Monday, February 27, 2017

Call Upon the Name of the Lord ~

Hello sweet friends ~ I pray you are having a beautiful day!
This past week I was talking with my sister over the phone 
and somehow we got on the subject of our older cell phones.
My husband and I have kept every cell phone we've had from the first one we got, 
 boy have they ever changed. 
I remember the first cell phone available, it was huge!
It was like putting an oversized man's shoe up to your ear.
The thing was all battery, quite heavy and those who owned one
thought they were the cats meow. 
We didn't have the first cell phone but came along when the first flip phone with an antenna no less, became available and we thought that was pretty fine!

Can you tell that I love pink?
Every phone I've owned has been pink and I LOVED my first flip phone!
I had that phone for years, even used mailing tape to hold it together.
I was slow in getting a cell phone, but sure have enjoyed it once I took the plunge.
Texting was something I didn't do and believed I never would,
until my boss gently persuaded me into getting an iphone.
I was working with Hospice and Home Care at the time
so texting with staff was much quicker and quieter
should we be in the presence of a client.
Having never texted before I had much to l earn.
"Spell Check" has certainly caught me off guard at times
and changed words without my notice, yikes!
My very first text, to my sister praise the Lord, was ~
"I want to toilet you"
What I was wanting to say was ~
"I want to let you know. "
Spell check turned "to let" into "toilet" without my even knowing it.
When my sister texted back and asked why I wanted to "toilet" her
I was shocked!!
How thankful I was that the text went to my sister and not my boss.


Whatever the conversation was between my sister and me,
it caused me to ponder on the open line we have with God in our prayer lives. 

" And he spake a parable unto them to this end, 
that men ought always to pray,  and not to faint."
*Lukes 18:1*
In this parable Jesus was encouraging His listeners
to be persistent in prayer. 
"Continue earnestly in prayer, being vigilant in it with thanksgiving. "
*Colossians 4:2*
In order for us to have an effective prayer life
we must continue earnestly (call upon the Lord) being vigilant, alert and thankful.
Our disciplined prayer life will lead us into spiritual fitness
preparing us for God's ministry. 
"Praying always with all prayer and supplication in the Spirit, 
and watching thereunto with all perseverance 
and supplication for all Saints. 
*Ephesians 6:18*
Our whole life should be a life of prayer.
We are to "continue steadfastly in prayer." 
*Romans 12:12b*


As children of God, we are privileged to call upon the Name of the Lord
anytime of the day or night and He has promised in His Word
that He will hear our petitions and answer according to His will. 
When calling on God, how wonderful it is to know that 
we will never have to pay for a call ~ there are no busy signals ~
never a wrong number dialed ~ He doesn't hang up on us ~
 we will not be put on hold AFTER having listened to the recording first ~
and the lines are NEVER down.
God's ears are attentive to our prayers 24 hours a day ~ 7 days a week. 
" The Lord hath heard my supplication, 
the Lord will receive my prayer."
*Psalm 6:9*

"Hear my prayer, O Lord, and give ear unto my cry."
*Psalm 39:12a*

"If I regard iniquity in my heart, the Lord will not hear me.
But verily God hath heard me: and hath attended
to the voice of my prayer. 
Blessed be God, which hath not turned away my prayer,
nor his mercy from me."
*Psalm 66:18~20*

When we are listening to God, (who is on the other end of the line you might say)
through the reading of His Word, and we are sensitive to our sins
we will find ourselves constantly confessing our wrong doings.
Verse 18 is telling us,  that if we refuse to repent
 (express sincere regret or remorse about our wrongdoing or sin)
or harber and cherish certain sins, then we are placing a wall
between us and God.
No, we may not always remember every sin we have committed,
but our attitude toward life should be one of confession and obedience
so as to keep those prayer lines open.
Are you experiencing the joy of living in close relationship with God
through your prayer life?
 May our prayer lives be as that of David's,
"I give myself unto prayer."
*Psalm 109:4b*

"Evening, and morning, and at noon, will I pray,
and cry aloud: and he shall hear my voice. "
*Psalm 55:17*

Praise God!
~ Debbie ~


Creations By Cindy said...

Debbie, I have so enjoyed this post this morning. Gave me a good chuckle and a huge smile! Girl, you would not BELIEVE the things that I have text that came out all WRONG! Merciful Father help me! LOL! December was a year ago I finally took the plug from flip phone to I phone and like you I had so much to learn. I am STILL learning. It is so convenient at times and the pros for me has outweighed the cons. But as I have reminded my three daughters...."This cell phone will never replace our times of one on one and face and to face". And though my daughters are grown with children I have a rule at my home. Sunday dinners: NO CELL PHONES on my table! LOL! Yes sweet Debbie, I am so thankful the line to Jesus is open 24-7. Lord I sure would hate to have depend on my TYPING skills with a cell phone when talking to the Lord! LOL. Hugs and blessings, Cindy

Sylvia said...

