Tuesday, October 24, 2017

From a Fall to Brain Surgery ~ Mom

The morning was cool and crisp with our gorgeous Colorado blue skies
as I headed down the road early Saturday morning making my way with Donatella
to see mom at the Rehab Center when I received the call
from the nurse stating that mom had fallen, or slipped, off the side of her bed
as she was getting up to brush her teeth.
Again, mom's legs became like jelly giving out on her,
down she went hitting the side of her face leaving her with quite a shinier.
An hour after the fall and after monitoring her, an ambulance was called 
with concern that she had a concussion, when in-fact, she had bleeding on the brain.
Once again, mom was taken "flight for life" to a hospital two hours away
where there was a Neuro surgeon on staff.
Mom had a very large bleed that was pressing on her brain
and there was concern that she would hemorrhage and die.
With mom's heart condition she is taking two blood thinners
and bleed out is always a concern, so it was important for the doctors 
in making sure her platelets were where they should be 
in order to perform brain surgery.
After a blood transfusion and some testing mom was given the green light
and brain surgery took place Sunday morning.
All went well and the surgeon accomplished all that he had hoped for.


Once again, God's abundant love, grace and mercy
was evident in this whole situation.
As I look back at this past weekend that came and went so very quickly
I stand amazed, once again, at the Greatness of our God.
A simple fall that turned into brain surgery.
It almost seems unreal to me.
It is very evident that God has His loving arms wrapped around mom.
Her face hurts me just to look at it, yet, she has not complained once of any pain.
How can that be? Only GOD!
Mom is alert, answers questions perfectly and is in good spirits,
though she is extremely tired.
I am a firm believer that rest is the best healer,
and God is making sure that she sleeps so her body can heal.
As a family, we have many decisions that must be made on mom's behalf,
we have little bridges to cross, one at a time, as God leads the way.


While I sat in mom's hospital room Saturday night I could hear helicopters 
coming and going and one of the nurses said that the ER was full with trauma patients.
On Sunday during mom's surgery two of my sister's and I sat 
in the ICU waiting room with two other groups who
were waiting for a loved one who was also undergoing surgery.
It was evident that their loved one was in critical condition.
Thoughts ran through my mind wondering if they had the Hope and Promise
of an Eternal home in heaven through Jesus Christ?
When we have that Hope, we have a peace that passes all understanding 
and difficult times don't seem so difficult.
During these times we can be of good courage knowing God will strengthen our heart.
"Be of good courage, and he shall strengthen your heart,
all he that hope in the Lord."
~ PSALM 31:24 ~   
"Blessed is the man that trusteth in the Lord,
and whose hope the Lord is."
~ Jeremiah 17:7 ~

Prayers matter ~ thank you, once again, for yours!

Glory to God!
~ Debbie ~


Simply Linda said...

{{{Debbie}}}} Keeping all of you in prayer.

Elizabethd said...

Me too, dear Debbie.

Sue said...

Many thoughts and prayers for all matters concerning your family, Debbie. There are not enough words to relay to you how this post has touched the deepest part of my heart, I am so thankful for an all knowing, loving, and caring heavenly Father, and that nothing ever passes by Him.
Much love to you,

Daniela said...

Sending blessings and prayers to you all, dearest Debbie !

I'm always thinking of you with so much love

XOXO Daniela

Regina said...

I love how our heavenly Father is keeping an eye on His precious daughter and kept her having bleeding in the brain. Your mom has a permanent spot on my prayer wall.

hobbyloes said...

What should your dear mum endured, so much trouble, but fortunately it is going pretty well with her.
Thinking of you and your mother.

Anonymous said...

Praying for your mom and family

Anonymous said...

Oh dearest Debbie...what can one say after reading your post. Of course our prayers will be non-stop...but it is her testimony and yours and your family that stands out for me.

When we trust fully in OUR GOD...amazing things happen even when those circumstances are so dire and overwhelming! But HE is faithful! ALWAYS!

Oh dear lady... Our God is with you and yours. Your mom, strength in THE LORD is what she is demonstrating! What an awesome testimony!

In HIS Love ...


Lauren @ My Wonderfully Made said...

Debbie I'm just getting caught up on emails and blogging -- I can't believe this! What a traumatic event! I'm so glad she pulled through and is doing well. She must be made of steel with all she's been through. And yes, you do wonder how people go through these trials of life without the Lord. Keeping you all in my prayers for recovery and strength and a BREAK from all of these crises.

Pam~ Virginia Retro said...

