Monday, July 18, 2016

Meet Donatella~

It was a time of remembrance in the town of Bull Head City Arizona...
My mother, sister, and I were there to mark the one year
anniversary of dad's going on to glory.
Bull Head City is along the Colorado River, a place where dad enjoyed
sitting on his scooter with his two schnauzer's while watching the activity 
taking place with the boats and other water toys that people were enjoying.
 There he and mom would stay
during the last part of their winter months they spent in Arizona.
Dad was not fond of the heat. As Spring arrived in the hot dessert, 
 they would slowly make their way home to Colorado.
There in Bull Head City they would wait out the last spring snow storms
 that would take place in their hometown. 
 Dad was not a stranger to anyone 
and could start a conversation with those who would take the time to visit with him.
It was there at the Colorado River
where the three of us planned a picnic and a time of remembrance in honor
of our greatly missed and beloved dad and husband.

 There she was...dodging traffic on a busy four lane highway!
We were certain  this darling Beagle was going 
to get hit by one, if not more, of those fast moving vehicles
as the three of us watched helplessly from our own car.
As soon as Donatella reached the sidewalk
I jumped out of the back seat of the car
and began running after her.
This darling Beagle, with her nose to the ground, not looking back,
 took me for quite the run in my flip flop sandals, no less!
There was no stopping this girl until she came to a puddle of water,
and there, she rolled over looking for a tummy rub which allowed me to pick her up.
I fell in love with Donatella from the moment I saw her dodging the traffic.
When I went to pick her up she looked right into my eyes
as if to say, "I'm yours".
 Donatella has been submissive to my care over her from that moment on.

We put her in the car and headed right for the pet store for a collar and leash;
 as not to loose this fast running girl.
We called the animal shelter asking if anyone was missing this 
precious Beagle only to hear them say "NO."
In my heart I knew she was going to be mine, a gift sent from God, I believed.
We had to wait out the time that was needed for the owner to claim her,
so during the next two days we looked in neighborhoods
thinking that someone would surely post a "missing dog" photo of her, but nothing.
We never received a call over the next couple of days;
 the shelter thanked us for being so kind in giving her a home
and gave us the okay to keep her.
We packed up and headed for Colorado where Donatella
would make her new home with a family who would love and protect her.

Donatella gets in some hilarious positions while she is sleeping.

Eight days after we arrived home I received a phone call from her previous owner.
Donatella had been adopted out two weeks prior to when I found her
and the new owners had lost her twice in those two weeks. :(
Technically, she belonged to me as we waited out the time for the owners to claim her 
and they did not, but I was willing to give her up should the owner want to come and get her.
I was compliant and willing for her to be with her previous owners
but the situation turned ugly on behalf of the previous owners.
I was contacted by an officer from Bull Head City
and asked to share my side of the story
which led to both the shelter and the officer believing that Donatella was in the best place now.
Through the whole ordeal (and not so pretty at times) the Lord
would remind me of the verse "Be anxious for nothing."
I believed that God had His hand in the gifting of Donatella,
but He was asking me to trust Him throughout the whole situation.
There were times when I was a bit nervous of this previous owner
and even shared my concern  to the officer, yet knowing my God is greater.

My dad's name was Don, therefore, Donatella was named after my dad,
since she was gifted to me the day before dad's one year anniversary
of his going on to glory.
I thought it seemed quite fitting that I should name her after him.
There in Bull Head City God graced my life with a blessing
and a gift that He saw fit to give to me.
Now on my walks in the mountains I have a companion;
a dog with a nose who will alert me should I need to be alerted.
She may not take on a mountain lion or a bear but she can let me know of their presence. 
Whoever owned Donatella before her adoption did a great job of training her;
although, she has some issues that need to be addressed.
She, too, needs to find peace in the verse "Be anxious for nothing",
as she has some separation issues when I leave her.
I have told her that I will never,  ever, leave her and will love her forever.
She's my "sweet baby girl" who has been given a home 
where she will be loved, cared for, and enjoyed.
The two of us are going to "Doggy School" and there she is learning her manners
and becoming quite the lady.

Donatella my little honey pot. 

 Stephanie gifted me with this darling pillow she crafted for the 4th of July
and Donatella tried to claim it and our bed as her own.
Sadly for her, she did not win out. :)

"Make a joyful noise unto God, all ye lands:
Sing forth the honor of his name:
make his praise glorious."


Tuesday, July 5, 2016

Don't Miss Jesus ~

Hello sweet ladies!
Thank you for taking the time to stop by for a visit,
I am always appreciative of your grace left behind
through the comments you share.
Summer has finally made it's way showing up in all it's beauty.
When summer arrives we are more than ready for the warmth
and the new life that has unfolded all around our country yard.
Some weeks ago I shared a post with you on our wild turkeys
and right now we have only six toms and a couple ladies showing up for breakfast
as I am sure my little Merriam's are with their young right now.
* By the way, our female turkeys are called Merriam's according to the bird book in our area *
Our two Canadian geese  and mallards have made their way to our pond.
I always hope and pray that they will survive the winter months
and will return as a pair since they mate for life.
Should I listen carefully I will hear the sounds of their 
honking as they fly over our home notifying us of their arrival.
What glorious beauty are you enjoying this time of year?

