Saturday, April 2, 2016

Happy 30th Birthday Stephanie

Let's have a Blog Party! 
No I didn't say a "Block Party" though that would be
a ton of fun, wouldn't it?
Just imagine bringing our favorite dish while
 getting together with all our friends
here in our wonderful Blogging community
and sitting around sharing sweet fellowship one with another.
My... it sounds glorious indeed!

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Today is my dear Stephanie's Birthday
and I would like to have a party in honor of her.
YOU DEAR LADIES are her precious friends!
I know her life is richer and fuller with you in it.
And though it would certainly be nice to get together
and throw a beautiful birthday party for Stephanie,
so that we may show our love and appreciation
for her contribution in our blogging community
 we all know that it would be quite impossible.
So...why not have a "Blog Party"!
We love and appreciate you! 

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Since this is a "Blog Party" and we are not able 
to shower Stephanie with our love gifts,
I'm asking that if you should leave a comment
would you please share a few gracious words of wisdom for Stephanie,
 as she has reached a milestone in her life.
Yes, Stephanie is 30 years old today and looking beautifully young.
It wouldn't be a party with out gifts now would it?
 I will be having a Birthday Give-Away and
pictured below is the gift package someone will receive
excluding the surprise that will be tucked away in the box.
I LOVE surprises, and every birthday party should have a surprise.

The birthday girl will draw one blessed winner
out of the party hat one week from today, April 9th.
*I will then contact the winner*

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In our blogging community, Stephanie has enriched our lives
with her grace and beauty.
Through her sweet blog she shows forth attributes of having
a loving, gentle, kind and gracious spirit.
There she inspires us with her words of wisdom and beauty
in all that she shares with us.
From her tutorials that make everything look so easy, 
even to those of us who do not have a crafty bone to speak of. {{smiles}}
Stephanie shares her recipes that are accompanied 
with amazing photo's.
Are you like me, that when you see her photo's of what she has prepared
you reach for the computer screen
realizing it's only a photograph? HA!
Her Sunday posts tenderly teach us about the old time hymns,
and of course Stephanie always graces them with the
beauty of her photography and words of inspiration
that we can take, hide in our hearts and ponder on for the week that follows.
Then... there is her delightful Teacup and Mug Exchange
that we all wait anxiously for which happens twice a year.
The Lord has certainly blessed her with a ministry
 that has touched many lives and
where friendships have been made all across the globe.
I've often thought about all that goes into
a tea cup or mug being sent out.
You know...we could just go and purchase a tea cup or mug for ourselves
and save the time, the shopping, the packaging and the cost of it all,
including the postage that has skyrocketed.
But look at all the joy we would miss out on
and the friendships that would have never transpired.
There is something special that takes place
over a tea cup or mug gifted from another dear lady, isn't there? 
I know for myself the Lord has blessed me with
new friends from all over this wonderful world. 
A great amount of work and love goes into Stephanie's exchanges,
and I applaud her for all it's beauty.
Here you will find Stephanie's lovely Etsy Shoppe where
your heart will be swayed by her warm and whimsical designs
that she has created with love from her heart and so beautifully
embellished with her very own decorative touches.
Thank you Stephanie for gracing our lives with your beauty.

Image courtesy of Bumble Button

Ladies, from my heart,  I want to thank you for joining me here
in honor of Stephanie's birthday.
You are an amazing bunch of ladies yourselves,
and some of you with amazing blogs of your very own.
Had it not been for my dear Stephanie,
I would have never taken a walk down the road of blogging,
and so therefore, I would likely have never come to know you.
Those of you who have come for a visit and do not
wish to leave a comment I respect that.
Thank  you for joining in on the birthday celebration.
God bless you all.

Image courtesy of The Graphics Fairy 

  Dear Stephanie ~  As your mother, my prayer for you
 is that you will dedicate the remainder of your life
to God and continue to live in His ways.
It is true, that if we want to be God's beautiful woman
at the day of His appearing then we must,
"number our days that we may apply our hearts unto wisdom" (Psalm 90:12) 
and do all that we can to cultivate the character qualities
that are found in Proverbs 31.
Already, you have displayed a desire to
live by God's standards in becoming a women
reflecting the beauty of God.
It takes a lifetime of day by day walking close
by our Savior's side, and allowing His Holy Word, through the Spirit of God,
to mold us and make us into "a virtuous woman, who's price is far above rubies."
May God bless you with many more years
to show forth His grace and beauty.
Happy Birthday!
I love you


Debbie Harris said...

