Saturday, April 2, 2016


Let's have a Blog Party! 
No I didn't say a "Block Party" though that would be
a ton of fun, wouldn't it?
Just imagine bringing our favorite dish while
 getting together with all our friends
here in our wonderful Blogging community
and sitting around sharing sweet fellowship one with another.
My... it sounds glorious indeed!

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Today is my dear Stephanie's Birthday
and I would like to have a party in honor of her.
YOU DEAR LADIES are her precious friends!
I know her life is richer and fuller with you in it.
And though it would certainly be nice to get together
and throw a beautiful birthday party for Stephanie,
so that we may show our love and appreciation
for her contribution in our blogging community
 we all know that it would be quite impossible.
So...why not have a "Blog Party"!
We love and appreciate you! 

Image courtesy of The Gaphics Fairy

Since this is a "Blog Party" and we are not able 
to shower Stephanie with our love gifts,
I'm asking that if you should leave a comment
would you please share a few gracious words of wisdom for Stephanie,
 as she has reached a milestone in her life.
Yes, Stephanie is 30 years old today and looking beautifully young.
It wouldn't be a party with out gifts now would it?
 I will be having a Birthday Give-Away and
pictured below is the gift package someone will receive
excluding the surprise that will be tucked away in the box.
I LOVE surprises, and every birthday party should have a surprise.

The birthday girl will draw one blessed winner
out of the party hat one week from today, April 9th.
*I will then contact the winner*

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In our blogging community, Stephanie has enriched our lives
with her grace and beauty.
Through her sweet blog she shows forth attributes of having
a loving, gentle, kind and gracious spirit.
There she inspires us with her words of wisdom and beauty
in all that she shares with us.
From her tutorials that make everything look so easy, 
even to those of us who do not have a crafty bone to speak of. {{smiles}}
Stephanie shares her recipes that are accompanied 
with amazing photo's.
Are you like me, that when you see her photo's of what she has prepared
you reach for the computer screen
realizing it's only a photograph? HA!
Her Sunday posts tenderly teach us about the old time hymns,
and of course Stephanie always graces them with the
beauty of her photography and words of inspiration
that we can take, hide in our hearts and ponder on for the week that follows.
Then... there is her delightful Teacup and Mug Exchange
that we all wait anxiously for which happens twice a year.
The Lord has certainly blessed her with a ministry
 that has touched many lives and
where friendships have been made all across the globe.
I've often thought about all that goes into
a tea cup or mug being sent out.
You know...we could just go and purchase a tea cup or mug for ourselves
and save the time, the shopping, the packaging and the cost of it all,
including the postage that has skyrocketed.
But look at all the joy we would miss out on
and the friendships that would have never transpired.
There is something special that takes place
over a tea cup or mug gifted from another dear lady, isn't there? 
I know for myself the Lord has blessed me with
new friends from all over this wonderful world. 
A great amount of work and love goes into Stephanie's exchanges,
and I applaud her for all it's beauty.
Here you will find Stephanie's lovely Etsy Shoppe where
your heart will be swayed by her warm and whimsical designs
that she has created with love from her heart and so beautifully
embellished with her very own decorative touches.
Thank you Stephanie for gracing our lives with your beauty.

Image courtesy of Bumble Button

Ladies, from my heart,  I want to thank you for joining me here
in honor of Stephanie's birthday.
You are an amazing bunch of ladies yourselves,
and some of you with amazing blogs of your very own.
Had it not been for my dear Stephanie,
I would have never taken a walk down the road of blogging,
and so therefore, I would likely have never come to know you.
Those of you who have come for a visit and do not
wish to leave a comment I respect that.
Thank  you for joining in on the birthday celebration.
God bless you all.

Image courtesy of The Graphics Fairy 

  Dear Stephanie ~  As your mother, my prayer for you
 is that you will dedicate the remainder of your life
to God and continue to live in His ways.
It is true, that if we want to be God's beautiful woman
at the day of His appearing then we must,
"number our days that we may apply our hearts unto wisdom" (Psalm 90:12) 
and do all that we can to cultivate the character qualities
that are found in Proverbs 31.
Already, you have displayed a desire to
live by God's standards in becoming a women
reflecting the beauty of God.
It takes a lifetime of day by day walking close
by our Savior's side, and allowing His Holy Word, through the Spirit of God,
to mold us and make us into "a virtuous woman, who's price is far above rubies."
May God bless you with many more years
to show forth His grace and beauty.
Happy Birthday!
I love you


Stephanie said...

Well, I am speechless! It's past midnight and here I sit at my laptop catching up on emails. I was just about to shut down the computer when I decided to stop by your blog since I have been rather absent.

Your words written in love went straight to my heart! First of all, thank you for being my mother. You are always so kind and gracious, you are a woman I look up to and admire. I have learned so much from you over the last 30 to be a lady, how to be compassionate towards others, how to love and serve the Heavenly Father. You have been a beautiful role model.

And secondly, how I would LOVE to get together with our precious blogging friends. The women in the blogging community mean so much to me and over the past 4 years I have gained many sweet friendships. I cannot imagine life without theses darling ladies. These lovely ladies are not only inspiring, but they are full of love and generostiy. I have learned so much from many of them and their friendship only gets sweeter with time. I am incredibly grateful for these dear ladies {whether they are bloggers or not} and many of them hold a special place in my heart.

Thank you for the delightful party and for making my 30th birthday ever so memorable. Much LOVE to all of you!

Sola Scriptura said...

Happy Birthday Stephanie! I wish you much love and happiness today and always. My "wisdom" to share with you is to be joyful always, pray continually and give thanks in all circumstances, for this is God's will for you in Christ Jesus. (1 Thessalonians 5:16-18).

