Monday, March 13, 2017

Pages from my Journal ~

Blessings to you, my sweet and faithful followers ~
Just where has this New Year gone?
The hours, days, weeks and months are just zipping by, aren't they?
This has been the strangest winter I have ever experienced
here in the Rocky Mountains.
We have experienced more Eastern like weather;
while it is usually dry here producing light fluffy snow
leaving us with blue skies and cool crisp air,
old man winter has been harsh sending us wet snow, rain, freezing rain, gray skies, 
thawing, below zero temps all creating quite the ice build up on our property. 

In January both my husband and I had a nasty fall hitting,
 or rather *SMACKING* our heads on the ice!
For myself, I was out of commission for and entire week
and slept pretty much of that week away with the aid of my essential oils 
then having to resort to Bayer Back & Body to help relieve some of the neck pain. 
My husband, on the other hand, ended up with a concussion
and some short term memory loss. 
When he came in the house not sure of what he was doing that day,
asking where he was to be and what job site was he headed to
I knew we had a problem. 
With the hand of God and time as a healer my husband's memory has come back. 
With grateful hearts we are praising God for the many prayers He answered. 
Our aches and pains have subsided and we now venture out of the house
here on the property wearing our ski helmets, being very careful. 


Donatella has become comfortable with the winter weather here, remember,
 I rescued her from Arizona so she had some adjusting to do. 
The first below freezing temperatures hit her hard, 
she didn't like the cold on her paw paws at all!
I purchased some pretty pink dog boots hoping they would help,
but instead, it was as though she had ice skates on. 
We videoed her skating across the front yard
and had a good laugh at her expense. 
My cup runneth over with the joy she has given me. 
Doesn't she look as if she has found herself a comfortable home?

I love her so much! ♡

For the first time ever I claimed a word for the year, or rather, 
God pressed my heart with a word.
UPLIFTING has been my word and I have to say that it has been
both enriching as well as challenging. 
I have made it my purpose to be UPLIFTING in every conversation 
I encounter and with some that is a huge challenge,
but very rewarding when I aim for words that will uplift,
edify, encourage, strengthen and inspire.
I'm constantly looking to use positive words that will bring blessing. 
My word may be a challenge, but it also holds me accountable. 


My quiet place with the Lord has been rich this year. 
I've always kept a note book where I write out three verses a day
from a book in the Bible.
 I was challenge by a Pastor who inspired me years ago. 
This year I decided to write out chapters in a book of the Bible
and I'm finding that I glean more from a full chapter at a time. 
As a child in school, two of my favorite subjects were dictionary work
writing out the definition and writing my spelling words a number of times. 
I guess you could say that I enjoy writing things down. 


February was my Birthday month and the Lord Blessed beyond!
It was one of those years when my Birthday was celebrated
for days on end and every celebration was joyous. 
Have you ever had one of those Birthdays?
My daughter's both had the same thoughts in their gift giving, 
spring time and gardening, I was thrilled!
Thank you to those of you who knew it was my Birthday
and sent your love and best wishes. 
My heart was certainly blessed! ♡

My dear Stephenie gave me one of her fiction books to read back in the Fall
and it took me months to pick it up and read. 
Stephanie knows that my reading material is usually
Spiritual growth books and missionary stories, 
but she believed I would enjoy *Waves of Mercy* by Lynn Austin,
and boy was she right!
Once I picked that book up I could hardly put it down
and I realized just a few chapters in that I was going to need 
a box of tissues and some eye drops.
What a tremendous Author Lynn Austin is!
Here is Stephanie's book review should you want to know more,
but from my heart I must share that throughout the book
I appreciated how the Author spoke about faith in God. 
One of the main characters struggled with her faith
through years of trials and change that took place in her life, 
but she shared with her granddaughter some encouraging words
that struck me right in the heart and the Author 
couldn't have expressed it more beautifully.
I have to share these words with you ~
"I'm overwhelmed by how much my grandmother has endured
during her lifetime. I marvel at Oma Gessje's abiding faith 
in God through it all.  I tell her so when she comes outside
to sit with me on the porch."
"It has so much more to do with God's faithfulness
to me than the other way around, " she replies.  
"But you have done so much during your lifetime, "I tell her. 
"I know God probably has a purpose for my life, too,
but I don't know what it is. "
She smiles in her gentle way,  "Often it's not one great, 
dramatic thing that God asks us to do but hundreds
of little everyday things.  If we want to be used by Him,
if we're ready to be used and aren't all tangled up with our own
plans  and projects,  then He'll show us the work He has for us. 
He sees your heart, Anneke. 
You can trust Him to direct your path. "
I cried and cried when I read these words ~
"It has more to do with God's faithfulness to me."
That is so true! 
Many times our faith is weak, but our Great God is the faithful One. 
There is comfort in knowing that my God will be faithful 
even during those hard times in my life when I'm not so faithful. 
I also appreciated the Authors way of expressing God's plan for our lives, 
it's the every day little things that make up our lives
not some dramatic thing that God asks us to do. 
I can remember when my girls were young
I would remind them that in life we will have moment by moment choices
that we will have to make, so make right and good choices
in your every day life situations.


As I come to the close of this post I must share that it's 
the time of year when I head south to enjoy warmer weather
and spend some time with my mother. 
I will be leaving my winter gear behind, no more ski helmets,
walking tracks on my boots and warm down jackets.  *Yippee*
I'll be away from my Blog until April,
returning with excitement for Stephanie's Teacup/Mug reveal party. 
That dear girl puts such love and time into theses exchanges
and I know you dear ladies who participate
enjoy the blessings that are poured out.
Stephanie is a beautiful and gracious hostess.
As Stephanie's mother, I have the privilege and joy
of hearing your testimonies through her, and what a blessing it is. 
I'll be thinking of you all as you gather up your treasures
and send them off to the lady who's name you've been given,
enjoy and have fun. 
See you back here in the Spring!!

God's Blessings and joy to you!
~ Debbie ~

Monday, March 6, 2017

God's Unfailing Love ~

My oldest daughter gifted me with this little plaque for my birthday; 
I have placed it on a shelf in my bathroom
and every morning at the start of the day
the words speak to my heart.
"Let the morning bring me word of Your unfailing love, 
for I have put my trust in you."
*Psalm 143:8*
In Psalm 143 David's soul thirsts after God,
 he entreats God's favour in verse 8 ~ 
cause me to hear thy loving kindness in the morning. 
What a beautiful way to begin my morning while
thinking on these words ~
"Let the morning bring me word of Your unfailing love."
I am reminded of God's steadfast love, His loyal love, His unfailing love. 
God not only speaks to me, but He wants me to hear Him, 
and to hear the joy and gladness that He has for me in His Word. 
"Let me hear joy and gladness. "
*Psalm 51:8a*

God speaks to me through His Word and the desire of my heart is to hear
His loving kindness, that I may set it always before me.
"Whoever is wise, let him attend to these things, 
let them consider the steadfast love of the Lord."
*Psalm 107:43*
This plaque with God's promise from His Word
causes me from the moment I wake up
to focus on the love of God. 
I will hear in the morning, every morning and let my waking thoughts
be of God's loving-kindness,  that the sweet relish of that
may abide upon my spirit all the day long and,
"For in Thee do I put my trust."
In Thee ONLY is my trust, I will not look for comfort in any other,
God's  goodness is brought to those who's faith is in Him. 

Thank you Lord, for Your unfailing love!

Be Lovely!
~ Debbie ~

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