Monday, August 7, 2017

Introducing Binx ~

Let me introduce to you our bundle of love
and the new addition to our home and family.
This is our handsome Binx ~

He is our fourth pet rabbit since way back
in 1995 when we first brought a rabbit into our home believing he was going
to be a 4-H project for our youngest daughter Stephanie, only to find out
that Snuffles would become our first pet rabbit who would pave the way
and brand our hearts forever of the joy and love that a rabbit can bring
when you choose to teach them and train them like any other house pet.
Each of our pet rabbits, Snuffles ~ Snoopy ~ Lakota ~ and now Binx 
have all been unique with their own individual personalities
and our hearts have been captured forever more.


You will notice in the photos that Binx may look either a grey color or chocolate brown.
It may be due to the lighting or the fact that the tips
of his fur is chocolate brown and underneath he is grey in color.
One thing is for certain, he is GORGEOUS!

I knew the minute I laid my eyes on Binx he was the one,
in fact, out of 10 male bunnies he was the only one I held, I wasn't letting him go.
Normally it is my husband who does the choosing,
but for certain, Binx was the one.

Binx enjoyed being held and cuddled from the very beginning.
That hasn't always been the norm with our other three rabbits,
it took time for them to warm up to us.
Toby, our cat, has taken upon himself the place of a father figure
and looks over Binx with such care and concern.
This is Toby's third bunny.

Binx has been the only rabbit we have owned who loves,
and I mean loves, to stretch out with ease and comfort.
He allows us to pet him while he is stretched out, 
never hopping to his feet uncertain of his safety.
From the back view he resembles a beaver, quite cute I must say,
I think it's because his tail is fluffier than normal.
He has HUGE back feet along with his fluffy tail
making it appear to look like a beaver.
But that's okay, we love him just the way he is because we know that
 God created him to be exactly how He wanted him to be.

Binx loves the out doors and runs and plays in our back yard
(with my husband's supervision)
with great delight kicking up his heals doing binky after binky. 
They say a rabbit is a happy rabbit if he does binkys,
and so ~ Binx was given his name because of all the binkys he does.

My husband has taught Binx to come when called for his treats.
His command is "treat time".
Unlike any of our other rabbits, Binx gives great eye contact 
and seems to enjoy looking at you whenever you speak to him.
His eyes are so alive and aware of everything going on around him.
After having three other rabbits we believe that Binx
is more alert, attentive, loving and more playful
than all the others.
Oh, we have certainly loved each rabbit to the moon and back,
but this dear Binx has warmed our hearts in a special way.
He may very well be our last as we are not getting any younger
and they have each given us long lives, with the exception of Snuffles,
so just maybe, Binx will have all the wonderful qualities
that make for one fantastic bundle of enjoyment for a very long time.
Plus, the lady whom we have purchased all of our bunnies from
is planning to retire.

~ An update on mom ~
Mom has been in Rehab for 10 days now and is doing exceptionally well!
Through every stage of this heart attack mom has been my trooper.
The goodness of God has been ever present in these many days
and my heart is filled with much gratitude and praise.
Do you have days when your heart sings unto the Lord profusely?
There is uncontrollable joy within that cannot be contained.
Mom has crossed many bridges while we as her loved ones have stood by watching,
and I cannot help but sing a new song unto the Lord.
"And he hath put a new song in my mouth, even praise unto our God:
many shall see it, and fear, and shall trust in the Lord."
~ Psalm 40:3 ~
I will continue keeping my eyes upon Jesus,
knowing with confidence that my God is able to do exceeding abundantly 
above all that I ask or think according to the riches of his glory.
"Give ear to my words, O Lord, consider my meditation.
Hearken unto the voice of my cry, my King, and my God,
for unto thee will I pray.
My voice shalt thou hear in the morning, O Lord;
in the morning will I direct my prayer unto thee,
and will look up."
~ Psalm 5:1-3 ~
I love the last of that verse, "and will look up".
God is hearing and answering our prayers, dear friends,
and He has been faithful in accomplishing His will.
Keep looking up and waiting with great anticipation
of happier and heart healthy days ahead for mom.


"Saying Amen: Blessing and glory, and wisdom,
and thanksgiving, and honor, and power, and might,
be unto our God forever and ever."

Praising God!
~ Debbie ~


Lea said...

Oh, Debbie, this post made me smile really big! Binx is just the cutest and I never knew a bunny would do well inside. That's news to me. They are just the sweetest of God's creatures for sure. And, the news concerning your Mom. I'm so glad she is making progress. Blessings on the week ahead!

