Monday, September 29, 2014

A Sinful Woman Forgiven

Loving well is what God has called us to do.
The world is full of people
craving for grace and love.
Are we loving graciously?
{Luke 7:36~50} speaks of a sinful woman forgiven.
In verse 36~ Jesus was invited to a meal
and it was in the home of a Pharisee, Simon.
Jesus tells us in Revelation 3:20
that if we hear His voice and allow Him in,
He will sup with us.
Jesus thought it was important 
that we break bread together.
Often we see in God's Word
where fellowship was centered around a meal.
Don't you find it comforting
to visit and fellowship with others
around the table with a meal?
In verses {36~38} It was customary in that day
for outsiders to hover around during banquets
so they could watch the "important people"
and hear the conversation.
Since everything was open they could
enter the banquet hall and speak to a guest.
That would explain how the woman
was able to reach Jesus.
Jewish Rabbis did not speak
to women in public,
nor did they eat with them in public.
A woman of this type would not be welcomed
in the house of  Simon the Pharisee.
This woman was known for her sin.
I think this woman was a hurting woman.
You know people must have talked about her.
She likely built walls around her heart.
You know how people can be...
Hurtful with their words~
Hurtful with their actions~
I'm sure being looked upon as a woman
of ill repute would cause her to become hard hearted.
Oh Lord Jesus, may grace be upon our lips
as we speak to others,
may grace be in our actions and lives
as You have called us to love graciously
in a world where there are many hurting people.

Something drew this woman into this banquet
so she could know something about this Jesus.
Something must have told her
that Jesus was trustworthy.
Something Jesus said or did
began to break down the walls of her heart.
The woman admitted she was a sinner
and gave evidence that she was
a repentant sinner.
Her tears~ her humble attitude~ and her expensive gift~
all spoke of her changed heart.
Simon, on the other hand, 
was a critical host verses {39~43}
Simon got his feathers all ruffled up.
He judges Jesus for responding 
to this "sinful" woman. 
Simon's  real problem was
blindness; he could not see himself,
the woman, or the Lord, his honored guest.
It was easy for him to say
"she is a sinner!"
but impossible for him to say,
"I am also sinner!"
How easy it is to point the finger!
It is easy for any of us to see the wrong in others,
but over look what is in our own hearts.
In verses {40~47} Jesus reveals Simon's deeds.
Everything that Simon neglected to do,
{ wash Jesus' feet~gave Him no kiss~ and did not anoint His head with oil}
the woman did~and she did it from her heart.
The parable does not deal with the amount of sin
in a persons life but the awareness 
of that sin in his heart.
Forgiveness is a gift of God's grace; 
the debt was paid in full by Jesus Christ.
{Ephesians 1:7 & 1Peter 1:18&19}
Verses {48~50} "
And Jesus said unto her, thy sins are forgiven,
 thy faith hath saved thee; go in peace."
This woman was not saved by her tears and her gift.
Jesus made it clear that it was her faith
alone that saved her.
No amount of good works 
can pay for our salvation.
{Titus 3:4~7}
Grace is love that pays a price,
and that price was the death of the 
Son of God on the cross.
The woman knew that her sins were forgiven
because Jesus told her so.
For us today~it is God's Word that tells
us we have been forgiven.
I love what {Hebrews 8:12}
promises us,
"For I will be merciful to their unrighteousness,
and their sins and their iniquities will I remember no more."
Such a beautiful promise from the Savior.
Verse {47} "Wherefore I say unto thee,
her sins, which were many, are forgiven;
for she loved much;
but to whom little is forgiven,
the same loveth little."
Not only are we forgiven,
but we should be going out and loving graciously on others
where we are surrounded with many hurting people.
"Those who have been forgiven much, love much."
People all around us are looking for grace and love.
Do we look at them and see their sin?
Or will we look upon them
seeing that they need love,
and that they need it from a gracious heart. ? 