Debbie, I am praying for your Mom and whole family. These circumstances are so difficult. Glad to read that surgery went well. Just a note...when my Mom was in a facility she also fell trying to get out of bed. A guardrail was installed on the bed so she couldn't try getting up on her own again.

Hugs, Pam

FlowerLady Lorraine said...

Dear Debbie ~ More love, hugs and prayers for you and your sweet Mom. So glad you all know Jesus and are in His tender care.

Love ~ FlowerLady

Debby Ray said...

Oh dear Debbie...my, but what a couple of rough days your family has experienced. But you know, as soon as I say that, I also say that going through anything like this without having our Lord to get us through would be unbearable! How do those who do not have the Lord to lean on get through these scary situations? I am SO thrilled to hear that she is has come through this surgery and is doing so well! She is SO resilient! Praising God with you and will be lifting her up in prayer for her complete recovery! Much love to you!

Cheryl said...

Praying for you and your Mom and trusting God for good results, Debbie. May He hold you extra close.

kitty@ Kitty's Kozy Kitchen said...

Oh my, dear Debbie, I was saddened to hear of this recent fall and then brain surgery for your mom. She has been through so much, and you, too, my friend. Your mom keeps pulling through from the grace of God. Prayers will continue for all of you. Love and blessings are sent to you.

Kim said...

Oh my goodness, the things that eventuate in a matter of hours. Praying that you and your mum and your family are comforted by those wonderful arms of God at this concerning time, Debbie. How wonderful your mum is alert after such major surgery and is resting well. My thoughts are with you as you and your sisters make important decisions re the care of your lovely mum. Take care, lovely lady. Xx

Christine said...

How blessed indeed, to know in good times & hard times, that "underneath & round about" are His everlasting arms!
God bless in a special way during these days but we do give thanks for your mom's progress so far.

Kelly @ Homespuns 'n Hayfields said...

Hi Debbie, I'm so sorry to hear about your mom. Stephanie let me know yesterday. She's in God's hands and she's a fighter. Thinking and praying for her.

Carol Slater said...

Your mom has certainly been in Jesus's hands these past few months. I pray for you and her daily.

Ruth Hiebert said...

I can't imagine going through the stuff of life without Jesus at my side and in me. Praise God your Mom is on the road to recovery again.Through it all we can confidently say that God is so good,He's so good to you and me.

Sylvia said...

Praying for your dear Mother, Debbie. God is faithful to care for His own.
I will be remembering you in prayer also.

Linda Walker said...

Oh my goodness Debbie, your mom has been through so much and now this....prayers and lots of positive thoughts for you all. Her ability to recover from all of these setbacks is truly amazing, if not a miracle. Sending my love, xxx

NanaNor's said...

Dearest Debbie, what a difficult time this has been for you as well as your mom and family-Only God can carry us through these trials. So very thankful you mom made it through the surgery and is cognitively there; it is so hard as parents age and decisions need to be made. Again, only His grace can carry us and lead us. What a testimony. Lifting your mom up right now, asking for healing and peace for you.
Hugs and prayers.

Lea said...

Oh, Debbie, this hurts my heart for you. Yes, we do know who holds tomorrow and we know that HE goes before us and gives us just what we need as we need it. May He enfold you in His loving arms during this most difficult time. Hugs to you!

Row. said...

Prayers for your momma

M.K. said...

God gives to His beloved ones SLEEP, and you are right that sleep is the best healer. May He help your mom to rest and recover. What an amazing, strong woman she is! And what a tough time you all have had. You are such a support! May God keep his hand around you all.

Mummybear said...

I'm glad your mother is doing well. Were you able to witness to the other people in the waiting room? What a great opportunity to point them to Christ! I'm so glad you were concerned about what hope they had and could witness to them. That is such an encouragement!

Celestina Marie said...

Dearest Debbie,Keeping your mother in constant prayers as she heals and regains her strength.. She is in God's loving hands and I know HE will see her to better days. Thinking of you and sending big hugs your way.
Prayers and love always. xo

Deborah Montgomery said...

Oh Debbie, your mom has been through so much! And you too. Who would have thought a fall could result in her being air lifted and having brain surgery. What a trooper she is. Yes, we pray for others and hope that they have the Lord to lean on as well, knowing what a blessing it is to us, especially during these times. Blessings to you, dear friend, and I will pray for rest and healing for your mom. xo Deborah

Marilyn @ MountainTopSpice said...

