Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Stephanie's Tea Cup and Mug Revealing

Afternoon tea or a cuppa of your choice 
can be a simple way of relaxing in the middle of a hectic day.
 Or perhaps you have an elegant occasion
planned where you will share your new treasured tea cup or mug
with special friends or family members in a sociable way
as you serve your thought out menu with generosity and kindness.
May we, who have received these beautiful love gifts
through Stephanie's exchange use them  as a way
of offering hospitality.


Joseph Fort Newton says~
"Share your life, and find the finest joy man can know.
Do not be stingy with your heart.
Get out of yourself into the lives of others,
and new life will flow into you~share and share alike."


Once again Stephanie over at The Enchanting Rose 
has shown forth her beauty with her tea cup and mug exchange.
Thank you Stephanie, for your selfless heart
as you so beautifully arranged another exchange
for us ladies to enjoy.
Your labor of love does not go unseen, for God looks down
upon you as you graciously spend endless hours
and prayer time over each dear lady 
with whom you will partner.
God bless you!

Pictured above are the packages I sent out
to two ladies who do not have blogs.
The lovely lady that I was blessed to gift a mug to was Lynn, 
and my tea cup was sent to Judy, another dear and lovely lady.
Through the goodness of God, friendships have already blossomed.  


This exchange I decided to participate with both the tea cup and mug
and I'm so pleased that I did.
I like a dainty mug over a large mug and Elizabeth,
 from Simple Pleasures gifted me with the loveliest porcelain mug with roses.
Isn't she a beautiful mug?
I fell in love with the packaging of these two special teas
Crabtree & Evelyn afternoon tea and
Chocolate Super Berry Burst.
The chocolate tea is being saved for a special day. :)
Well~I have to confess that while waiting for the revealing party,
 I have already enjoyed that "special day" tea time
and it was delicious!

 Elizabeth blessed me with an assortment of beautiful gifts
The prettiest pink floral serviettes (napkins)
a beautiful note pad, a journal, a lacy handkerchief
and some note cards that I have already put to good use
in sending my grandsons a love note from Gamma. :)

Awe...I think I shall sit over a nice cup of black tea served up
in my gorgeous new lady like mug
and thank the Lord for His goodness to me.
Thank you Elizabeth,  for your love and generosity,
I will cherish and enjoy every gift.

My china cabinet is gracing our home beautifully
with the lovely tea cups I have received through
 Stephanie's Tea Cup & Mug exchanges.
Karren who blogs over at  Oh! My Heartsie Girl
gifted me with this gorgeous Gracie floral tea cup.
Doesn't she look lovely in my cabinet?

She too lavished me with some beautiful "pink" gifts.
A pretty adult coloring book filled with my favorites~
flowers, birds and bird houses.
A cute little note pad and  a tea towel with the recipe
 "Oven Baked Cinnamon Apple Chips"
and some delicious black tea. 

I believe these baked apples are going to taste delightful
with a hot cup of tea next to the fire. Yes, our fire is still burning
here in the Rocky Mountains. :) 
Thank you dear Karren,  for my gorgeous tea cup and gifts
that I have thoroughly enjoyed. 

This winter I have enjoyed relaxing by the fireside with my adult coloring books
while listening to some soothing music
and all the while pondering on the goodness of God.
Because of His unfailing love and grace
I have much to ponder on
and I give thanks with a blessed heart. 

Thank you again dear Stephanie, for blessing
my heart through your tea cup & mug exchanges.
Each and every exchange has had its own unique beauty
that has graced my life with new friendships.
The work that you put into making your exchanges happen
will one day show forth the loveliness of it all
as you stand before the Lord, and hear Him say,
"well done thou good and faithful servant"
because this side of heaven, you may never know
just how many lives have been touched
through your love and grace.
Bless you!

"Praise ye the Lord; for the Lord is good:

sing praises unto his name;
for it is pleasant."

Be Glorious!

 Come and join the revealing party over at Stephanie's


living from glory to glory said...

Good Morning, Your gift boxes were really nice, It is so much fun to see the goodies we received, but it was really fun putting one together to send! When you are packing it and you have never met them it is special to give it when it you hope to find just the right cup or color that they might enjoy,It really has been a fun exchange and we have dear Stephanie to thank for that!
Have a lovely day! Love, Roxy

FlowerLady Lorraine said...

What lovelies you received in this exchange.

I'm planning/hoping to be in on the next one.


kitty@ Kitty's Kozy Kitchen said...