Our Precious Heavenly Father.
May we not look upon others with pointed fingers,
but see our own sinful hearts before You,
 our Holy and Righteous God.
Cause us to love well, seasoned with grace
as You have called us to do.
~Be Lovely~

Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Found Treasure on Memory Lane

Memories... We all have them, don't we?
When I was young I would spend many a night
or even a week-end with my dear grandparents
on my fathers side.
My grandmother was full of life and vigor
and still is to some degree at the age of 97.  
I was blessed to inherit  my grandmothers name for my middle name.
I was the first born grand-daughter
with many similarities and characteristics
much like my precious grandma.
During my growing up years and sleep overs
with my grandparents,
 I would dance the night away with grandma
as grandpa played his accordion along with his polka music.
Those were special times indeed.

My grandfather went home to be with the Lord
quite some years ago...
I grew up... and the dancing came to a stop...
I often wondered who would end up with his polka records.
It seemed as if I was the only grandchild who appreciated them.
but, I was just a grandchild, 
and surely one of his four children would inherit them?
My father asked my grandma some years ago
of what she planned to do with grandpa's records?
His sister had asked for his accordion
so we figured she would get the polka records as well.
As some of you know
 my parents had an estate sale
here a few days ago that has consumed my entire summer.
We have gone through every corner of their home,
every inch of their 40 acres
and through all their possessions that they have gathered over nearly 60 years of marriage.
We never came across any polka records
in all the hundreds of albums and 45's
that my father has collected over the years.
Dad wasn't fond of polka, ha ha
it's not every ones favorite. :)
After the sale was over,
we found a huge box of polka albums sitting amongst dads other albums
in his office/ recording room.
To our surprise and delight, they were grandpa's.
Found treasure...
Happy memories...
Thankful hearts...
We have no idea where these came from
or where they were found.
But God...In His goodness to us...
brought great joy to our overflowing thankful hearts.
My home is now filled with the sound of my grandpa
as I play his polka records
and dance with delight and pure joy within my heart.
~The Lord delights in blessing His dear children~
" The Lord hath done great things for us,
whereof we are glad."
(Psalm 126:3) 
"I will praise the name of God with a song,
and will magnify Him with thanksgiving."
Precious Heavenly Father,
You are praiseworthy,
and we thank Thee,  for Your goodness
and love towards us in so many wonderful ways. 
May our mouths be filled with praise
to Thy glory.
 ~Be Blessed~

Wednesday, September 17, 2014

An Invitation

" Sharing a cup of kindness with treasured friends "
Emilie Barnes
 My daughter Stephanie, 
is having a tea cup and mug exchange
and I would love to extend an invitation for you to join her.
This is a beautiful way to meet new friends
from all around the globe.
You will grace someone with a teacup and or mug,
and someone will bless your heart with the same.
What a joy it is, as we have the opportunity
to share with others.
This little prayer is from the book
"Friends Forever" By Karla Dornacher
Dear Jesus,
Thank you for my friend and the cup of blessing
that she has poured out into my heart.

Her life is like a teapot, Lord, You have filled
her to overflowing with Your love, and with a
servant's heart she pours out a drink to others
that is more refreshing than the sweetest tea.

I pray for her today and ask that you would
refresh her as she refreshes others...
that you would cause her cup to truly overflow!

In Jesus' Name... Amen.
May we, as ladies, be refreshing in the lives of others.