Hi Dear friend's! I have had the worst time with this post for some reason and couldn't get it to come up on the feeder. ???
If you see two posts on your feeder then I apologize.
Computers and I really DO NOT get along. HA! :)
Have a most blessed day~~Debbie

shortybear said...

Happy Birthday dear, precious Stephanie. You, and your lovely blog have truly enriched my life. You grace the world with your beauty, faith, kindness, compassion, and so much more. You are a treasured gift straight from God's heart. So very glad you are a part of this world. I hope you enjoy your birthday, you really deserve to. I love you.

FlowerLady Lorraine said...

Dear Stephanie ~ Happy 30th Birthday ~ I pray that lives will continually be blessed and encouraged by your loving gentle spirit. Even though I am now a widow, and 67 years young, I wish to be a gracious woman, sharing the Light and Love of Jesus and you and your lovely blog encourage me in many ways.

May your day be filled with lots of joy, love & wonderful company.

Love, hugs & prayers ~ FlowerLady

Anonymous said...

Happy birthday to one of the sweetest blog friends ever!
We all love you so much Stephanie, you share such joy and sunshine in your blog. You a are a treasure and wonderful example to all of us of grace and kindness.

As for words of wisdom....I know your mama already taught you this but here goes.... never miss a daily time in the presence of Christ. I always told my Ashleigh that if nothing else got accomplished she should spend time with Jesus before she begins her day.
In His presence all things become calm as the Holy Spirit enters the situation with His power and enters your heart with His healing peace and strength.

I know you know this but it is always what I share with women when they ask me where to begin with their needs.

If someone tells me they have a problem I ask them what the Lord told them when they discussed it with Him. If they haven't taken this first step, I tell them to meet with Jesus in the Word and prayer and then let me know what they learned so we can pray about that rather than just talking over our feelings or opinions.

God's grace and peace be with you as you journey through this year sweet Stephanie.

Love and lots of hugs,

Simply Linda said...

{{{Debbie}}} What a beautiful post to your lovely have me in tears sweet friend...


You always make me smile, even when I really don't feel like it. Your posts are always full of love and your comments/emails always full of tenderness and happiness. Thank you friend for your friendship. You are definitely a treasure, sweet friend. Many Happy Birthday wishes to you...Big hugs

Melanie said...

Happy Birthday, Stephanie. You and your blog has so enriched my life. I love reading your posts and your tutorials as well as your hymns on Sunday. You are such a sweet person and never fail to email me when I comment on your blog. Happy Happy Birthday, sweet lady!


HAPPY 30th BIRTHDAY, Stephanie!!!
You are a blessing to me! I LOVE how you LOVE Jesus and share Him with us. You are kind, sweet, creative and a Blessing to so many!
May this year bring you MANY BLESSINGS!!
HAPPY 30TH BIRTHDAY! Celebrate for the next 30 days!

Sarah said...

Happy Birthday Stephanie! Your sweet comments and friendship over the past couple years has meant so much to me!! You are such a wonderful example of an industrious and godly young woman. May you be richly blessed in the year ahead!!


Michele @ The Nest at Finch Rest said...

I truly couldn't agree with you more, Deb - just look at how close you and I have become through Steph's loving tea cup exchanges!

Please don't enter me in a giveaway - but I did want to just say thank you for doing such a great job raising such a wonderful lady, Stephanie.

I wish her every happiness!

Hugs and love,


Sandi said...

Just 30? You're a baby!

Happy Birthday! :) Enjoy it.

Linda Walker said...

Happy 30th Birthday dear Stephanie! Wishing you only the very best in the year ahead and always! You have blessed us all in so many ways! Blessings to you as well! Sending lots of love and gratitude for all that you do for us my friend!

Roosterhead Designs said...

Happy Birthday Stephanie!
I cannot tell you how much you (and your mother's : ) kindness has meant to me.
From the time I found her blog and yours, you both have embraced and befriended me- and given me a special welcome that shows such sweet Christian virtue and love~ And I know it is your genuine character to be so : ) Thank you and bless you sis! ~Karen O

Linda said...

What a lovely post! Happy Birthday to you, dear Stephanie! Much love and hugs to you. :)

Little Birdie Blessings said...

