Saturday, August 19, 2017

~ My Peace I Give Unto You ~

 Last week my husband and I took our motor home to a nearby lake
to enjoy some rest and one-on-one time with each other.
When we arrived at the State Park, the host informed us 
that there was no cell service, at least not with AT&T 
and wouldn't you know it, that is our provider.
In an instant my heart sank!
Mom? What about mom?
How was I to be contacted should anything happen with mom?
Quickly following my short lived panic attack, I was reminded of John 14:27
 "Peace I leave with you, my peace I give unto you:
not as the world giveth, give I unto you.
Let not your heart be troubled,
neither let it be afraid."
The world cannot bring peace, true peace comes from God.
"And the peace of God which passeth all understanding
shall keep your hearts and minds through Christ Jesus."
Philippians 4:7
God's  peace is different from the world's peace,
it is not found in positive thinking, in absence of  difficulties
or in good feelings. Real peace comes from knowing
that because God is in control, our citizenship
in Christ's Kingdom is sure, and we can be sure of His concern over us.
I know that I can trust in the God of peace no matter what
and I can rest in that trust.
What is trust if you cannot rest in it?
When we left for our mini vacation we knew that mom was being well looked after
in the Rehab Center and we had no need of worry.
With Christ, I have no need to worry, for I have that confident assurance
that in any circumstance God is in control.
"My Peace I give unto you" what a promise we can claim for our every day lives!


After quietly talking with the Lord and thinking on Philippians 4:7 
there was such a comforting peace that passed over me,
a peace that really does pass all understanding.
I was able to rest in the Lord with perfect confidence knowing that
as I was away enjoying time well spent with my dear husband,
mom was in God's wonderful care.
Cell service or no service, all was well with my soul.


 Our mini vacation consisted of 
*Floating on the lake in our rubber raft*
 *Bike rides*    

*Four Wheeling*

*Walks ~ Campfires*

 * a surprise delivery for my husbands birthday *
German chocolate cake (oh yea😍)  and precious God and I time.

While we were at the top of the mountain the view was amazing!
You could see for miles and miles across the valley
and God provided the greatest tripod for my husband to take his photos with.
 God knew last week was the perfect time for a Get-Away,
because after arriving home mom was released the very next day from Rehab.
This week has been fast paced on my toes, full days
of care-giving and getting all things in order with mom.
We have established a great routine in one week, praise the Lord!
Mom will receive in home therapy starting next week, 
but I have had the pleasure of assisting her this week.
Mom is still very weak and tired, that is to be expected, though I have seen
improvement each and every day and that is encouraging.


Once again, my dear, sweet and faithful friends, thank you
for your much love, care, concern and prayers during this season of our lives.
There is great joy in my heart as I rejoice and sing praises unto my God.
Life is beautiful in all and everything that God allows in our days,
and I am reminded that God makes no mistakes.


"This is the day which the Lord hath made;
we will rejoice and be glad in it" 

Rejoice in Him!
~ Debbie ~ 


Anonymous said...

Oh Debbie, isn't it wonderful that we have a Heavenly Father that will give us PEACE midst the circumstance!

You trusted in HIM and in turn He took care of your mom while you and hubby were resting and recharging your batteries :D

Praising our Lord for your mom's recovery...slow and steady!

As always, beautiful words and a beautiful post :0)

lots of hugs to you dear lady....


Lauren @ My Wonderfully Made said...

WOWOWOWOW! What a beautiful spot to get refreshed! Cell service or not . . it IS well with my soul -- what a great statement!! I LOVE that 'tripod' -- how amazing is that?! I think you definitely deserved and needed that rest and I'm so glad to hear that your mom is home and doing so well!!

FlowerLady Lorraine said...

God well provided a peaceful time and place for you and your dear husband.

Glad you are doing well setting up new routines for taking care of your sweet Mom.

God's continued blessings on all of you.


Celestina Marie said...

