Saturday, August 30, 2014

A Gracious Woman

O God, thou art my God: early will I seek thee;
my soul thirsteth for thee,
my flesh longeth for thee in a dry and thirsty land,
where no water is.
To see thy power and thy glory,
so as I have seen thee in thy sanctuary.
Because thy lovingkindness is better than life,
my lips shall praise thee.
( Psalm 63:1-3 )

It is in those early and quiet hours
while the house is motionless with no disruptions
from the things which press us for time,
that we meet Jesus.  
I love my early mornings spent with my precious Lord and Savior.
Those ~ for me ~ are times when God blesses me with nuggets of gold
in the reading of His Word.
This morning was one of those days
of sweet fellowship as I sat at the feet of Jesus.
This was my nugget of gold;
"A gracious woman retaineth honor,
and strong men retain riches."
( Proverbs 11:16 )
The word gracious stopped me in my tracks
and I wanted to know more~ dig deeper~
and learn just exactly what God was wanting me to know
through this one verse.
I love to "dig" through spiritual growth books~
Bible dictionaries~Concordances~Commentaries~Topical Bibles
and the likes, to gain wisdom, knowledge
and spiritual understanding.
God's Word tells us to;
"cease from our own wisdom"
but to "be filled with the knowledge of his will,
in all wisdom and spiritual understanding.
That we might walk worthy of the Lord,
unto all pleasing,
being fruitful in every good work
and increasing in the knowledge of God."
( Colossians 1:9-10 )
Matthew Henry's commentary says this about Proverbs 11:16.
" Here, 1. It is allowed that strong men retain riches,
that those who bustle in the world,
who are men of spirit and interest,
and are able to make their part good
against all who stand in their way,
are likely to keep what they have, and to get more,
while those who are weak are preyed upon
by all about them.

2. It is taken for granted that a "gracious woman"
is as solicitous to preserve her reputation for
wisdom and modesty,
and all those other graces that are the true
ornaments of her sex,
as strong men are to secure their estates;
and those women who are truly gracious will,
in like manner,
effectually secure their honour by their 
prudence and conduct.
A "gracious woman" is as honorable
as a valiant man and her honour is as sure." 
How beautifully said!
I looked up the word solicitous to see how it would apply to this statement,
and it is that the gracious woman would be,
careful~thoughtful~and full of concern.
So she is careful to "preserve her reputation."
We as women, are graced with beautiful ornaments,
and it is honorable.
May we be ladies who grace these ornaments
for His honor and glory.
I pray that your heart was just as blessed as mine was
through this one little verse from God's Word.
Our dear precious Heavenly Father.
Thank you for Your Word
that reaches into our hearts, through Your Spirit,
and touches those cord strings
which draws us ever so close to Thee.

~Be Lovely~

I will be joining Stephanie's party at
Roses of Inspiration

Monday, August 25, 2014

Our Spiritual Heritage

Have you ever thought about what you are leaving 
as a spiritual heritage to the generations to follow?
There at the Jordan River,
one man from every tribe of Israel was to retrieve 
a large stone from the momentarily dry river bed
to help build a memorial.
This memorial would stand as a reminder
for the generations of God's miraculous deliverance.
(Exodus 12:14 ~ 13:14 ~ Numbers 16:40)
You may want to consider reading the book of Joshua as a study,
but I would love to share with you a brief condensed look into Joshua's life.
Joshua is a great example for us to follow.
* Joshua was a man of action
who enjoyed a close relationship with God.
He trusted and obeyed God.
He immersed himself in the assurances of God,
and lived in day-to-day obedience.
* Joshua was a man who was in fellowship with his God.
*  Joshua knew what it was to pray.
* Joshua's faith in God was evidence on many occasions.
* In Joshua's "busy" life he saturated his mind
with the Word.
The Lord told Joshua to stay the course
and keep walking in the way he knew to be right.
Joshua would be successful if he would be faithful
to fill his mind and heart with the words of the Lord.