~Be Lovely~

Friday, September 12, 2014

Joy In A Book Exchange

" May you be blessed by the Lord,
the maker of heaven and earth. "
{ Psalm 115:15 }
This was the beautiful verse on my card
that was sent with my delightful
care package from Diane
through the book exchange that was 
so beautifully arranged by Stephanie at
This was Stephanie's first book exchange,
and what a wonderful way for us ladies to meet new friends.
Diane graciously blessed my heart
with three delightful gifts.
"A Woman After God's Own Heart"
By Elizabeth George
has been one of my all time favorite books
that God has used to change my heart in many ways as a woman.
I look forward to reading this
"Updated and Expanded" version.
In fact... prior to receiving my gift package from Diane,
I had nearly pulled my old tattered book
off of the book shelf to read again,
so it was the perfect book.
Diane also blessed my heart with the little book
" A Woman's Journey... With God"
By Mary Prince
A celebration of the Christian life
from childhood to maturity.
Doesn't that sound just wonderful!
Here are a few of the chapters
to give you an idea of the beauty in this little book.
*The journey of trust
*The journey of Strength
*The journey of contentment
*The journey of relationships
The work of her hands...
I received a beautiful hand stitched sachet
filled with an aroma that has left my
"little space" with a fragrance that is soft and feminine.
What a delight!
Thank you again, Diane, for your sweet kindness.
I had the joy of sending my care package to
Deborah Montgomery at
I want to thank my dear Stephanie,
for all the love and care she has put into
this wonderful book exchange.
Such a lovely idea!
Our Precious Heavenly Father,
thank you for Your goodness to us
through the lives of others.
May our hearts desire be to love others,
as long as You give us life.

~Be Lovely~

Monday, September 8, 2014

A Compassionate Heart

 "But a certain Samaritan, as he journeyed,
came where he was.
And when he saw him,
he had compassion."
( Luke 10:33 )
"Go and do likewise."
( Luke 10:37 b )

This lesson in the Bible on the Good Samaritan
teaches us on compassion and grace.
( Luke 10:25-37 )

There was a certain man that was on his way to Jericho,
and fell among thieves. They stripped him
of his clothing, wounded him,
and left him for dead.
( Luke 10:30 )

A priest went down that same road and came upon him,
passing by on the other side.
( Luke 10:31 )

A Levite also went down the same road, looked upon him,
and he too passed him by.
( Luke 10:32 )

But a certain Samaritan, as he was on his journey 
came upon him,
but he...had compassion
( Luke 10:33 )
When we as individuals comprehend the depth of God's love,
we can learn how to love even the least lovable,
becoming Good Samaritans to those around us.
Proverbs 14:21 teaches us that "he who has mercy
on the poor, happy is he."
 Compassion does not originate
in religion or responsibility,
but in a relationship with God. 
When we are graciously walking in the Spirit of God,
we will manifest Christ, and His standards
found in the Word of God
and compassionately love the unlovely
and the needy.
 The Good Samaritan saw the need of this wounded
helpless man, and did something about it.
Just as Jesus, in Matthew 14:14
"And when Jesus went out He saw a great multitude;
and He was moved with compassion for them,
and healed their sick."
Jesus stopped to meet the needs of the crowd,
healing their sick.
This Samaritan man was on a journey,
he was obviously heading somewhere...yet...
he stopped and took the time to care for this man in need.
His heart was moved with compassion, and he took action.
The Samaritan man not only had compassion on this man,
but grace and kindness was showed upon him.
He "bound up his wounds, placed him on his own beast,
took him to an Inn, and there took care of him.
He then gave the host of the Inn money for this mans needs
asking the host to care for him,
and said he would return to pay the remainder of the bill."
( Luke 10:35 )
That is love-in-action!
It is so easy to get caught up in ourselves
and all that fills our own lives,
that we, many times miss those wonderful opportunities
to be a servant of the Lord.
Would we... like the Samaritan...
stop in the midst of our "journey" and take the time
for that one whom God has placed in our path?
What could be so pressing that we would be like the
Priest or Levite, and just walk on by?
A heart like Jesus should be our desire,
full of compassion and grace.
Our hearts should be aroused by the suffering
or misfortune of another.
When we give of ourselves in the lives of others,
there is great joy.
God's Word commands us to
"Go and do likewise."
( Luke 10:37b )
May we not be like the Priest or Levite,
seeing the need of another... and passing by.
But may we have the heart of Jesus, 
and the Good Samaritan,
reaching out to others and taking care of their needs
bringing glory to our Great God!

Our Precious Heavenly Father.
Oh to be like Jesus...
Cause us to follow after Thee,
and to be like Thee in the lives of others.
Grace us with Your love and compassion
giving us a heart that is moved
when we see a need.

~Be Lovely~
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