Wednesday, May 6, 2015

prayer ~ Up Date

"Don't worry about tomorrow
God is already there"


I was at Hobby Lobby picking up those
cute little jewelry zip lock baggies so we could
carry extra medications with us for my dad.
I saw this on a plaque and felt like
it was God reassuring me that tomorrow
and the days ahead are all taken care of.
"Fret not thyself Debbie"
was the verse that entered my mind.
We've been in God's waiting room
and wondering each day
what tomorrow will bring.

Toby our cat & Lakota our rabbit
Our two precious pets
I thought you would like to meet
A bit of my family.
Looks like my dear hubby is taking very good
care of them while I'm away.
He surprised me with this photo.


"Wait on the Lord; be of good courage,
and he shall strengthen thine heart.
Wait I say on the Lord."
(Psalm 27:14)


The Lord is good, all the time and in all things!
We finally heard from the heart specialist
and dad's surgery has been scheduled for
Tuesday the 12th at 8:30 am.
Our hearts are relieved.
We have a week in waiting
and I would ask that you pray for strength
for dad as he's quite weak
and feels sick pretty much all the time.
I covet your prayers!
I want to say thank you for your
genuine love and concern for my dad
and the rest of my family.
Your love reflects Christ in you.
God bless you.


Isn't it wonderful to know
that God is already ahead of us
in every area and aspect of our lives?
We can have peace in our hearts
while waiting on the Lord,
and we can trust Him completely
with every detail of our lives.
Each day I am standing on the
promises of His Word,
and life is good!


Dear Precious Heavenly Father,
thank you for looking after
our lives and all that comes our way.
Cause us to praise You
in everything.

~ Debbie ~


FlowerLady Lorraine said...

Thank you for the update dear Debbie.

Your sweet pets are cute. They are resting in God's tender care.

Great verses for encouraging us all.

Love, hugs and prayers for you and your family at this time.


Kimberly~Nutbrown Cottage said...

Debbie, y'all are continually in my prayers! Thanks for the update! I was reading Psalm 34 this morning and kept thinking of you and your father. The Lord is with you and will keep you throughout this difficult time. The Lord will uphold you. Be of good courage, dear Debbie!

Christine said...

So pleased to hear things are progressing well and will continue to pray.
Remember " underneath are the everlasting arms" you are safe in Gods hands

Cranberry Morning said...

Posting for your father and your whole family, Debbie. Isn't it a comfort to know that God is a very present help in trouble... and always with us.

CelestinaMarie@SouthernDayDreams said...

Hi Debbie, so glad you get an update on your father. Prayers continue as he approaches the day of surgery.
Rest assured God has all in his control and will be by your side through it all.
Lovely pic of your little sweeties.
Sending you hugs and love my friend.

Debby Ray said...

Thank you for the update, Debbie. I do love that verse! It is really hard not to worry sometimes isn't it? Little by little I am getting better in this area but God made us and I think He understand why we do. He also wants us to learn to trust that He is control...and that is all about us growing in Him. We can do nothing on our own, can we? What precious fur babies...the photo of the bunny and the kitty all snuggled together just melted my heart! Will continue to pray for you and yours, my friend!

AnnMarie aka Vintage Junkie aka NaNa said...

Holding you all in prayer for the coming week....

Anonymous said...

It is always so precious to know that He knows the outcome of everything that is happening and still yet to happen. That is such a comfort for all of us that Love Him. My prayers continue to be with you and your family Debbie. Fret not my friend, Our Lord is with you :0) mari

CherylQuilts said...

Oh, Debbie, thanks for the update. How adorable your little Toby and Lakota are together...precious! And so glad hubby is caring for them while you are away. Continuing to pray as you remain in God's waiting room and praying for dad's heart to be healed and for your hearts to be strengthened...through it all! Hugs, precious friend, and may God bless you all!

SpicingUpIdaho said...

Isn't it wonderful how the Lord uses little things throughout our day to reassure us - like seeing the wonderful quote at Hobby Lobby. The Lord just looks after and guides our every footstep, and that in itself is reassuring. I know the Lord is watching out for you all during this most difficult time of waiting. I pray the time spent waiting turns into some very precious memories for you and your parents. Continuing to pray for you all :)

PS: Absolutely adorable picture of your pets!!!!