Happy birthday dear Stephanie. I enjoy your obvious love for the Lord, your photography, and am a tad envious to the way you always seem to perfectly match fabrics together for your totes and other sewing projects. As your mother requested, my advice to you would be to appreciate the small things in life, especially when it comes to people. Possessions don't matter, people do. And . . . Strive for a stress free life by placing everything, no matter how small, in God's capable hands. Love Abby

Lady Linda said...

Debbie, how very sweet and how very YOU to come up with this way that we can shower our dear Stephanie with birthday wishes! I have been so blessed by Stephanie over the years I have known her. She has just become part of my life! Thank you Debbie for raising up such a beautiful and Godly young woman.
Stephanie...HAPPY BIRTHDAY to you! I just love you and look so forward to each and every post and comment you leave for me. I don't know how you do it. It has been so fun to watch your blog and your ministry grow. I remember my 30th birthday so well as my sweet GIna was born on my 30th birthday.It seems so long ago...enjoy each day, as they do slip by so quickly. God has blessed you with some delightful gifts and you use them well. I wish I lived close by, I would bring treat you to tea and we would talk for hours. Thank you for inspiring me and encouraging me. I have met so many lovely ladies through you! I love it.
So hugs to you and may God richly bless you today and everyday!
Love Linda Lou

The Mayo Family said...

Dear Stephanie~

Happy birthday!
We are SO BLESSED by knowing you and our lives have been enriched by your sweet, Godly countenance and friendship!
Your example to younger women is such a blessing and we are so thankful that God allowed us to "meet" through blogland! :)
We pray that the year ahead for you will be one of growing closer to God & family, love, joy, good health, happiness, and many wonderful memories made!
We love you!

"The Lord bless thee, and keep thee:
The Lord make his face shine upon thee, and be gracious unto thee:
The Lord lift up his countenance upon thee, and give thee peace."
Numbers 6:24-26

Birthday Blessings~
Lori Mayo & girls

Joyful said...

What a beautiful post in honour of your beautiful daughter. I think I actually "met" her through your blog dear Debbie and yet she is the one who got you started on blogging. HOw precious is that.

Stephanie is indeed a darling daughter which any mother would be proud to call her very own. You have raised her into a gracious and generous person with a very unique ministry. I pray she is able to continue in good health and with her unique ministry for many years to come so that others, new and old, may be blessed by her many talents. God bless you both!

Shoregirl said...

Happy birthday Stephanie! I've enjoyed your blog and the variety of things you share. Many blessings for the years ahead!

Anonymous said...

Dearest Stephanie ... The happiest of birthdays. :-) reaching 30 is a milestone. You will now embark on a new journey. Maturity will come a bit easier. Your walk with Our Lord will become a bit sweeter. I reached 50 years of age last September and the advice that I can lovingly share is to continue to hold on to Our Lord.
Sometimes life has a way of becoming fast and chaotic. Our commitments grow as we, as women, become more and more involved with church, school, our home keeping... And yes our quiet time with God may suffer ... But sweet friend make this your greatest priority. As we grow older, your need for Him will increase and the world will pull at you harder. My prayer for you is that this does not happen. Enjoy this new decade in your life. :-) May God's blessing be upon you ....

Kim said...

The happiest of birthdays to you, sweet Stephanie. Oh how you bless each one of our lives. Your kindness, graciousness, loveliness, humility, gorgeousness, cleverness..........makes the world a richer place. I have been blessed many, many times when visiting your lovely blog. So....have the most wonderful of days and loveliest of celebrations with your family! Oh, to be 30 again. =) you lovely Debbie, it is a delight to visit your gorgeous blog and be inspired each time with your pearls of wisdom....thank you!

hobbyloes said...

Happy Birthday Stephanie, 30 is such a beautiful age. I love your blogs, yours Debbie, and Stephanies blog too.
You are so blessed with your sweet daughter and her sweet blogs inspired many of us.
Wish you both many blessed years.

Castles Crowns and Cottages said...

Oh Debbie, MY GOODNESS this is lovely! First of all, anytime anyone has a birthday, the first thing I want to do is go to their MOTHER and tell the mom, "Happy BIRTHday" to you, who gave birth! So to you Debbie, happiest of celebrations to you! Stephanie is a wonderful friend.

Thank you so much for coming to visit my blog post. I am having fun capturing THE LIGHT in more ways than one.

Happy Sunday! Anita

Robyn said...

Debbie - this post is exactly one of the reasons you and Stephanie are two of my very favorite people. What a lovely tribute! You are a very special mom!