One never knows what news a phone call or text will bring! Oh dear Debbie, such difficult news to come while you are driving, and yet, I'm so thankful that the GREAT PHYSICIAN was there by your side through it all! It reminds me so very much of my dear mother-in-love's difficulties this past year, and how so many times she was so very close to death, and yet the Lord continued to be her healer and we have her with us still! And she is stable now, doing wonderful! How mighty is our God! So thankful your Mom has had no pain! And thankful for the comfort He gave you and your sisters in the waiting room! Praying the peace of the Lord continues to give you and your family wisdom in how to best care for your Mom in the days ahead! Each little bridge I am praying the Lord prepares the way before you. Keeping you and your precious family in our prayers!!!!!

Rose L said...

Thank God your mother is all okay now and she was well taken care of!

Dianna said...

Dear Debbie,
As I was reading down through your post about your precious mother I could relate so well to the things she was going through as well as what you and your sisters were experiencing. My own mother had a fall which resulted in a brain bleed. She was not on blood thinners at the time which the doctor said more than likely saved her life. She did not require surgery though. She was transferred to a rehab facility after 10 days. The slipping out of bed...the unstable legs are all so familiar as my brother would receive calls from the nursing staff at the rehab facility. An appointment with neurology later showed that all of the blood from the bleed had been reabsorbed into the body. We know that was direct answer to prayer because at the age of 88 that seldom ever happens. She had another couple of trips to the hospital after that. She now rests free from pain of any kind in those everlasting arms of our precious Lord. October 9 was her Homegoing date and we praise the Lord that she no longer suffers and have that peace that passes all understanding deep within our spirit. I am so thankful that once again the Lord has taken care of your sweet mama. Please know that she (and your sisters) are in my prayers. Hugs

Ginny said...

Oh Debbie, I am so sorry that I have not been visiting my blogger friends. I was shocked to read about your mother and the accident she had. Please be assured of my prayer for both her and your family. It is so difficult, I know. My brother in law just had a fall in his nursing facility and broke his hip. We went to visit him and was shocked how frail he looked. My husband is distraught over this as his brother is the last sibling he has.
We have been so busy with our grand kids lately. They no longer need our child care, but they do need us to transport to and from school, soccer, and ballet lessons.
I hurt my kneed also kneeling down to clean. You would think I would learn not to do that anymore, but no, I did it and now I am suffering for it.
I may have to visit my orthopedic doc soon to find out what damage I did.
Well, it is finally getting cold here and we expect snow flurries by Sunday. We had such a beautiful October. It was warm and sunny most of the month. Then, overnight, it got cold. Oh well, I guess it is time.
Well debbie, your mom has been through so much! I guess our Lord is not done with her yet! We all can learn from her courage and patience. take care, love Ginny

Alessandra said...

Sending prayers to all of You
Hugs Alessandra

Traditional Simplicity said...

Hello Debbie~ I was reading through your post and was grateful to read your mom is recovering. I'll be praying for you and your family.
Wishing you peace,
PS you have a lovely blog!

Sam Newton said...

Dear Debbie, I just saw what your precious Stephanie wrote... if she would send me an address, I would mail out a prayer shawl to your dear mom immediately. Stephanie has my email address as I do her Tea Cup Exchanges. In the meantime, sending prayers to you all as we know they work.

Ida said...

Sending healing prayers for your mom and prayers to your family as well for peace and rest as I know this has to be stressful.

A Joyful Chaos said...

Prayers for your Mama, and for you too. It can be hard standing on the sidelines seeing those you love, hurt.


dc said...

Hi Debbie, sorry to hear about your mom. Age is a 'very humbling' thing, isn't it. And it shows us things we'd rather not know, or at least that's what I think about it. :) At least your mom is in good care and you have 'freedom' somewhat, for living your life (as much as you can). May we each receive God's Way to be ours, more each moment, by His Spirit indwelling in us and the nagging 'sin nature' be reckoned dead ~ with duck tape on its mouth :) no 'ghostly talk to derail us!'
Romans 6:11 Likewise reckon ye also yourselves to be dead indeed unto sin, but alive unto God through Jesus Christ our Lord.

Teri said...

Dear Debbie

Oh my goodness, I was so sorry to hear about your mom, her fall and her surgery. Only God can carry us through these difficult times. My prayers will continue for all of you. Love & Hugs ♥ Teri

Celestina Marie said...

Dear Debbie, so happy and thankful to read this post and know your mother is doing so well. What a blessing and gift from God. I’m also happy you had a nice place to stay and rest while being at the hospital. It truly helps while going back and forth each day.
My prayers continue and sending love your way. Hugs, xo

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