* Joshua was true to God's Word,
as well as his own for the people.
He wanted to leave behind him a people marked by loyalty
to God and to His Word.
* Joshua, in a prominent position,
was neither self-seeking
 nor self-centered.
* Joshua accomplished much for the service of God.
He was responsible for a nation
of 2 million people and led an army
of over 600,000.
From the day he ventured into battle
against the Amalek until his moving farewell
address ( recorded in Joshua 24 )
he committed himself wholeheartedly
to the service of God.
*Joshua, what a testimony of faith in his Great God.
Joshua is an example that we too can follow
in our walk with the Lord.
I would highly recommend reading Joshua chapter 24
in his message for the people-from their leader
in his final statement before his death at the age of 110.
Joshua caused his people to remember what God
had done for them.
It wasn't about himself ~ it was about his Great Miraculous God.
Joshua called his people to serve God,
and Him only.
What great things has God done in and through you
that you are leaving as a legacy
for the next generations?
Every day as believers we are confronted with many alternatives,
 and we must continually choose to serve God.
We must choose each day whom we will serve.
If we are going to serve God,
then we must serve Him wholeheartedly
in sincerity and Truth.
We may not use large stones as the tribes of Israel did,
but we can still construct "memorials" as reminders
of God's powerful work in our lives
and our spiritual heritage.
( Joshua 4:24 )
"That all the peoples of the earth may know the hand of the Lord,
that it is mighty, that you may fear the Lord your God forever."
Will your spiritual heritage reveal to others
and to the next generations the hand of God
in your walk with Him?
Will they see His mighty works
that testify what He has done for you?
"For the Lord your God dried up the waters of the Jordan
before you until you had crossed over,
as the Lord your God did to the Red sea,
which He dried up before us until we had crossed over,
that all the peoples of the earth may know 
the hand of the Lord,
that it is MIGHTY,
that you may fear the Lord your God forever."
( Joshua 4:23-24 ) 
"For the Lord your God"
He is the same God today as he was in the day of Joshua.
He is your God! He is my God!
What are we allowing Him to do in our lives;
and what will be remembered in generations to come?


Our precious Heavenly Father.
What an example of a faithful man we find in Your Word,
 through the life of Joshua.
Cause us to walk close to Thee,
in obedience to Your Word daily.
May we be committed to serve You wholeheartedly
in what You have called us to do
so the next generations may see
Your mighty works.

~Be Blessed~

Friday, August 15, 2014


Yesterday I came home to a sad sight with my hummingbirds.
There on one of the feeders was a hummingbird
hanging upside down!
I gasped!!
Ran into the house and literally dropped my arm full of things
and ran back out side to help this little guy.
It appeared to me that he was not alive,
but I could not get his tiny feet to budge from the feeder.
As I began to try and release him I could see his tail feathers slightly moving
and thought, wonderful, he's alive!
I managed to break him free and place him on my finger,
but his breathing was very shallow...
I ran into the house and got a glass of sugar water
and placed his beak into the water...Nothing...
He wouldn't even open his beak.

On my way home I was singing the hymn " Higher Ground"
so the tune was fresh in my mind.
I love to make up songs to other tunes 
and so I began to sing a song to this little guy to that tune.
These were the words I was singing to the chorus of Higher Ground:
Lord give this bird the strength to fly,
I know You can, I'm begging You,
It's all I ask of You dear Lord. 
Lord lift him up to higher ground.
This may seem strange, but as I sang to that little guy
he became stronger...
His wings began to flutter,
in fact, strong enough that I could feel the 
wind from them on my face.
There was hope...
He even opened his eyes a little bit...
I cried...I prayed...I sang...and I placed his beak in the water 
for two hours straight...
What was so odd was that he never opened his beak
or placed his tongue in the water.
During the two hours I sat on the front deck
doing all that I could think of to save this little guy
I had the blessed opportunity to examine closely
this beautiful creation of God.
The feathers were amazing in color and size,
his feet were like Velcro clutching my finger
and so tiny to the touch.
Hummingbirds are so quick that
 you never really get a chance to see them close up.
But for me...What a blessing!
It was a bitter-sweet experience.
At 11:00 last evening he died in the sweet little nest I had prepared for him.
He didn't make it.
God's ways are not our ways are they?

What happened????
We may never know.
 My dear Stephanie looked up on line
why hummingbirds hang upside down.
Turns out, there is something called "tongue-fungal- infection" in hummingbirds
and it can be fatal.
It is caused by not washing the feeders, or letting the sugar water sit in the sun too long.
I have always been so careful about these things.
Was it me? Did this little guy catch it at another feeder?
Questions I may never know the answers to.
I am sharing this with you so you can be warned of the fatal outcome
that can happen to these precious hummingbirds.
Here is the link that Stephanie went to.
I hope it helps you to better know how to care for your birds.

Dear Heavenly Father.
This is the day which You have made;
let us rejoice and be glad in it.
Many things come our way,
things we are not always ready for,
but You, O Lord, are in control of it all.
Praise Your Holy Name!

