Friday, December 18, 2015

In Your Heart, Ponder

Hello my precious friends!
I would like to extend Christmas blessings
to those of you that have followed along so faithfully
 from the beginning of my blog,
and to those of you who are new friends welcome!
 Thank you for your sweet visits and becoming
a graceful follower.
We have a beautiful community in our world of blogging,
and each one of you have become dear
and precious to my heart.
Merry Christmas and may the New Year bring you
closer to our Saviors heart as He draws us
unto Himself  for that sweet, sweet fellowship
in our relationship with Him.

Over the past few weeks I have found myself
thinking on Mary, the mother of Jesus.
Jesus, the Savior of the world...
My Precious Lord and Savior.
You can read about the birth of Jesus in (Luke 2:1-21)
but it is verse 19 that causes me to think on Mary.
"But Mary kept (treasured) all these things
and pondered them in her heart."
As a mother myself, I can't help but think of what it was like for Mary...
So young and yet a willing servant, obediently saying yes to God.
Becoming impregnated and yet not married,
can't you just hear the tongues wagging
among the village people?
How she must have felt
 knowing she was carrying the God Child within her womb.

Having to travel on the back of a donkey
during the last stages of her pregnancy,
I can't imagine the discomfort she endured.
Giving birth in a stable because there was no room in the Inn.
Being surrounded by the shepherds, wise men and angels.
Glory in the Highest!
No wonder Mary "pondered" all these things.

After Jesus was born, Mary finally had time to ponder on
all the events that resulted in her being a mother.
To ponder means "to reflect on, to consider carefully."
Mary took time to be quiet and think deeply
about what God had been doing in her life
and her body over the last nine months,
and maybe even since she was old enough to know God.
Certainly Mary thought about the wonder of it all.

With the New Year approaching quickly
and the old coming to a close
I have found myself pondering on my own life and
the experiences that have shaped my character and life.
How God brought me to Himself,
and the people God used to bless, teach and guide me
throughout the days of my life.
I have pondered on how God prepared me for
the trials I have faced
and how He has used those trials to bless me.
And I look within my own heart and ask myself the question;
'Am I fulfilling God's purpose in my life?'

I've pondered what it means to be a child of the King.
How thankful I am that I accepted the "Gift" of salvation
many years ago, and have purposed in my heart 
to live my life pleasing to the Lord,
though I have failed many times.
Praise God for His forgiveness, grace and mercy.
I have pondered on what God might want to change in my character.
Am I willing to allow Him to transform me
into the likeness of Himself to a greater degree,
 though it means skimming off the dross
so I may come forth as gold.
I've pondered my relationship with Him,
is it all that He desires for it to be?
I've pondered on my "spiritual bucket list."
What would I like to do in my remaining years for God's kingdom
and for His glory in the days ahead, should the Lord tarry?
Maybe God has a new door opening where I may serve him,
someone that I might pour my life into spiritually,
or come along side to help in time of need.
Oh there are so many needs out there.
Much to ponder on, that is for sure.


  My prayer is that we would all enter into the presence of the Lord
and not allow the noise and business
of this time of year (or all year for that matter) to drown out the Savior.
As we hear the glad tidings of the Christmas message,
may we each hold our hands out to receive
the Christ Child and ALL that He brings.
May the costly gift of Jesus fill all the longings
and desires of our hearts as we ponder on the years past
and look with eagerness to all that God has for our future days.


Heavenly Father, 
may we all look with anticipation, enthusiasm and hope
for the days ahead, that we might obediently say yes to
all that You desire of us, for Your kingdom and Your glory.
We love you Lord, and we lift our hearts to You
with all praise and glory, forever and ever.

To God be all Glory!
~ Debbie ~ 

Thursday, December 10, 2015

Christmas Ornament Exchange

Hello my lovely friends!
In my last post I shared with you
my heartfelt gratitude towards you as faithful followers
of "She Graces her Home in God's Beauty".
I want to tell each and every one of you
that your precious love filled comments
greatly blessed my heart.
The Lord used you and your comments 
in His own special way to touch my soul.
Thank you once again for your precious friendship!
I love you all!