Oh sweet friend, you were so lovingly blessed with such a beautiful mug and teacup and such other thoughtful gifts, so perfect for you. You also sent such wonderful gifts. Isn't all this amazing to see, how everyone is so richly blessed in giving AND receiving, all radiating from your lovely daughter?! I know that it is so much work, but God has certainly blessed Stepanie with such a heart of gold (plus great organizational skills!). Thank you for being her mother, and God bless you! Love and hugs are sent to you!!

Linda Walker said...

Good morning,
Your gifts both sent and received are beautiful! How lucky are we that Stephanie continues to provide us with this means of making new friends? I have enjoyed this process so much! Enjoy your sweet gifts!

September Violets said...

Your spirit shines through in your blog Debbie, and your new friends have gifted to you teacups that are very much "you"! This is a special exchange, and it's surprising what comes out of them between the recipients. Have a wonderful day beside the fire ... sounds like a good plan ;)
Wendy xox

Melanie said...

So pretty! This is such a wonderful way to show friendship and make new friends!

NanaNor's said...

Good Morning to you. I hope you get some sunshine up high today; down on the flat lands it is sunny but clouds and rain will move in this afternoon. Love all the teacups and pretty gifts; how very thoughtful of each lady who carefully choose the gifts. I will have to visit so I can see these lovely women.

Debby Ray said...

Oh Debbie...what beautiful packages you lovingly put together for the exchange! Although I thoroughly enjoy getting these lovely gifts, I admit that I have as much fun (or more) getting a package together for the recipient, don't you?? This has been so much fun and your precious Stephanie is a precious jewel! Much love and hugs!

Celestina Marie said...

Dearest Debbie,
Oh my the gifts you sent and received are beautiful. What a blessing to meet new friends and be gifted in such a special way. Your packages were so specially put together to bless another and you received that blessings in return. How lovely your cabinet has to look. I too am filling mine up nicely and as I look inside I remember those precious friends that gave me such pretties.
Yes, Stephanie has truly answered her calling to use this wonderful event to reach so many. It's her devotion to others that make her so special. God has blessed her and shown favor upon her and she gives that gift back in return to others. She is just like you my friend.
Enjoy your goodies and have fun at the reveal!!
Love to you, xo

Linda said...

What gorgeous gift boxes, Debbie! Very lovely and heartwarming.

Roosterhead Designs said...

Wonderful post Debbie~ So exciting to see all the giving and receiving goin' on! : )
I was drawn to your new coloring book! wow, what fun; and relaxation I think as well. Bless you, Karen O

Ashley said...

What beautiful items you received. I love that pretty pink tea cup especially. :)

Much love,

shortybear said...

such lovely gifts

Ida said...

Debbie those were lovely gifts both sent and received. It is such a joy to be a part of this and I've met such nice people (like you) through this. You raised an amazing and beautiful daughter for sure.

Kelly @ Homespuns 'n Hayfields said...

Debbie, you received such beautiful gifts from both ladies. I love the items that you sent out also. Stephanie did a wonderful job on the tea cup/mug exchange again!

LV said...

You are a special lady doing very good work. May you be blessed abundantly for your kindness.

Judith @ Lavender Cottage said...

I have a pleasant vision of you colouring in your books by the fire with inspirational music playing softly in the background. You sent, and received lovely items for the exchange, once again it was a gratifying experience to participate.

Anonymous said...

Dearest Debbie ... It was such a joy to participate in Stephanie''s tea cup and mug exchange. It was my very first :-). And like Roxy shared, and I'm sure many did also, the blessings I received by thinking of the ladies, their likes, and then putting the package together. In getting the opportunity to pray for them as the packages made their way to their respective destinations. Yes this was truly a blessing indeed :-)


I will add my AMEN to all the above comments. Pretty teacups received and sent. It is a blessing to share in the love of tea with others and to "meet" new blogging friends.

SpicingUpIdaho said...

Dear Debbie, such joy that you shared with the dear ladies you exchanged with... such lovely packages full of love! And the lovelies you received too, simply gorgeous... you took some lovely pictures of them... loved it all! Today has been such a beautiful day of sharing in the joy that comes with both giving and receiving, and it is just growing and growing ... every dear ladies' blog I visit, the joy in their hearts is there. Isn't God good! Appreciate you so much... enjoy your wonderful goodies, and may the Lord continue to bless and keep you!

Elizabethd said...

