Saturday, July 2, 2016

Independence Day~

"In the beauty of the lilies Christ was born across the sea,
with a glory in His bosom the transfigures you and me,
as He died to make men holy, let us die to make men free,
while God is marching on."
"Glory! glory, hallelujah! Glory! glory, hallelujah!
Glory! glory, hallelujah! His truth is marching on."
~ The fourth stanza from the Battle Hymn of the Republic ~


I love this hymn for the words that penetrate my heart.
Every stanza grips my soul as I sing these words
that glorify God and His Truth.
Yes, His Truth is marching on, even when the days appear to be dark,
His Truth will always march on and so must we.
Glory, glory hallelujah, let us march on
sharing the Truth of God's Word.


My husband and I have worked at putting together this YouTube
using some of our photo's of the fireworks we have 
captured here in our small community.
This is the first YouTube we have made and we forgot to put my name on the photo's,
 after all the work that it took we were not going back to start over. HA!
The music is from
"Canadian Brass Anthems & Honors Music"
Please enjoy the photo show and music as you reflect on the glory of our God.

Heavenly Father, thank you for the freedoms that we have
because men & women went forth marching on for our country.
May we be bold and strong taking a stand on Your Truth,
and marching on for Your glory and Honor.

To God be the Glory!
~ Debbie ~


Stephanie said...

Wow, wow, WOW! Your slide how was absolutely fabulous and I simply loved it! You and dad did an excellent job putting the photos together and the music was perfectly majestic. Well done :) Oh, and the ending with the flag and cross was oh-so-lovely. Tell dad his photos are amazing.

Thank you for taking the time to share this with your readers. The video greatly blessed the little one and me.

Have a very Happy 4th of July. Love you!

Linda said...

I second sweet Stephanie's, wow, WOW!!! Awesome. Have a Joyful July 4th, friend.

White Lace and Promises said...

Hey, sweet Debbie. Yes, HIS truth will march on-even in the midst of so much evil. I'm glad He's in control. This was beautiful!

Linda said...

I am both happy and relieved that He is in control, because He has the power and the wisdom that we just don't have. Lovely post, Debbie, thank you!

FlowerLady Lorraine said...

I agree with the 'wows'. This was beautiful and you two did a fantastic job creating it. I was reminded of flowers, seed pods, grasses and wheat as I watched.

It is wonderful to know God is in control even when things seem so chaotic.

As you said, "to Him be the glory", forever and ever Amen.

Have a lovely holiday ~ FlowerLady

Sylvia said...

Yes, WOW, Debbie, Great job. I loved all the fireworks and the music was beautiful! To God be the glory!
Have a great 4th


living from glory to glory said...

Oh, how sweet is that! I guess you both will now start your own art shows on all the amazing sunsets you have seen! What a really great idea!
I have so many memories of all the fireworks I have seen during my life!
So glad you captured some of them!
Blessings, Roxy

Anonymous said...

Oh my eyes have seen the Glory of the Coming of The Lord.... I have always loved this hymn... and the beauty of fireworks! just perfect!!!! Wow indeed!!!!


Celestina Marie said...

Hi Debbie, what a beautiful post and great video you and your hubby made to honor America and this holiday. The hymn has always been one of my very favorites and just gives me goosebumps to hear with fireworks. We have so much to be thankful for in this great nation and to GOD be the Glory!!

Wishing you and your sweet family a very Happy 4th of July!
Hugs and Blessings my friend. xo

Pom Pom said...

Very patriotic and just plain BEAUTIFUL ! Thanks, Debbie!

Karen said...

I love this song too. You did a great job on the photos and presentation. Wow. I love it. One of my favorite renditions of the song is when Andy Williams sang it at Robert Kennedy's funeral. I think it is still on YouTube.

Marilyn Mathis said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Marilyn Mathis said...

Love the post, the song and slide show. Happy 240th Birthday America, the land of the free because of the brave.

Debby Ray said...

Happy Independence Day! Wow...what a great fireworks display that you were able to capture! Funny thing is, as I was sitting here watching it on my computer, I'm hearing the loud pops and cracks all around me as the neighbors are setting off their fireworks! Perfect timing! You guys did a wonderful job with your video, God Bless America....and Canada!

Deborah Montgomery said...

Congratulations Debbie to you and your husband on your first YouTube video. What a beautiful job you did! The photos are amazing!! really . . . I tried capturing some fireworks last night, and they came out nothing like yours!! Wonderful music to accompany too. Love that hymn, and I thrill when I hear it played in public, knowing the truth it is proclaiming. xo Deborah

Melanie said...

I enjoyed your Youtube video! Great job! Wishing you a Happy Fourth of July!

Cheryl said...

What a lovely video! Thank you so much for taking the time to put this together for us. Your photos are just beautiful, too!

kitty@ Kitty's Kozy Kitchen said...

What a wonderful job you and your hubby did on your first YouTube video, Debbie! It was spectacular and the ending was beautiful. Thanks you for sharing that and the music of that wonderful hymn. The fourth stanza is very moving and your words for us to continue marching on is so positive. Happy 4th, my friend, and God Bless America.

CherylQuilts said...

Oh wow, Debbie! I have always loved the Battle Hymn of the Republic, and your video is wonderful! I can't believe it's your first one. Wonderfully done, and you had me singing along. Yes, praise God for how His Truth continues to march throughout the world, no matter all the evils and tragedies that happen. He still rules and will rule ultimately when we join Him in glory! Thank you for this beautiful post today! God Bless America! Hugs and love!

Linda Walker said...

Dear Debbie,
Truly one of my favorites!.....since I was a very little girl! I still remember every single word! You and your husband did a great job making the video. I'm still listening!!! :)

M.K. said...

What a lovely video you made! That was quite good -- great photos and loved how you tied it all together. I do like that song, and there's a really fine choral arrangement of it with the second verse a cappella. I've enjoyed singing that. I remember once years ago at a church in Alabama where my husband worked -- there was an elderly man who was a true, outspoken, died-in-the-wool Southern Patriot. And he abhorred that song, and viewed it as a Yankee anthem. One Sunday we sang it in church (probably around this time of year) and he stood up and walked out of the worship service! Quite a display. It is quite a rousing tune.

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