LOL I get frustrated with spell check also. It has happened many times with me!
Enjoyed your post as always. Have a beautiful day,Debbie.


Debby Ray said...

Oh my Debbie, I am still trying to get myself together after reading that text message to your sister...LOL! I was actually laughing out loud at that one! What a super idea for a post! I kept my old cell phones for a while but recycled them after a while. Isn't it amazing how they have changed over the years? I was also the one who refused to text, thinking how silly it was. Like you, and since I got my iphone (I thought I was the last person on earth to get one) I learned the cool trick of dictating text messages by touching the microphone icon. You STILL have to be careful to proofread though! Just yesterday at church, my pastor used a cell phone example about our communication to God and staying connected to Him through regular prayer time...not just when we are having a crisis. He gave a comical example of God pulling out his phone and checking the caller ID. When He saw the call was from _______ (whoever), He didn't other words, what would happen if God screened His calls from us?? We all know He doesn't do this although we might understand it if He felt like it at times! Again, this is such a wonderful post, one that is a great reminder of keeping the lines of communication open to our Father in heaven at ALL times! Blessings on your week, my friend! ♥

P.S. Did I happen to mention what a great post this was??? :D

Brenda said...

Hi Debbie,
I had a 'smart phone' bought for me for my birthday last year which has predictive text on it, it is uncanny. Sometimes it is as if it is reading my mind, and sometimes it is as if someone else is texting. I have to constantly check everything before I send the message. This reminds me of 'examining myself' regularly as I come before the Lord and acting on that Word spoken to me in my walk with the Lord.
I have always loved prayer which I believe is always needed for guidance as the enemy is cunning and deceiving.
God bless you in your walk with Jesus.

Celestina Marie said...

Dear Debbie, I had to laugh out loud about the spell check and the text to your sister. This really is too funny!! The same has happened to me so now I have learned to reread everything before I send it.
Love all your pink phones and the old styles gave me a smile too as we had many of the same.
Times have certainly changed with technology but how wonderful to know what has not changed is our Lord who is the same today as he was all through the ages. He is there for us whenever we call upon his name even with our shortcomings he listens and directs. We seem to be all consuming on our phones but how wonderful it would be to be in constant
pray and connected to our Savior instead. This is a great lesson!!
Blessings for a great week. xo

Christine said...

Hello dear Debbie & what a wonderful post! We know first hand how spell checker can completely change the meaning of a sentence!
How wonderful though, to realise afresh that our loving
Heavenly Father knows what we need before we ask! He makes no mistakes!
Have a blessed week!

Michele said...

Oh my dear, Debbie, I had to take a break after reading your mistext to your sister - oh my gosh that is so funny I had tears running down my face. You have NO idea how bad I am with autofill - my kids say half the things I send them is cryptic beyond all understanding. I guess once a few years ago I texted them in group and said something about "Uncle Wheel." They asked quite a while later what I was trying to say, and in true Senior Moment fashion I couldn't remember for the life of me! So now everyone in my family calls those autocorrect fillin weird texts as "uncle wheelisms." LOL.

OK - and now to the serious stuff - you always give such wise counsel, thank you for your devotions and for sharing them with us in such a fun and interesting fashion. Hugs. ♥♥

Anne Payne said...

Debbie, I just love this post! I have been in earnest prayer and petition to the Father this past week!!! I know he hears me and I am patiently waiting on his answers and resolutions. Praise God there is no party line to his attentive ear!

Loved you, my friend!

kitty@ Kitty's Kozy Kitchen said...

What a beautiful post you've wrtten, Debbie, on the faithfulness of our loving God. He is ever present to our needs, and thankfully we can talk to Him at any time. I loved your comparing of the cell phones and even the autocorrect (too cute with the I want to toilet you!).
I hope you are having the most wonderful, special day, my friend! ❤️

Pamela M. Steiner said...

Great post! Amazing how we have become so dependent on our cell phones! Although I still use a flip phone, even w/o a camera! But, where we live there is NO signal, so using a cell phone near home is useless. And we don't leave home that often anymore, except to go to the store, etc. Someday if we start really traveling I will get a "smart" phone. I do love that God doesn't need a cell phone to communicate with us, and vice versa. He is always just a prayer away, and we don't have to worry about finding the right signal or recharging the batteries. He's always there. Love this post.

Dianna said...

Debbie, what a beautifully written post on prayer. Oh my goodness...aren't we ever glad that there are no busy signals or wrong numbers when we call upon our Father? I know I am. Thank you for the verses you shared that encourage us to make prayer a priority.

Karen said...