Hi Debbie, So happy to read your mother is doing well and improving little by little. Praise God for his care and comfort. I understand exactly how you felt when thinking you were out of touch then remembering God has all in his control.
I experienced this very thing when my mother was ill and I was away. The worry could have been overwhelming but with pray and faith I was blessed with inner peace knowing I did not have to worry but give everything and all concern to HIM.
So glad you enjoyed a beautiful time away to relax in the beauty of God's creation and time with your hubby. Your photos are great and how sweet the surprise birthday treat for your hubby. Happy Birthday to him.

Take good care as you care for your mother and get her new routines in place.
Prayers for you my friend and for your mother as she improves each day.
God Bless. xoxo

AnnMarie aka Vintage Junkie aka NaNa said...

What a wonderful happy post! So glad you had time to rest before caretaking your Mom. So glad to hear she is improving.

Pom Pom said...

Hi Debbie! Your getaway looks gorgeous! How fun! I'm glad you had peace. He is to be counted on completely, isn't He? Yay!

Anne Payne said...

Sweet Debbie, I'm so glad y'all got away for a little needed breather. Rest and reflection is always a good thing. Love your willingness to trust in the Lord and depend on Him even without your cell phone. Isn't it funny how we think something so tangible as a cellphone will make a difference in the long run? Its challenging in this day to let go of our conveniences and hang on to Jesus only, but you did it! Thanks for sharing your thoughts. You've encouraged me greatly. I love you and hope to chat soon, {{hugs}}

Regina said...

That looks like so much Debbie and the photos are beautiful! I'm glad the Lord gave you that special gift of peace. He loves us so very much!

Joyful said...

Wonderful praise report! You look like you had a wonderful time enjoying the beautiful creation of God. Now you are in a good position to help your mom. She has wonderful support. xx

Marilyn Mathis said...

Isn't it just like God to work everything out for us - if we let Him! So glad you had a great time. I am sure you needed the rest and time away and didn't it all work out for timing? So happy that your mom is doing so well. Lovely pictures. They make me want to come along. God bless you and the sweet things you do for Him.

Lea said...

So happy you had some R & R time and that all went well with your Mom while you were away. It is really hard to be detached (without our cell phones) but there was life before them and we can live without them. :o)) Hope your Mom continues to recover!

Annesphamily said...

Hi Debbie, good to see you here. I keep wanting to visit and life gets in the way.
My sister Mary is in rehab. She had a blood clot. Would you please pray for her? She does not like rehab as her room is tiny and her roommate is an older lady who can not speak. My sis was in the hospital two weeks. She is so depressed. I have asked my encouragement group to please send cards. She is in Pueblo, but I have one car here and drive the hubby back and forth to his bus plus watch my lil great grandboy two days a week. I really want to get home to see my sister.
Your verses were perfect at your time of worry.
I was being silly today. While people are rushing to watch the eclipse I went about my day. I said to the Lord, you provide me with something marvelous every single time I look around our world. So I do not get caught up in all the hype.
My sweet hubby has a beautiful view of downtown Denver from the 26th floor. He said people were everywhere on rooftops and he was praying no one would fall off!
I am so happy I stopped by. I am glad your mom was released. It is so hard watching our loved ones being ill.
Have a beautiful day HUGS

LV said...

A truly wonderful message. We all need to follow your practices more each day. Glad your mother is doing better. Trust me, it is much harder on the at home care taker than the patient. Glad you are getting help. Thank you so much for visiting. said...

It was a happy surprise when I came to my blog this morning, to find that I had a new friend. Thank you for your visit, and I do hope we can become friends. God bless you in a special way today.

September Violets said...

Your story of your mom reminds me of when I was very small (5) and my family drove across Canada. My mother's mom was very ill with a brain tumour and was in hospital when we left. By this time my grandmother was already lost in her mind, unable to speak or even feed herself, her time was near. My mom told me years later that she felt awful leaving her mother before we left, but that once we were on the road she didn't worry about her once. She felt God had taken the worry away from her intentionally. Back then you just didn't keep in constant contact with everyone, did you.

Kim said...

How wonderful for you and your husband that you and your husband were able to enjoy a little time away resting in the knowledge that your mom was safe in the hands of God and all would be well. My oh my that is beautiful country and oh my goodness what a lovely motor home you have....a beautiful home away from home. May your lovely mom get stronger with each day.