Last year when I was away looking after my parents
and the time of my dads going on to glory,
a dear and precious blogging friend
here in our blogging community graced my life with 
"The Quiet Place"  Daily Devotional Readings
by Nancy Leigh DeMoss.
My life has been enriched all the more through this excellent devotional book.
Thank you Cheryl, for your love and friendship! 
God in His love and care over His children
 brings people into our lives whom He uses to encourage and strengthen
during those times we may need it most.
God knew that I would need my dear friend Cheryl, 
as well as this encouraging devotional book after my dad passed away.
 Through Cheryl's sweet and tender spirit
she listened to the leading of the Holy Spirit and shared her loveliness with me
just when I was going to need it most. 
"At unexpected moments...
God places an angel in our path~
someone we will soon call "friend."
~ Unknown ~ 
My heart rejoices over and over again in the love and friendships
that I have received here in our amazing Blogging community.
Thank you Jesus!
 I had wanted to write a post on the topic of God's Word,
but Nancy said it so eloquently in one of my readings
 that I'm just going to share from her book.

Jesus The Word of God

"In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God,
and the Word was God." ~ John 1:1

THERE ARE MANY HELPFUL PLANS and methods you can
use for reading the Bible. Personally, I like to vary my
approach from time to time. But whatever plan you
choose, don't let yourself become a slave to the method.
Remember that the goal is not just getting through the 
Bible but getting the Word into you and getting you into Jesus ~
cultivating a growing relationship with the living Word of God.
One of the most sobering passages of the Bible addresses
this matter. The Pharisees of Jesus' day were renowned for their
vast knowledge of the Old Testament Scriptures. Yet one day
Jesus looked them squarely in the eye and said, "{God's} voice
you have not heard, his form you have never seen, and you do
not have his word abiding in you" (John 5:37-38).
I can just imagine those indignant, bedecked scholars
turning red in the face, sputtering under their breath, "What
does He mean? Who does He think He is? He's just a blue-collar
 worker! He's never even been to seminary! And He's telling us
that we've never heard God speak and His Word doesn't dwell
in us? Why, we've spent our whole lives mastering the Bible! If
we haven't heard God's voice, who has?"
But Jesus wasn't finished. "You searched the Scriptures because 
you think that in them you have eternal life; and it is they that
bear witness of me, yet you refuse to come to me that you may
have life" (verses 39-40). They were missing the whole point of 
their study.
If we master the content of the Bible but don't end up
knowing, loving, worshiping, serving and being mastered by
Jesus, we too miss the whole point, and set ourselves up to
become twenty-first century Pharisees. So, yes, get into the 
Word; study it diligently, but as you do, don't miss Jesus!


In your reading and study of God's Word, are you getting to
know Christ in a more personal and real way? Ask Him to
reveal Himself to you through His Word and to give you faith
to keep coming to Him to find life. 
~Nancy Leigh De Moss~


May we not miss Jesus as we diligently
and faithfully study the Word of God.

 Our Precious Heavenly Father,
Guide us through our study time
so we will not be a slave to the method we choose
in coming to know You better.
Teach us to be diligent and
draw us to Thyself.

~ Debbie ~

I would like to introduce you to the lovely Lorraine
who Blogs over at Flower Lady's Musings.
Lorraine made this gorgeous heart and
has more beautiful items in her etsy shoppe
 where you can purchase some of her creations.
As you look closely at the detail of her work
you will stand amazed. 
I love my heart Lorraine!
Thank you for sharing your beauty and grace with us.


Saturday, July 2, 2016

Independence Day~

"In the beauty of the lilies Christ was born across the sea,
with a glory in His bosom the transfigures you and me,
as He died to make men holy, let us die to make men free,
while God is marching on."
"Glory! glory, hallelujah! Glory! glory, hallelujah!
Glory! glory, hallelujah! His truth is marching on."
~ The fourth stanza from the Battle Hymn of the Republic ~


I love this hymn for the words that penetrate my heart.
Every stanza grips my soul as I sing these words
that glorify God and His Truth.
Yes, His Truth is marching on, even when the days appear to be dark,
His Truth will always march on and so must we.
Glory, glory hallelujah, let us march on
sharing the Truth of God's Word.


My husband and I have worked at putting together this YouTube
using some of our photo's of the fireworks we have 
captured here in our small community.
This is the first YouTube we have made and we forgot to put my name on the photo's,
 after all the work that it took we were not going back to start over. HA!
The music is from
"Canadian Brass Anthems & Honors Music"
Please enjoy the photo show and music as you reflect on the glory of our God.

Heavenly Father, thank you for the freedoms that we have
because men & women went forth marching on for our country.
May we be bold and strong taking a stand on Your Truth,
and marching on for Your glory and Honor.

To God be the Glory!
~ Debbie ~

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