Thank you for the beautiful scriptures today. I still use a flip phone that is really old. Young people look at it and ask if it still works!

Linda Walker said...

LOL! I've had some experiences with spellchecker gone wrong myself! It took me a very long time to text. I still don't like using it but my daughters all communicate that way! So I use it more than I care to because I like to stay in touch! I have all of my old phones too....I have never lost or broken one, only upgraded! Loved this Debbie and the chuckle I got from reading it! I've been meaning to email you as I have something to tell you!!! I'll be in touch!

Saleslady371 said...

I love it that we can call on God at anytime and His line is never busy! I was slow to get a cell phone too with all the gadgets but now life would be hard without it. Just tonight I found an ap for a flashlight so I downloaded it for emergencies. It's a challenge sometimes to read those text messages! What a laugh. Sending hugs and blessings, Debbie!

Stephanie said...

Oh, what a fun post with a powerful message! I couldn't help but smile when I saw your old, have they changed! As you know, I still don't have a cell phone after I ran over my last one with a lawn mower - HA! I know I can get one at any time, but as you know, I simply don't want one. I know, I know, I am the odd duck {{smiles}}

Your post {as always} was a delight. Thank you for sharing God's Word with us.

I hope yrrow night. Love you lots!

Stephanie said...

Ummm.... that last sentace was supposed to say "I hope you had a wonderful birthday and I can't wait to have supper with you tomorrow night." Not sure what happened there.....

Melanie said...

I was one of those who said they would never have a cell phone. That resolve bit the dust long ago! I don't know what I ever did without it. Yes, you have to be very vigilant with that auto correct or you end up saying something you didn't mean to. I was in love with my flip phone too but got talked into getting a smart phone. I have the that the phone is much smarter than its user!

Cheryl said...

OH, MY! How funny...about "toileting" your sister!! LOL! That was so humorous to me...I am so thankful it went to her and not someone else. It is so wonderful how we can talk to our Heavenly Father at any time of the day or night, and we are always welcome at the throne of grace! He is a precious, loving Lord and Friend of all friends. Thank you for these precious thoughts, sweet friend. God bless you!

Regina said...

That is so funny! My first call phone was a Nokia like the second one in your photo. Then I got a Sansung because my Nokia was too big and outdated. I was thrilled to get a smaller phone. Then came smartphones. All of a sudden cell phones were big again! But I said I would never get a smartphone because all I need my phone to do is talk and text. Well that came to an end when Tracfone updated their network and sent everyone free smartphones because our old ones would no longer be working. I admit I love using my phone.

I loved the scriptures you shared. It's so great that God never sleeps. We don't need to leave a voice mail or worry about call waiting or call forwarding.

hobbyloes said...

Debbie its so nice to read your powerful post. From our modern phones to contact other people,then to the line to contact our Lord.
My first flip-over phone was a purple one.

AnnMarie aka Vintage Junkie aka NaNa said...

I have learned the hard way to double check my phone actually changed Etsy to sexy and it didn't come out so good! Good thing I caught it! I love your analogy with the old cell phones and calling on the Lord. It would be convenient to text Him but prayer and praise and thankfulness is so much nicer!

Deborah Montgomery said...

I have a pink phone too!

SpicingUpIdaho said...

Oh my word Debbie, that was a hilarious moment! I laughed and laughed when I read about your "toilet" episode! Certainly am so very thankful that we can have a direct connection with the Lord that is private, available anytime, and what joyous times we can have with Him! Oh I am so thankful for the precious times I have with my Lord, it makes life worth living to know I can talk to Him anytime!

I loved the pictures of your old cell phones and your current pink phone, so cute! Well, I am really still in the dark ages, I still have a regular phone, and its not smart, but I'm thankful for the simplicity it still offers. I suppose someday I shall have to enter the "smart" world, but for now, life is still very simple for me, and I like it :)

Hugs to you dear friend... I saw from Stephanie's comment that you celebrated a birthday, I'm sorry I missed it! Happy belated birthday to you... you are such a special and wonderful friend,I hope you had a blessed time of celebration :)

Margie said...

What a fun and thoughtful post! I enjoyed the throwback to the old cell phones and cracked up at the auto-complete text blunder. Gotta love technology!

I have an ancient "for emergency" cell phone that I use for the occasional call or text. I'm probably one of few people who can't get e-mails (or surf the internet) on my mobile. I am considering upgrading my cell just to get a better camera phone...

Happy (Belated) Birthday, Debbie!

baili said...

Excellent and very very interesting sharing dear!

few years back when hubby bought me a new smart phone there were lots of fun incidents regarding spell check as it was new to me and a slight touch would sent the message before i can correct the spelling and in my next text i would have to explain it .but now i am used to it and sometime even i post through my phone when laptop is occupied by son

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