~Be Blessed~

Tuesday, August 12, 2014

A Refreshed Soul

This morning I woke up to 6 of my 7 humming bird feeders
lying open~empty~and some broken
on our front and back decks.
The evidence was quite clear as to WHO was responsible!
No, it was not Boo boo or Yogi. :)
Little raccoon paw prints were everywhere
as he/she had tracked sugar water all over the deck.
I would be willing to say that this little guy
must have had quite the tummy ache today.
Serves him right!
This was such a surprise
as we have not had a problem all spring and summer,
but now...that little guy has tasted the goods
and I'm sure he'll be back for more.
We are blessed in deed with the surrounding beauty
of God's marvelous creation.
"Blessed be the Lord, who daily loadeth us with benefits,
even the God of our salvation".

While I sit...listening to the creek which is right beside our home
the many humming birds are feeding and chasing
one another having a delightful time.
Our flock of humming birds consists of at least 30 birds.
amazing isn't it?!
We have the perfect spot for them,
and keeping their feeders full is sure to keep them around.
We are nearing 150 pounds of sugar so far
and still have two months to go.
Our home is nestled around many matured trees,
so these hummers live in a rather safe zone.
They are beautiful and bring us great joy.
Not only did I wake up to the empty feeders,
but one of my window boxes had been knocked 
to the ground leaving my beautiful flowers scattered.
We have a mischievous little guy!
I have one window box that a particular chipmunk
loves to eat out of.
He/she nips the buds before I ever see the blooms.
Why couldn't it have been that window box
that was dumped to the ground?
Wild life... they do as they please.
But such a delight to have around.
Today was a day of peace and tranquility for me.
A much needed day.
After enjoying time in my kitchen canning peaches
I sat outside...breathed in the fresh air...
and just relaxed in the beauty of God which surrounds me.
My friend, the chipmunk, kept coming around
and seemed quite surprised that I was home.
I believe I upset his routine of visiting my flower box
as well as my husbands garden.
I haven't been home much these days,
and, as the saying goes
"while the cats away the mice will play".
The Lord refreshes our weary souls doesn't He?
Today was a day of refreshment for me
and I give thanks to the Lord.
God loves and cares for our every need,
He can use even His beautiful creation through nature
to encourage, uplift, strengthen  and refresh us.
"The Lord will give strength unto His people,
the Lord will bless His people with peace".
Many times we just need to stop and allow God to meet
us right where we are.
When we do~He will never fail us.
The hand of God Is Everywhere

It's true we have never looked on His face,
But His likeness shines forth from every place,
For the hand of God is everywhere
Along life's busy thoroughfare,
And His presence can be felt and seen
Right in the midst of our daily routine.
Things we touch and see and feel
Are what make God so very real.

~Helen Steiner Rice~ 

Thank you precious Heavenly Father,
for Your goodness to us.
Some times the days seem long
but we can find rest for our weary souls
in You alone.

~Be Blessed~

Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Nothing Stays the Same

I came home one afternoon to find this little guy
sitting in his nest right in the middle of our front deck.
His safe home that was once nestled up in a corner of our roof
had been blown down by a gust of wind that came through our valley rather quickly
 bringing with it a down pouring rain.
There he sat... all alone while his sibling was on the grass
just a few feet away
The mother was flying from tree to tree chirping non stop.
The home for these birds that seemed in contact changed in a big hurry.
One minute they were comfortable in their nest,
while the next minute the mama is frantically trying to protect and move her two 
babies to another safe place.
On this particular day I had been at my parents home
helping them with the changes that are going on in their own lives.
As I watched this family of barn swallows in disarray,
I couldn't help but think of all that is taking place in the lives of my parents.
We knew the time would come when changes would have to be made
but we had no idea it was going to happen this summer and so quickly.
Fast and furious, like the gust of wind that took out this birds nest ,
we too have been making changes.
Nothing stays the same, does it?
It is so easy to get comfortable in our environment
thinking nothing will ever change
but that's not realistic.
Life brings with it changes...
There are chapters of our lives.
Some of the chapters are wonderful and pleasant,
while others are not so enjoyable. 
Have you ever come across chapters in a book that you really didn't want to read through?
I have...and I'm sure you have...
But...In order to get to the end,
we have to endure the chapter that isn't so wonderful.
We can be sure that no matter what chapter of our lives we may go through,
"God, makes all things work together for good
to them that love God,
and to them who are called according to His purpose".
( Romans 8:28 )
"For such a time as this" (from the book of Esther),
 I have been privileged to devote myself and my time to my parents
and their needs.
I have missed my blogging community and dear friends
but please know that I am here off and on
popping in to visit you.
I am praying that I will have some free time to post every now and then
but please do not give up on me. :)

Our Dear Heavenly Father.
Thank you for the chapters of our lives.
May we always praise You and give You the glory
no matter what is going on.
Cause us to be reminded of Your unfailing love.
May we hold strong to the promises that are found through out Your Word.

~ Be Lovely ~
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