Tuesday, June 26, 2018

Home and Blessed ♡

Welcome Summer!
When my husband and I left for Canada at the end of May
there was not much in the way of beauty gracing our yard,
but upon our arrival home after nearly four weeks of being away
everything is in full bloom.
Surprisingly, our grass didn't burn up with the lack of moisture.
We were told that it was a dust bowl around the property
until God sent a good down pour just days before we arrived home.
One good rain in nearly four weeks, unbelievable, while other states
are getting an abundance of moisture.
Whatever God gives us weather wise, we can look forward to every day
with a spirit of joy and expectation of good things to come,
because as Christians, we can find joy even in unpleasant wet and dreary days.
After unloading the motor home and putting everything away
I was anxious to get my hands in the dirt and plant my flowers.
I knew that I would be better able to press forward
with all the tasks at hand before my knee surgery
if those lovely flowers were gracing our window boxes and yard,
and I was right!
Flower gardening is my therapy, and I can't help but find great joy
in the beauty of flowers.
God's wonderful blessings!

Speaking of my knee ~ I'm scheduled for my knee replacement on July 9th
at 9:30 in the morning, arriving at the hospital quite early (6:30).
It's hard to believe that this is actually going to happen
after 3 1/2 years of putting my knee on hold to look after my parents
and their many health needs.
My husband and I had to attend a class regarding my surgery
and we both found it quite informative. 
The nurse who led the class had me picture a sand dune
that I would be climbing following surgery in the days ahead.
Sand is not easy to walk on, let alone climb.
My personal goal is to reach the top without giving up while
focusing on what it is that I am striving for.
I found it to be quite emotional as I pictured my goal ~ a simple goal actually.
I long to enjoy my days in the simplicity of life without pain.
To do the ordinary every day happenings,
 run with my grandsons, ride my bike, hike and
 walk a long distance with my sweet Donatella.
My baby girl has been deprived of her long mountain walks.

~ This photo was taken on Georgian Bay, quite windy. That tree is permanently leaning ~

 The nurse informed us that climbing that sand dune was not going to be easy,
there will be discouraging days, blue days
and days when we will want to give up and stop therapy all together.
I'm thankful that I have Jesus on my side,
and I know that He will be right there with me through out each and every day.

~ ~ ☆ ☆ ♡ ♡ ♡ ☆ ☆ ~ ~

Our trip to Canada was fast, furious and full with little time to sit alone with God.
This year my husband and I found ourselves working more than resting,
but worth it all because it was a tremendous help to my father-in-law.
While I was hoping to sit on the beach alone with my Jesus, in quietness,
He had other plans for our quiet time together.
There was a whole lot of "quiet time" with Jesus as I sat pulling weeds!

How easy it would have been to allow the devil to steal my joy
and prevent me from enjoying life.
Though I had plans of my own, God's plans are far greater 
and walking in the will of God brings abundant blessings.

My husband and I took the last week of our trip
and made a mini vacation out of it.
We enjoyed going home through Northern Canada around Lake Superior 
and doing some camping in Canada's Provincial Parks.
God's amazing beauty in the landscape, numerous lakes and rock formations
kept us in awe with each new day.
The granite rock was amazing!
Now I see more clearly why there is different colors in a granite counter top.

We both found great pleasure in looking for rocks to bring home
and put in the rock tumbler.
I of course, wanted tiny stones of all colors so I could polish them,
then I will place them in a pretty crystal dish adorned on a lace doily.

Oh! I nearly forgot to share about the crokinole championships.
Don't tell my husband I nearly forgot. {{Smiles}}
After three years of working for 1st place in the Recreational  Doubles
my husband and his dad took First this year!
What a delight for everyone!
I think everybody was delighted for these two
because if you remember, last year my father-in-law became ill with cancer 
and was not able to play.
My father-in-law was the oldest player again this year ~ 90 years old.
Watching these two play was heart warming.
A BIG congratulations to them both!!

For years my husband has asked me to play and participate in the tournament,
but it was something I never really wanted to do,
maybe it's because there's a huge crowd. 
This year there were 120 crokinole boards set up for players,
that's a little intimidating to me.
 I was asked to play as a partner with a gentleman
who was without a partner. 
Sigh...poor guy...how could I say no.
With a little persuasion (plus I felt bad for the guy) I said yes and entered.
While my partner and I didn't take 1st we were 53 out of 90 contestants.
Not bad for a Rookie.
I'm hooked, even purchased some pink discs to practice with
for next year's tournament.
God knew I needed to take the plunge and get over my fears,
so He worked it out making it hard for me to say no,
and I'm thankful he did!
Did I have a great time?
I certainly did!

We were able to enjoy the beautiful sunsets

Canada's many Lakes and Beaches

Kakabeka Falls near Thunder Bay at a Provincial Park
These falls were amazing!
Such mighty power!

This train is a painting on the front of an old building where furniture was made
and is now a Market where you can purchase furniture
and just about anything else.
The illusion of this painting makes you think as if the train is coming out of the building.

One of my favorite things to do while we're visiting family
is spending a day out with my friend/sister-in-law 
Kelly, who blogs over at Homespuns'nHayfields
Kelly and I have always enjoyed shopping together
and she knows all the right places.

We can't forget our numerous visits to Tim Hortons.
We barely cross the border and that's our first stop!

My dear friends ~ thank you for swinging by and saying Hello!
Your visits always, and I mean always, bless my heart ♡
This was a longer post than I had planned,
I do hope you enjoyed your visit.
Enjoy the beauty and glory that surrounds you,
praising God for His many blessings.

~ Debbie ~

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