Pom Pom said...

Binx is very cute! You are good bunny owners.
I'm glad your mom is doing okay. God be with her.

Debby Ray said...

Oh my goodness, Binx is quite a handsome gentleman! I think it especially sweet that the kitty has taken him under his wing sweet is that? We had a couple of out door bunnies when the boys were little but no experience with an indoor bunny. And by the way, what is the "binky" you referred to? Sorry, I guess I'm a little bunny!

Elizabethd said...

What a gorgeous bunny!

FlowerLady Lorraine said...

What a handsome bunny and such wonderful news about your dear Mom!

Happy August ~ FlowerLady

Lauren @ My Wonderfully Made said...

AAAAHHHHHH!!!!! I WANT one!! HOW STINKIN' ADORABLE IS THAT BUNNY????? Oh my gosh -- he is just beautiful -- and I did not know a rabbit could be like that! How amazing that you can train him like that. Glad to hear your mom is progressing!

Kelly @ Homespuns 'n Hayfields said...

I'm so glad to hear your mom is doing well Debbie, she's a fighter. God has been there right through it.

The pictures of Binx are adorable. I'm trying to get my post up and running with your visit and of course a photo of Binx. You're right about his eyes, they really watch you attentively.

Have a good week, Love Kelly.

Sandi said...

Your outlook is inspiring!

Anne Payne said...

Binx is adorable!!! I never had any idea you could have pet bunnies like this until you posted about Lakota long ago. I mean, my dad bought me a bunny when I was a kid but it lived in a hutch outside. I think Binx is very blessed to have y'all as his new owners.

I'm praying for your mom and you. Well, your whole family, actually. :-) Hoping she recovers and has many more days to enjoy.
Love & Hugs, my friend!

Deborah Montgomery said...

I love bunnies. Yours is exceptionally adorable! So nice that your kitty is so tolerant too. I'm so thankful to hear about your mom, and thankful that you have so much joy and peace in your heart about everything. Our God is so good to us. xo Deborah

Ashley said...

Hi Mrs. Harris,

Binx is just the cutest little thing! I am glad you were able to get another rabbit, and especially one that is so well behaved! :) How did you all teacher her to come when her name is called? I wish we could have bunnies again...I love them. Does Binx ever lick you? Our baby bunnies used to lick us all the time. They were so precious!

Praise the Lord! I am so glad to hear your mom is doing better.

much love,

Vicky Hunt said...

So much goodness packed into one post! I am so happy to hear that your mom is improving...continued prayers for her. Binx is such a handsome fella...I love his coloring and he does look as though he would be so cuddly. We had a rabbit several years ago. Our too started out as a 4-H rabbit. He was a pretty boy. He was a broken lilac mini lop. His name was Hoppy. Yes, my then 5 year old son named him. LOL! Blessings for a continued happy week.

Hugs, Vicky

Joyful said...

Binx is absolutely beautiful. So is your cat by the way. How wonderful that your cat takes a protective role over Binx. I would never have thought that a rabbit could be such a loving pet but I can see by your description and by the photos that Binx is a sweetheart. I'd love to hold him but I am so far away so give him a hug for me. Also praising God with you over the wonderful news of your dear mom. I am sure your are flowing over with joy right now. xx

Celestina Marie said...

Dear Debbie, What a delight to visit with you tonight and catch up with you. First I want to say, I am so thankful to read your mother is doing well. My prayers continue for her as she heals and God strengthens her heart and health.
Binx is adorable. What a darling sweet bunny and so smart. I love seeing how he stretches out to relax. Truly he feels right at home to make himself so comfortable. Your photos of him are precious. His eyes are beautiful!!
I know you and your hubby are going to have many years of joy with your new little addition to the family!

Wishing you a wonderful week filled with many blessings.
Love to you, xo

hobbyloes said...

How cute and adorable is Binx, he has a good home with you and the other pets.
I am glad to hear the wonderful good news about your mom, praise the Lord!

Creations By Cindy said...

Oh my goodness Debbie! He is adorable. Now I want a rabbit! LOL! Hugs and blessings, Cindy

Regina said...

Binx is sooooo cute! I want to hold him! My kitty Kirstie likes to stretch out like that. It is the weirdest but cutest thing. I like the picture that looks like Binx is praying😊

kitty@ Kitty's Kozy Kitchen said...

Oh Debbie, I'm so glad that you showed pictures of your darling Binx! I can see why you and your hubby are so smitten with the little fella.
Thank you for the update on your dear mom. She will continue to be in my prayers. It's so good to know that she's doing well. Love and hugs!

