make new friends
from around the world.
Oh what joy that is!

"The daintiness and yet elegance
of a china teacup focuses one to be
gentle, to think warmly
and to feel close."
(Carol & Malcolm Cohen)

I know Stephanie would love for you to join her,
and your heart will be blessed, I just know it.
You will find sweet communion
of kindred spirits over a teacup.
Come ~ join the fun!

Thank you Jesus, for the opportunity
to meet and make new friends
whom we can fellowship with
all through a teacup.

~ Debbie ~

I will be joining with
Roses of Inspiration

Sunday, February 1, 2015


Hello my sweet friends!
 Just like the birds I'm flying South!

We have had a rather mild winter for Colorado.
Though this bird house that is nestled in our back yard
does not have nearly the snow covering it
as it has in previous years
 it is still in need of a good roof shoveling.
* And some siding repair I see*


I'm going South where the sun is warm and bright
for a little while.
I have been having some health issues
so this is a perfect time to get away
and I'm praying that some good natural vitamin D might help.


The last couple of weeks I have
been missing in action
in our wonderful blogging community
and I have missed you!
I have found it hard getting to the computer
to write a post
and visiting you ~ my sweet friends ~
has been put on the back burner,
I'm sorry.
 I hope to be back in a few weeks.
Love you all,
 and thank you for being such faithful followers.
You bring joy to my heart.


Joy to you!
~ Debbie ~

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