Jazzmin said...

Dearest Debbie, how I enjoyed the blessing of catching up on many of your posts this morning♥ And what a joy to see your happiness and that you got to have a get-away with your dear husband. What a wonderful time it looks like you had together, such sweet time in each other's company and in our Savior's. Oh this makes me miss Colorado sooo much seeing all of your gorgeous photographs :)
I have such a calm in my heart from your precious words on having God's peace. Thank you for those beautifully written words and reminding us of those verses. I am so glad that was your comfort as you enjoyed your time there and that you felt the Lord's peace despite not having service.
It is so wonderful that your mom was released from Rehab and is receiving therapy in the comfort of her home. I will keep your dear mom in my prayers, praying for her strength and wellness♥ What a blessing of a daughter she has in you, someone so caring and loving as her care-giver and I'm sure her joy.

Blessings and many hugs to you!

Deborah Montgomery said...

I'm so happy you and your husband got a chance to be together in such beautiful surroundings and enjoy each other and rest in the Lord's care and protection. Sounds like a wonderful time, and such a blessing to not be worrying and fretting, but to be enjoying a time of rest. The Lord knew how busy you'd be when you got back, and was giving you an opportunity to refresh and trust in Him.

Your posts are always so encouraging to all of us Debbie. Blessings, Deborah

kitty@ Kitty's Kozy Kitchen said...

I just got home late last night from Ohio, Debbie, and am happy to hear that you and your hubby had a wonderful getaway!! Your scripture verses were perfect in entrusting God with the care of your mom, and you were able to relax and enjoy your special time. You and your mom will continue to be in my prayers, my friend. Love and hugs are sent to you....

Creations By Cindy said...

Good morning dear Debbie, first chance I've had to try and catch up a little. So glad your dear mom is improving. And Oh I do know the peace that you are speaking of. Only God can give us a true peace like that. What a great getaway for you though. God surely knows what we need when we need it and most often it's not a minute too soon. Continued prayers abounding. Hugs and blessings, Cindy

Debby Ray said...

Hi Debbie! I am so sorry I am just now getting to read and respond to this lovely post. All I have to say is wow, just WOW! What absolute beauty THAT is my kind of vacation! I am so glad to hear that your dear mother is out of the rehab center and resting well at home. You quoted one of my most favorite scriptures...about how our Lord can shower us with peace that passes all understanding when we feel fear. He did just as He said he would do...He took great care of her while you were away! I am so lad you was able to enjoy this precious time away with your hubby....and that was ONE COOL tripod! Hugs to you, sweet friend! ♥

Ruth Hiebert said...

Debbie,thanks so much for leaving a kind comment on my blog.I have just finished reading only one of your posts, but I know that I will be following you and reading as well as learning from you.God is so good, and now He has brought us together on the blog.

baili said...

Nature is best friend to sit and share your heart with it .
i am glad you were able to spent such precious moments with such generous friend and your beautiful family .
thank you for virtual pleasure my friend!!!

NanaNor's said...

Dearest Debbie, I love seeing your time of R&R! What a great coach you have-must be so comfortable and also fun with four wheeling. I've never done that, but we may try it in Kauai next spring. God's comfort and presence-nothing like it. Thankful you are able to assist your mom.
Have a blessed week.

Marilyn @ MountainTopSpice said...

Hello dear Debbie! I'm trying to catch up on my blog reading, and I'm just so thankful to read that you did finally get some time away to just unwind and relax, and that the Lord gave you a special peace even with the cell phone issue, and that your dear sweet Mom is doing well in rehab, and now back at home. I can only imagine how busy your days have become, and you both will surely be in my prayers! I enjoyed seeing the lovely pictures of you and your husband, and the fun tripod your husband found, such fun memories :) Your verses of scripture are a blessing to read, and I always feel the sweet peace of the Lord when you write. With love and hugs :)

M.K. said...

That peace you talk of is such a miracle, such an evidence of God's very presence and His work deep in our spirits! I pray for it for those I know who are so unsettled, in such turmoil. I have experienced it myself, and it was, to me, a miracle. So glad you could get away and rest!

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