Tuesday, September 13, 2016

The Beauty of God ~

 We all need vacations in life's fast and maddening race
an interlude of quietness from the constant, jet-age-pace.

So when your day is pressure-packed and your hours are all too few,
just close your eyes and meditate and let God talk to you.

For when we keep on pushing, we're not following in God's way.
We are foolish, selfish robots mechanized to fill each day
with unimportant trivia that makes life more complex
and gives us greater problems to irritate and vex.

 So when your nervous network becomes a tangled mess,
just close your eyes in silent prayer and ask the Lord to bless
each thought that you are thinking, each decision you must make,
as well as every word you speak and every step you take.

For only by the grace of God can you gain self control,
and only meditative thoughts can restore your peace and soul.
~ Helen Steiner Rice ~

My garden beautifies my yard and adds fragrance to the air,
but it is also my cathedral and my quiet place of prayer.
So little do we realize that the glory and the power
of Him who made the universe lies hidden in a flower!
~ Helen Steiner Rice ~


In my photos you can see that the beauty of the Fall flowers
has arrived in all of their glory.
The skies are painted with a fresh color of blue,
but as you can see, the clouds are white and fluffy
indicating cooler weather has certainly arrived;
bringing with them much appreciated rain.
This time of year also brings with it an abundance of things
I need to accomplish in order to get my mother settled for the winter months.
As I sit quietly with the Lord asking Him to clearly
show me what is important and pleasing to Him,
I realize that I must set some things aside
so as not to become a "foolish robot making life more complex."
Therefore, I will be taking a break from Blogging
and will look forward to catching up with you all after
my days are not so "pressure-paked and my hours all too few."
Enjoy the season that we are blessed to be in
and may your days bring glory to God. 

~ Debbie ~
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