Monday, April 9, 2018

Hello and Welcome Spring!

Can it be!
Is it me?
Did I say...Welcome Spring?
Yes, this is Spring in the Rocky Mountains.
Hello Dear friends and faithful followers and a BIG hello to those of you
whom have followed me while I was off line ~ Thank You!
As of April 2 it has been 9 months since mom's heart attack
and life changing events for her and her family.
I'm here to tell you that mom is doing amazingly well!
As of March, she is now back in her own home enjoying her independence 
with a little bit of private care, which gives us, her family, peace of mind.
God certainly had His hand upon her and brought her through a lot
and He's not finished with her yet.
"For we are His workmanship,
created in Christ Jesus unto good works,
which God hath before ordained that we should walk in them."
*Ephesians 2:10*
"And let us not grow weary in well doing; for in due season
we shall reap, if we faint not."
*Galatians 6:9*
This verse in Galatians speaks to us about sowing the seed (the Word of God)
and leaving the harvest up to God.
While in the hospital, rehab center, waiting rooms and the like, 
there were multiple opportunities for sharing Christ and His amazing grace.
No matter what the circumstances may be that we are facing,
there is always opportunity for us to sow seeds in the lives around us.
I love to sing His praises of the great things He has done, 
and great things He has certainly done!
Over these past 9 months God has gently shown me that
through every circumstance we were going through with mom
I could enjoy the waiting game with a positive, joyful outlook.
It's so easy for us to become inpatient wanting things to happen RIGHT NOW!
But God's perfect work takes time and requires us to remain patient
and look to the provision of our Heavenly Father.
God was not only working on His masterpiece (mom),
but He was also working on each individual life within her family
and He is still working through His perfect timetable.
God was, and continues, to work with care and love
creating something beautiful out of our lives.
Friends, may we not grow weary or become impatient with God
as He ever so gently molds us into His likeness,
through each and every circumstance we individually face.
We can go through each day knowing our God is Good
and He knows exactly what He is doing.
And for that, we can be THANKFUL!
The photo's I have shared seem gloomy, but in the gloom there is beauty. 
Find the beauty in your every day circumstances
and sing forth His joy.

"My heart is fixed oh God, my heart is fixed,
I will sing and give praise."
*Psalm 57:7*

~ Debbie ~


M.K. said...

Hello, Debbie! Welcome back :) I'm so glad your mom is doing well, is happy, and that you have some time to rest and be at home too. You've done hard work (good and rewarding too). How important it is for us to learn that God's work in our lives (it often feels like suffering, and is) is long, patient work. May he bless you with peace as you continue to serve.

Pom Pom said...

Hi Debbie! Yay! It's nice to see you back! I'm so happy that your mama is doing so well.
Wow. Snow. You're right. It IS beautiful! God bless your day, friend!

Sylvia said...

So happy that your Mother is doing well and enjoying her home again. I know you are concerned living so far away from her, but we know God is faithful and will be with her. Good to hear from you, have a wonderful week, my friend.

Sylvia said...

So happy that your Mother is doing well and enjoying her home again. I know you are concerned living so far away from her, but we know God is faithful and will be with her. Good to hear from you, have a wonderful week, my friend.

kitty@ Kitty's Kozy Kitchen said...

Oh my friend, it is so wonderful to read a post from you again! Thank you for your update on your mom and your wisdom of trusting Our Heavenly Father in HIS plans for us. Have a wonderful week, Debbie! Love and hugs are sent to you.

Roosterhead Designs said...

Hello Debbie~
So glad to see your post; and such praises!
Giving all of these things, including the glory -to God!
Bless you. and enjoy - - Spring? : ) I used to think it
was only CO where March and April could be the snowiest
months; but it's been in MT too : ) Hugs, karen o

Debby Ray said...

I was so excited to see this post from you, dear Debbie! What a blessing to hear how the Lord has touched your sweet mom and her health issues and even saw fit to find just the right person to stay with her! There just aren't enough words to describe how good our God is, is there? Like you, I also see the beauty in the dark, snowy photos. It is in those dark times in our lives when He does His best work, holding us all together when it seems like everything is falling apart. A beautiful post...and yes, welcome back! Much love & hugs to you!

Joyful said...