Linda said...

Dearest Debbie,

Thank you so much for this update...and such a lovely and inspiring post. Toby and Lakota are precious!!! :)

Beatrice Euphemie said...

Dearest Debbie, so glad to get an update - I have been thinking of you and your family, and sending prayers for your dear Dad. Also sending prayers that you are surrounded with love and courage as you travel this difficult road. Love that sweet photo of your two precious pets. Take good care of yourself. Hugs xo Karen

hobbyloes said...

Hello Debbie, your two pets are so adorable.
How sad that your father is so sick and weak, waiting for surgery.
I will pray for your dad and your family.
Hugs, Loes

Cranberry Morning said...

Debbie, I am praying for them, not posting for them. Sigh.

Melanie said...

Prayers going up for your dad and for you. I watched Anne of Green Gables over the weekend and now I know where I've heard your blog music before!

Sola Scriptura said...

What a lovely photo of your sweet pets. I'm praying for your dad!

Sandi said...

Praying for you, Debbie, for strength. And for your Dad.

God bless you!

J said...

Prayers continue for your dear father. I know his best source of comfort - besides the Lord - is your presence. The first quote is so reassuring. I am going to adapt it as my favorite!
May the 12th bring the healing needed!

Anonymous said...

Thank you for the update and yes, I will be praying. Love to you all.

Kim said...

'Tis a wonderful thing to feel our Heavenly Father's arms wrapped around us at all times. Sending prayers all the way over there for you all...thank you for the update. Your furry friends are so, so sweet!

Jeanna said...

Praying for strength for your Dad and all of you. Praying God gives him some relief from the sickness and guides the physicians who are caring for him.

I will keep you all in my prayers and will be thinking of you on the 12th.

Vicky Hunt said...

Will be keeping your dad and family in my prayers. I'm sure he is quite ready for the surgery since it will help him feel stronger and better. Your kitty and bunny are adorable. Does the bunny live in the house? He is so sweet cuddled up to the kitty. Precious...:) Stay strong Debbie.

Love and Hugs,


doodles n daydreams said...

Praying for your father, look after yourself as well.


Castles Crowns and Cottages said...

We are safely protected and held up by His grace. He bookends our lives, never letting us fall without the intention of teaching us something about the value of life, HIS GIFT to us. What would we do without Him?

kitty@ Kitty's Kozy Kitchen said...

Thank you for the update on your dear Dad, my friend. Trusting in the Lord is what we do. My prayers will continue for all of you. Love and hugs sent to you.

Sylvia said...

Thanks for updating us on your father, praying for him and you Debbie.
Your kitty and rabbit are so cute together.

living from glory to glory said...

Hello Dear, Yes He has gone before us in all things. So sorry it always is so hard in so many ways. But we know we have His strength and peace in the midst of all of it!
Thanks for the update!
Happy Mothers Day...
I love your new photo you look so young and alive!
Hugs, Roxy

Kelly-Anne said...

...Cause us to praise You in everything... I love that!
Dearest Debbie, your faith and trust in Christ is so beautiful and a great encouragement to me... Even though your precious family are walking through the valley of the shadow, you are choosing to trust in Jesus and what He wants for you...
I know your dad must be in terrible pain and it can't be easy watching him suffer, but may the Lord strengthen your heart as you comfort and pray for him!
Thank you for keeping us updated and we will continue to pray!
Blessings to you and have a special Mother's Day!
Lots of love and hugs,

Robyn said...

Hi Debbie,
Your two little pets are so cute! Your positive attitude is always an inspiration and I will continue to keep your father in my prayers.
Happy Mother's Day to you, sweet friend. xoox

Anonymous said...

Debbie, I will keep your father in my prayers. And you too. Try to rest and make sure you eat while you wait.

Mrs. Smith said...

Dear Debbie,

I will be praying for your father, and you and Stephanie as well. I love how the Lord spoke to your heart with the plaque. Take care. Thinking of you.

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