Marilyn Mathis said...

So happy to hear that your mom is doing so well. I know that is a blessing for you and the family. Your darling Binx is precious. God sent me an abandoned puppy when I needed comfort and I know that Binx will be a bundle of love for you and the family. Keep us updated on his journey with you. Hugs.

AnnMarie aka Vintage Junkie aka NaNa said...

Such a sweet bunny!! I have never owned one but my granddaughter has one...Jelly Bean. So glad to hear that your Mom is doing so well. So much to praise God about!

Stephanie said...

What darling pictures of Binx! I just love the two of him all stretched out....oh, thos cute little bunny legs.

All of the rabbits you've had have been precious and Binx certainly fits into that catergory as well for he is indeed precious.

Love and hugs to you!

Anonymous said...

Praise be to God for ever and ever! What great news Debbie, that your mom is doing so much better. Oh our Savior is so loving to hold us close when we are hurting or scared. But He never leaves our side!!!

Your rabbit is just adorable and your cat is just darling. He/she looks like mine! Is he or she a Burman or a ragdoll? I have a Burman and Mr. Bloo is just the most loving animal towards every other animal except cats!

Enjoy the new addition to the family :D

sending you lots of hugs...


CherylQuilts said...

Oh, dear Debbie, what a sweet and beautiful post! I love seeing all the photos of your precious Binx and how even Toby has taken to him so well! What a beautiful rabbit and so dear! Praise God for the good report about your mom. I know it's been a long haul for her, and I know you've been concerned. But our precious Father has answered prayers and always encourages and gives us the strength for each new day. Yes, may we always look up! I love that precious verse! Thank you! I needed that!! Hugs and love! xoxo

Rose L said...

A beautiful rabbit! Do they use a littler box?

Ida said...

Congrats on Binx, He's a cutie for sure. I know he'll be super loved. Enjoyed the fact that the cat seems to like him really well too.

Pamela M. Steiner said...

"Binx" is a beautiful bunny! What a sweet little bundle of love!! I never thought of having a pet rabbit, but we do have lots of wild rabbits here in our yard...I just don't dare try to pick them up.Don't think they'd let me anyway. But I do enjoy watching them. So wonderful to hear that your mother is making progress day by day. Continuing to pray for her and YOU as you care for her. I know this is a very difficult time, and you need time to rest and take care of yourself as well. So thankful that the Lord is giving you great joy and peace in Him. Our God is an awesome God!!!

Teri said...

Dear Debbie

Such a sweet posting.

It is so good to hear that your mother is making progress. You all will continue to be in our prayers.

Binx is absolutely precious. Such a sweet addition to your family.

Homespun Hugs ♥ Teri

Connie said...

What a cutie! I saw his photo on Kelly's post and had to come over and see more:)

September Violets said...

Binx is a real sweetie! I like that you have been able to train him easily. We have a rabbit too, but he tends to piddle on the carpet, so he (sadly) spends most days in his cage. I hate having him for this reason, although he's a friendly rabbit.

Linda Walker said...

Hi Debbie,
So happy to hear about your mom! Such wonderful news! She is one strong woman!

Love your bunny, Binx. I've always lover bunnies, I had one while growing up. This little guy seems to have quite the personality! I love that he just hangs out outside his cage, lol! Have a lovely weekend, hoping your mom continues to make day at a time....sending love and prayers, Linda

Linda Walker said...

Hi Debbie,
So happy to hear about your mom! Such wonderful news! She is one strong woman!

Love your bunny, Binx. I've always lover bunnies, I had one while growing up. This little guy seems to have quite the personality! I love that he just hangs out outside his cage, lol! Have a lovely weekend, hoping your mom continues to make day at a time....sending love and prayers, Linda

baili said...

Oh my ,he has stolen my heart!!!

Marilyn @ MountainTopSpice said...

Oh how happy I am to meet Binx! I have never owned a rabbit, but I can see in the pictures just how much fun owning one is, and how sweet and precious they are to interact with! Binx is just precious, and I am so thankful that you found just the right bunny to share your lives with! He looks so funny all stretched out, so sweet to see him with Toby! Animals do bring us so very much joy! I'm glad your mother is continuing to get better, and will be keeping her in my prayers. Always a joy to visit with you Debbie! Love and hugs :)

M.K. said...

What a handsome and noble bunny! I've never known anyone who had an inside pet bunny. What a delight! I'm thankful for the good report on your mom.

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