Ashley said...

Happy 30th birthday, Stephanie! I appreciate all you do through your blog-you inspire me! I hope you have a truly wonderful birthday. Keep shining for the Lord!

Much love in Christ,

Elizabeth said...

Happy, happy Birthday Stephanie! I hope it is a wonderful day full of love and joy. You have brought that to many through your beautiful blog and all that you do and to think you are only 30 years old! I know your Mother is so very proud of you and that she is a wonderful role model! May God bless you in all that you do!

Cheryl said...

Happy, happy birthday, dear, precious Stephanie! Oh, the words cannot express how you and your dear Mom have blessed and enriched my life. EVERY, single thing your Mom said above is absolutely true of you. You epitomize what a true Proverbs 31 looks like in this modern world. So many times, you have stopped by my blog and left a word of encouragement and cheer that has given me courage just when I needed it most. My life is richer because of you being a part of this blogging journey. I wish you much love, happiness, and true joy that flows from the heart of our amazing God. If I were to impart any words of wisdom, they would be to stay the sweet way you are...just keep right on doing what you are doing...and never change from loving God and others the way you do. One day, we will all meet in Heaven, by God's grace and Lord willing, and we will have the biggest block party ever! And, guess what? It will never end!!! I love you both, Debbie and Stephanie, and I trust Jesus to grant you the sweetest of birthdays..for truly it is a celebration for both of you since it is such a monumental day in both of your lives! Turning 30 was one of my absolute favorite birthdays so far. I felt like I turned a corner that year, and it was WONDERFUL. I trust it is the same for you, dear Stephanie! God's richest blessings to you both!

kitty@ Kitty's Kozy Kitchen said...

Oh Stephanie, I am so happy to join the blog party for your 30th birthday celebration! How sweet of your dear mom to think of this special way to honor YOU! You have blessed me with such kindness, gentleness, creativity, spirituality, friendship, and faithful prayers. You have brought together so many friendships through your teacup exchange, and your dear mom and I becamr friends from your very first swap. You are such a wise, godly woman (although I will always think of you as being a girl!), at the young age of 30, and you have so many years ahead of you to share your talents which Our Lord has so richly given you. God Bless You for using the gifts God has given you, because you so generously share with us. You are so loved by all of us. Happy, happy birthday!!! xxoo xxoo
Thank you, Debbie, for having this lovely party for your dear, sweet Stephanie. I know she is your precious daughter, and I so appreciate you sharing her with us, my sweet friend. You both are such blessings in my life.

Elizabeth said...

Happy Birthday to such a lovely lady! Stephanie, you have been such a sweet example to me the past couple years, since we have known each other through the wonderful world of blogging! And what an exciting day to turn 30 ♥ I have learned so much from you through your gentle, sweet, kind, and gracious spirit! And it has, indeed, been a pleasure getting to know you!

May not only today, but your year ahead, be blessed and filled to the brim with wonderful blessings!

Your dear mother wrote such a sweet post for your birthday, and I can't help but think of the friendship and special relationship you two share! Ah....the friendship of mother and daughter is such a blessing, and it most definitely shines through both of you :)

Both of your blogs have been so encouraging and inspiring to me, and I always leave so refreshed and renewed and encouraged as I go about my day, so thank you BOTH for that!

Wishing you both a lovely, joyous day and weekend!

Ida said...

Happy Birthday Stephanie! - I've left a little message for you on my blog:

God Bless, Ida

shortybear said...

love you sweet friend, happy birthday.

Anonymous said...

Happiest of birthdays to a very dear lady! Your sweet spirit warms the hearts of so many ♥ I am blessed to have met you through your lovely blog, and wish I could give you a big hug in person on your special day :) May the Lord richly fill your 30th year with grace and peace....
Love, Ashleigh

Mehrll said...

Stephanie, I hope your birthday is full of blessings from our Lord. You are so sweet and a wonderful inspiration to so many. You deserve the best day ever. God bless you!

Countrylovers said...

Liebe Stephanie,
von guten Mächten wunderbar geborgen,
erwarten wir getrost was kommen mag.
Gott ist mit uns
am Abend und am Morgen,
und ganz gewiß an jedem neue Tag.
Ich wünsche dir einen wundervollen Geburtstag. Genieße den Tag im Kreise deine Lieben, genieße das Leben.
Alles Liebe wünscht dir Barbara

Anonymous said...

Hi to you both and a special birthday greeting to Stephanie! I am thankful for your friendship through blogging. May the Lord richly bless you in the year ahead. xoxo

Debby Ray said...

Oh my...I hardly know where to begin...I guess I'll start by saying the most important words...HAPPY BIRTHDAY, DEAR STEPHANIE! What a blessing you are to me...and to think you are only 30 years young! You have certainly been given such a gift to be able to minister to others the way you do. You are wise beyond your years and the grace you demonstrate with your words blesses so many! I know that my life is richer for "knowing" you! I hope you had a fabulous day of celebrating your 30 years! Much love and hugs to you, my sweet friend!

Anne Payne said...

Oh, Happy Birthday to you, dear Stephanie!!! I know beyond a shadow of doubt that your crown in Heaven will be weighted with many jewels. You have served as an amazing ambassador for Christ! Your beauty comes from within and shines so amazingly bright for all to see. Your faith is firm and never falters. You have been an encouragement and a precious friend to many. I pray for you to have many more birthdays and be a blessing to your family and friends. Much love to you!

Mindy Whipple said...

A belated Birthday Blessing to you Ms. Stephanie! You are such a treasure to so many of us in the blogging community and a wonderful example of God's love. I pray the year ahead will be a blessed one for you and your family!

Garima said...


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