Happy Birthday, Stephanie,
We have been blogging friends for over 3 years now and I count myself so lucky to have gone beyond 'blogging buddies' but to a real friendship with you. Your kindness and thoughtfulness have always brightened my day whether they were directed to me or I was witnessing your actions to others.
The way in which you lead your life is inspiring and I admire your honest and open heart. Love your unique-ness, sweet lady! Hope it was the happiest of days for you. Lots of love to you.

Celestina Marie said...

Happy Birthday Dear Stephanie, wishing you a special year ahead continuing on the special journey God has blessed you to travel. You have brought joy to so many and blessed us with your spirit. Thank you for your friendship over the years. My life is better because of you.
Happy Birthday and may God bless you with good health, happiness and lots of love always.
Love you, xo

Dear Debbie, thank you for the wonderful party. I so enjoyed being here to celebrate sweet Stephanie's day. I know she is a blessing to have as your daughter and I am blessed to be friends with you both. You are a wonderful mother and raised such an amazing girl!!
Love you, xo

September Violets said...

Happy Birthday Stephanie! We have only been following each other for a short time, but in that time you have shown a real sense of friendship and love that comes across in the posts that you write and the emails and comments that you send my way. I have read many of your posts in my quiet times and enjoy learning so many new things! The wisdom you share is far beyond your years ... I don't think I could add to what you already know ;)

Debbie, this is such a wonderful idea to share some friendship with blogging friends and your sweet daughter :)

Wendy xox

Ginny said...

Dearest Stephanie, Your blog has brought me much joy when reading your beautiful words. What a wonderful age to be 30! There is so much still ahead for your in your journey of life! If so many of us who read your blog are filled with so much joy and peace, those who know you in person are very blessed. My wish for you is to remain happy, secure in your love for the Lord, and to be showered with many blessings and gifts on your special day! HAPPY BIRTHDAY!

Dear Debbie, Thank you for introducing me to your daughter's blog. Between the two of you, I cannot stop smiling because you both bring such joy to my life! Thank you also for this blog party! Celebrate!!

Weekend-Windup said...

Happy Birthday!!!

Many More Happy Returns of the Day...convey my wishes

CherylQuilts said...

Oh, dearest Debbie, it doesn't matter what day or how many posts (actually, I love the two posts because Stephanie is just that special!). But truly, she has been and continues to be such a dear and precious friend, and I love her dearly. She has continually shined the light of Christ in her life through her blogging (and also in helping you to blog a most beautiful blog as well), and the beauty she displays in her posts along with precious Scripture passages, wonderful hymns, and poems all are so beautiful and remind us just how much more beautiful heaven will be. So, dear Stephanie, I wish you a very happy birthday, and thank you for blessing My life in a real and tangible way! I LOVE YOU! xoxo Hugs!

Vicky Hunt said...

What a delightful post you shared with us Debbie. I enjoyed the blog party very much! Stephanie is blessed to have you for a mom. You are one of the sweetest, most gracious ladies I have had the privelege to meet here in blogland!

Stephanie...This comes a little late, but I want to wish you a very Happy Birthday. I hope it was as beautiful and blessed as you my friend. I enjoyed my twenties, but my thrities were even better and my forties have been the best so far. Life just keeps getting better the older I get and I pray yours does as well. Hugs to you dear friend!

Blessing to you both....Vicky

J said...

Happy Birthday, Stephanie! In this crazy world, your blogs (mom's too!) are a sweet touch of gentleness and a whisper from the lips of Our Lord. Thank you for the beauty you bring into our lives!

Daniela said...

Your wonderful Stephanie is a blessing for so many, with her faith, her love and her precious friendship, she has truly enriched my life, she's so very special ... I wonder what a joy it is to have her as a daughter, my darling Debbie, ... I love you both !!!

With so much gratitude I wish Stephanie a Most Blessed belated Birthday ever !


AnnMarie aka Vintage Junkie aka NaNa said...

What a wonderful party to be invited to! Thank you Debbie for honoring your sweet daughter so!
Happy Birthday Stephanie! The 30's are a wonderful time in your life and should be cherished. They say that it is when you become who you will be for the rest of your life. The 30's for me were a wonderful time of raising my children, living in and fixing up a wonderful farmhouse in the apple orchards, and it was when I came to know the Lord. You already have such a mature faith in God, and like your sweet Mom said, a wonderful ministry that touches many women. I can only imagine what you will accomplish over the next decade. I am thankful for finding your blog, getting to know you, and being in such a loving community of women that follow your blog. You are truly a blessing!