Welcome back, dear Debbie! God has been good. Happy Spring. I too like to look for the beauty each day. Some days it may be harder to find but it is there :-) God bless you and your dear mom.

Rose L said...

so beautifully written!

Debbie Nolan said...

Dear Debbie - so glad to read your mom is doing well. I too have had to walk the road of God's special timing with my mom. It is so difficult to remain patient but your post continues to reinforce this wonderful fruit of the Spirit. Have a blessed day - so glad you are back.

hobbyloes said...

So happy that your dear mother is doing so well, thank God for that.
Read your post with pleasure.

Teri said...

Dear Debbie ... such a lovely posting. It is so nice to see you sharing here again. Such a blessing that your mother is doing so very well. We all have those opportunities to share God's Word or 'sow the seed' and let God do the rest. I hope that you enjoy a warm and cosy evening. Homespun Hugs ♥ Teri

FlowerLady Lorraine said...

Dear Debbie ~ What wonderful news about your mother. I know it is a great relief for you and your family that she is doing better and living in her own home.

God's continued blessings on you ~ Love, hugs & prayers ~ FlowerLady

Ruth Hiebert said...

It is good to see you back in Blogland. When I look at the pictures you shared,I see amazing beauty, not gloom. Praise God for His working in your Mom's life and in each of the family.

AnnMarie aka Vintage Junkie aka NaNa said...

So wonderful to see you back blogging and back home! Yes, it is snowing in the Spring but there is no place like home. How happy your Mom must be to be home also and doing so well. God is good.

Lea said...

Awe, Debbie, so good to have you back in blogland and what an inspirational post. I'm so glad your Mom is doing so well and pray that she will continue to do well. Blessings abundant Debbie!!!!

Margie said...

I'm so glad to hear that your mom is doing well! Is it common to have snow in Colorado in the spring? We've had some flurries here and there, but nothing has stuck. Phew!

Regina said...

Welcome back and hearing your mom is doing well warms my heart.

Cheryl said...

Oh, how wonderful to see a blog post from you! I am so thankful your dear Mom is doing so well. I continue to pray for her and for you faithfully and trust God to bless you both! I don't think your pictures are gloomy at all...I LOVE winter, and it makes me sad when it leaves. There is just something so comforting about the stillness of winter. It is so peaceful and serene and quiet. So nice to visit with you tonight, sweet friend. :)

Pamela M. Steiner said...

Welcome back...and praise the Lord that your mother is doing so well! What an answer to many prayers! Isn't it amazing how God works in even the most difficult of experiences and places? He is there in the midst...comforting, encouraging, and showing forth His great love for all around. He uses us, His children to be there for others who may be feeling lost and confused and heart broken...what a beautiful picture of God's church in action. Thank you for sharing this with us. Praying you will be able to relax a bit and get ready for spring!

Sandra said...

How wonderful your mom is doing better and is able to go home again. God is good!

Zaa said...

Dear Debbie ... It is good to hear that your mother is doing well ..Spring is just around the corner ... as we strive be positive and count our blessings. Sending healing prayers your way...Hugs

Alessandra said...

I'm very glad Your mother is doing well. Welcome back, dear friend

Marilyn @ MountainTopSpice said...

Oh dear sweet Debbie, how wonderful it was to see a post from you! It is hard to believe it has been nine months since your precious mother had her heart attack, and what a journey it has been for her, but so thankful that she is back and living independently again, what an incredible blessing that is! Truly our Lord is so very gracious and kind! I know that the Word of God went forth to every person who came in contact with you and your precious family, and truly seeds have been sown in hearts along the way and the Lord will bless your efforts to glorify Him. So thankful to see a post from you, and hoping that your life settles down for you. We are having a strange cold winter here as well, and certainly see that around most of the country. Winter is just putting up a good fight this year. I think the pictures you took are beautiful though, I do love snow. But I must confess I am ready for spring too :) Hugs to you today sweet friend!

Debbie said...

What a lovely, uplifting post. Nice to hear your mom is doing so well.
Thank you for stopping by Lakehouse. I appreciate your kind comment.

Ang Specht said...

Welcome back! (A little late...I'm always late to the party, lol.) Your pictures look a lot like mine, and I'm not a fan, ha, ha. Come on, warmer weather!! I'm so glad to read about your mom. That is great news! Praise God!

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