I had the wonderful opportunity to join in on the fun over at Vicky's
for her third Christmas ornament exchange. 
With joy, I participated in her first exchange three years ago
and met two lovely ladies through the exchange. 
I wasn't able to make her second exchange
but was delighted that I could join in this time around.
I met Vicky before I first started blogging
through my dear Stephanie
and would visit her blog periodically
and came to just love her!
Vicky is quite the talented  lady.
She amazes me time after time with her great Thrifty finds 
and then showing us her delightful makeovers.


I was given Julie's name, from Julie's Lifestyle blog
 and had the most delightful time shopping for her.
Julie collects angels, and there is a wonderful little
shoppe in a town about an hour away from where I live
 that I just knew would have what I was looking for.
Here's a picture of what I sent Julie,
but please, stop in and visit her blog.


Donna over at Distressed Donna Down Home
graciously, and I mean graciously
gifted me with a box overflowing with vintage treasures.
Just look at all the beauty that poured out of the box.

 Some gorgeous vintage post cards

An angel ornament and mini brush Christmas trees with a darling little wooden star

 Look at these miniature hand crafted needle work ornaments, lovely!
Beautiful work went into crafting these precious treasures.
They will grace the miniature Christmas tree in our kitchen
quite beautifully.

I understand Donna is known for making these
pipe cleaner ornaments for many of her exchanges.

 Some beautiful dainty lace ( one of my loves )
and a plaque with the music ADESTE FIDELES printed on the back.
I'm going to have my daughter Stephanie
play it on her piano for me.


Thank you again Donna, for the lovely gift package
filled with so many lovely vintage treasures.


And a BIG thank you to Vicky
for your wonderful exchange that you so graciously put together
so that we have the opportunity of meeting
other ladies from around the globe.
God bless you!

Blessings to you in the beauty of this season
as we prepare our hearts for the 
birth of our Savior

Joy to you!
~ Debbie ~ 

I will be joining the party with Vicky at
Life on Willy Mae Lane 

Saturday, December 5, 2015

My Heartfelt Gratitude ~

Hello my sweet and Dear friends!
God's Word tells us that we should give thanks always
and for all things.
With a heart over whelmed with gratitude, 
I want to extend my thanks for your
love, care, concern and prayers
over these past few months.

Since blogging nearly a year and a half ago
 you have become some of my
 dearest and most treasured friends!
I have come to see that out there in this
big world of Blogging our community
is real and closely nit together.
You are real, sincere, genuine and lovely.
Time after time my heart has been blessed
by your words of encouragement,
your gifts of love that have been delivered
to my mail box unsuspectingly
as well as the comfort of knowing you are
in prayer on my behalf.
That is HUGE!
There just isn't enough words I can say
to express how sincerely I love and appreciate you.
Some of you have realized that I have been slow
getting back into posting and visiting
since dad passed away, and I have. :(
I am waiting on the Lord...
I'm finding that is the best place to be while waiting.
From deep within my heart...
Thank you for your love!

Did you notice the beauty of the snow covered trees
so nicely placed on my header?
Well...when I first saw it, I gasped!
Winter is my most favorite season,
and snow covered trees just do something within my soul.
They are lovely...Breath taking...Gorgeous!


By the way ~ The photos I am using
in this post are what I see every morning
when I look out of the window
while lying on my back doing those delightful sit ups. :)
~ Having the privilege of looking at this beauty is a great incentive for working out ~

I wished I could say that those photos on my header were mine,
but I can't and I won't.
I wished I could say that it was ME that changed my blog header,
but I can't and I won't.
My dear Stephanie, who works behind the scenes
of my blog has once again graced
my place with the beauty of God's glorious handiwork.
It is an honor to give the credit where the credit is due.
Stephanie does a great job keeping my space here looking beautiful,
and without her I likely wouldn't be here blogging.
She is a Jewel, reflecting the beauty of Christ.
Thank you, Stephanie!

~ These are weeds that look like baskets holding the snow ~
I thought they were quite pretty


"That I may publish with the voice
of thanksgiving, and tell of
thy wondrous works."
(Psalm 26:7)
Thank you Heavenly Father, for the love of friends
that you grace us with from all over the world.
Your people...showing forth the love of Christ
in the lives of others, what joy!
Bless Your Holy Name.

Be Gracious!
~ Debbie ~

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