This has been such a lovely exchange. Receiving a parcel from someone you don't know....but all of a sudden you feel you do know, and that they are a friend across the miles.

Simply Linda said...

{{{squealing with delight}}}what beautiful gifts...thank you for sharing. Have a lovely day, friend.

Elizabeth said...

This has been a wonderful exchange! I am so glad that I was paired with you and look forward to our friendship! Stephanie does a phenomenal job! It is a blessing in so many ways!

Deborah Montgomery said...

Just lovely Debbie! It has been such a blessing to visit the participants of Stephanie's party and see the lovely gifts, the generosity, and the thankful hearts. What an amazing virtual tea party. And you're right that we can think of those to share our gifts with, someone to invite over to tea and share in our bounty.
I love the beautiful cup Karren sent, and I agree, sometimes you just need a mug! Especially when it's cold and we want to warm our hands.
I got a coloring book for Christmas and I admit it wasn't until just a couple days ago I colored in it. I have to fight the urge to think I'm "wasting" time! But it's a good opportunity to relax and think and pray. Hope you enjoy yours.
Blessings to you. xo Deborah

Cheryl said...

Oh, how beautiful! I cannot begin to tell you much I loved doing this and participating this time. I can hardly wait until the next one! What a blessing dear Stephanie is to all of us...and what a dear blessing you are, too, sweet friend. God bless you abundantly.

Margie said...

You must be so proud of Stephanie! I enjoyed seeing the wonderful goodies that you sent and received. I'm a notecard hoarder and believe that you can never have too many notecards!

It's funny how we try to save things for a "special day". Every day is special so what are we waiting for?!?

I've received some sample colouring sheets and should really try them out soon!

Consider It All Joy said...

Lovely, lovely! Both sent and received! It is so fun visiting each of the blogs whose writers have shared their fun exchange treasures! Have a very blessed weekend ahead! Cindy xo

Anonymous said...

Oh how lovely, Debbie....I'm sure you have enjoyed all these thoughtful pretties very much~ beautiful things just make me happy!! I love your china cabinet, and the teacups certainly add a special sparkle to it! Thanks for this lovely post♥ Hope your day is blessed with the joy of the Lord....hugs from Ashleigh

Andrea Ostapovitch said...

Hi Debbie,

Wow, you sure did a wonderful job putting together the packages you sent out!
This was my first time participating and I thought it was just wonderful. Seeing all the wonderful packages people both sent and received inspires me for the next exchange. I really can hardly wait!

Anne Payne said...

How pretty!!! You sent some beautiful packages to your ladies. I know they will be blessed by your friendship! Your new tea cup and mug are delightful. I really enjoy a feminine looking cup/mug. I pray one of these days the Lord blesses us with an in-person meeting! :-) Love & hugs, my friend.

Mrs A. said...

Hello Debie, Thankyou for your kind visit to my blog and lovely words. My blog header was made by the lovey Ingrid who creates them for free. She is such a kind lady. Her blog is full of beautiful headers . I love the pretty mug you sent to Lynn and is that a china tea spoon / stirrer that you also enclosed for her? The teacup and saucer you sent to Judy were made special by the sweet strainer you sent with the cute china teapot charm on the chain. That is such a pretty tea cup and saucer you received back and the packet of tea even at he's perfectly. Such attention to detail makes these swaps so special. This was my first time participating and I can't wait for the next one in October. All the 167 tea cups and mugs that traversed the continents are beautiful and I'm sure new friendships will be forged through the sending and reciving of them all. Hugs ValeryAnne.

hobbyloes said...

How beautiful are the gifts you sent and recieved, your lucky ones !
I have missed Stephanie's post, so I'm going there now to look at it.

Dawn said...

What lovely parcels you have sent and received! Lovely to have 'met' you through this exchange.

Very best wishes


Bethany Carson said...

The packages you sent and the packages you received are all beautiful! You have lovely tastes. So glad Stephanie hosts this exchange for all of us to enjoy!

Kelly-Anne said...

Dearest Debbie...ah! I am SO very delighted that you were blessed in such lovely ways through this exchange...such a pretty and ladylike mug and oh my...a gorgeous teacup to be treasured for years to come!
I am sorry it has taken me so long to come visit...I simply haven't been been able to write nor visit although I've had time...ah, this makes my heart so sad! But it has been wonderful enjoying a cup of tea with you and catching up on your sweet posts! And I absolutely adore your header...hugs to you!

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