Jazzmin said...

Oh what an incredibly beautiful post for the beautiful person it was written for♥ Stephanie has been an indescribable blessing to all she touches with her kindness, heart of gold after God's own heart, and her always loving and giving spirit. She has been a great impact on my life since the day we "met" through the Enchanting Rose, and in so many ways- in my faith, my goals, and setting an example in so many ways. She is so beautiful inside and out and I know God looks down and smiles at how she lives for Him and inspires others to also. Her friendship is an amazing blessing.
Happy Birthday, dear Stephanie!! Wishing you the MOST BLESSED day (one day belated, I apologize!) and many wonderful years of serving God and living in joy for Him to come.

Debbie, I cannot tell you how much I enjoyed reading your delightful and beyond beautiful post. What a blessing to spend sweet, dear time with your wonderful Stephanie. You both seem so much alike and reflect each other's lovely, lovely qualities. Your wisdom and loving heart and your friendship too is a cherished blessing♥♥♥

Love and blessings!
Many hugs,

p.s. I'm off to catch up reading your last few posts I missed :) And may I say your blog keeps looking lovelier and lovelier, so beautiful! Hope you had a blessed Lord's day☺

Alex said...

I read all the comments so far ~ I hope you know, sweet Stephanie, how much you are loved and how much you have touched our hearts! It applies to me, too. Thank you for your sweet friendship.
As you know, I am on a blogging break for a while, but I have not forgotten you or your sweet Mamma! (What a lovely idea, to gather this page together.)

I think 30 onwards is a wonderful age, you are quietly confident in who you are, gained from experience, and that is very freeing.
Many blessings, my friend!

Hope said...

Darling Stephanie,

How precious you are! Everything you do reflects your love of Jesus. You are soft spoken and gentle-hearted. I love the way you reach out to every person who visits your blog. I see your smiling face on so many blogs and think about how kind you are to encourage other bloggers. You truly minister to hearts. I do not know of anyone more devoted to blog friends than you, sweet Stephanie. I am blessed to know you, if only through blogging.

Thank you for every word, thought, and prayer you have shared with me. I am sending you a great big hug! I truly love you!


domenica.60 said...

Dear Debbie , your post is like a sweet melody from the bottom of your heart:
a great gift for Stephanie!
Happy Birthday , Stephanie ... you are an "Enchanting Lady" !
Love and sweet blessings,

Sherry @ Thrift My House said...

This was beautifully written! Stephanie has been a blessing in my life and I appreciate and am very thankful for her. She has so much wisdom for 30 years... and I hope she had a wonderful birthday! You are a sweet Mom!

Karen said...

I am a first time visitor here, but I also want to wish you many birthday blessings, Stephanie. Thank you, Debby, for introducing me to your blog. I see from your profile that you and I have many things in common! I look forward to your posts.

living from glory to glory said...

Well, What can I say!! I missed the party as the spring days have kept me so very busy. But please allow me to send a belated Birthday wish to truly a lovely Godly woman. I have been honored to be in her circle of blogging friends. Stephanie has a gift to make each person feel like they are very special and the gift of sharing her talent of sewing treasures she shares with many!
She is an example of Biblical Womanhood!
May you, dear one have many more years to live and grow and share and bless others all the days of your life!
Happy Birthday!
A Big Hug... Roxy

SpicingUpIdaho said...

Dear Debbie... such a special tribute beyond words to your precious daughter, and how blessed you are to have such a precious daughter. The two of you grace "blogland" in such beautiful ways. It has been a joy to know the both of you.... you asked that we leave words for Stephanie...

Oh my dear Stephanie... please forgive me, as I missed out on this celebration of your birthday! Your 30th birthday! Oh I do remember reaching that milestone just a few years ago.. the years tend to pass by so very quickly! But something funny to share with you... my sister and you have exactly the same birthday! She is just a few of years older than you, she will be hitting 40 in a couple of years, but, so funny about that! In fact, while I was in Texas, we celebrated her birthday together with some special girl time... well that is just so amazing. Such a sweet precious friend you are, and I pray that your birthday was special in every way possible!

Much love to you both!

Wenni Donna said...

Very heart touching post! Gratitude for sharing intimate post! I am going to celebrate my daughter’s birthday at one of her favorite venues in Los Angeles and it will be a surprise party to her. Very excited to see her cute expressions when he get to know about this party.

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