Saturday, December 5, 2015

My Heartfelt Gratitude ~

Hello my sweet and Dear friends!
God's Word tells us that we should give thanks always
and for all things.
With a heart over whelmed with gratitude, 
I want to extend my thanks for your
love, care, concern and prayers
over these past few months.

Since blogging nearly a year and a half ago
 you have become some of my
 dearest and most treasured friends!
I have come to see that out there in this
big world of Blogging our community
is real and closely nit together.
You are real, sincere, genuine and lovely.
Time after time my heart has been blessed
by your words of encouragement,
your gifts of love that have been delivered
to my mail box unsuspectingly
as well as the comfort of knowing you are
in prayer on my behalf.
That is HUGE!
There just isn't enough words I can say
to express how sincerely I love and appreciate you.
Some of you have realized that I have been slow
getting back into posting and visiting
since dad passed away, and I have. :(
I am waiting on the Lord...
I'm finding that is the best place to be while waiting.
From deep within my heart...
Thank you for your love!

Did you notice the beauty of the snow covered trees
so nicely placed on my header?
Well...when I first saw it, I gasped!
Winter is my most favorite season,
and snow covered trees just do something within my soul.
They are lovely...Breath taking...Gorgeous!


By the way ~ The photos I am using
in this post are what I see every morning
when I look out of the window
while lying on my back doing those delightful sit ups. :)
~ Having the privilege of looking at this beauty is a great incentive for working out ~

I wished I could say that those photos on my header were mine,
but I can't and I won't.
I wished I could say that it was ME that changed my blog header,
but I can't and I won't.
My dear Stephanie, who works behind the scenes
of my blog has once again graced
my place with the beauty of God's glorious handiwork.
It is an honor to give the credit where the credit is due.
Stephanie does a great job keeping my space here looking beautiful,
and without her I likely wouldn't be here blogging.
She is a Jewel, reflecting the beauty of Christ.
Thank you, Stephanie!

~ These are weeds that look like baskets holding the snow ~
I thought they were quite pretty


"That I may publish with the voice
of thanksgiving, and tell of
thy wondrous works."
(Psalm 26:7)
Thank you Heavenly Father, for the love of friends
that you grace us with from all over the world.
Your people...showing forth the love of Christ
in the lives of others, what joy!
Bless Your Holy Name.

Be Gracious!
~ Debbie ~


Ashley said...

Oh Mrs. Harris,

Your new header is so lovely. Stephanie did an excellent job. I will continue to pray that God will give you strength during this hard time.
Much love in the Lord,

kitty@ Kitty's Kozy Kitchen said...

You're still in my prayers, my dear friend. Bless you as you continue to listen to God's calling to you. Your photos are just beautiful and of course, we all know what a "jewel" your Stephanie is. The header that she designed is perfect for the season.
Celeste and I met yesterday, along with her sweetheart of a hubby. We spoke of you and Stephanie while we were eating lunch at a tearoom. What a beautiful gift Stephanie gave us through the teacup exchange!
Happy weekend blessings to you. Love and hugs, Kitty

Linda said...

Dearest Debbie,

How lovely to see your post gracing my screen this morning! Stephanie is a lovely lady, just like yourself, and she did a fine job on your header! It isn't easy to get back into the swing of things, especially after having lost a loved one. Sending you much love and hugs. God bless you.

Michele @ The Nest at Finch Rest said...

Visiting your blog (and Stephanies, of course) is so refreshing to my soul.

Your images of snow covered trees are breathtaking.

And you do tummy crunches? No wonder you look so fabulous. I need to do that but cannot seem to move enough in excercise - I could use some prayer in that regard myself. : - )

I wish you a day full of wonder and joy, hugs, love and a few giggles, too. ♥

Stephanie said...

Excuse me a moment while I dry my eyes.... Bless you, mom :) You in no way need to speak of me and what I might do on your blog - it is my pleasure and JOY to design it for you and keep it looking "fresh." :) I count it was a privilege to have a mother to do things like that for.

You are such a sweet blessing to all and we all love you. Thank you for this post that encompassed your love and gratitude for others - you are the jewel.

I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the first photo. I see dad was playing around at PicMonkey {{smiles}} Your photos are just as lovely and always inspiring.

Now, I must be off! I'm supposed to be at the church to decorate for Christmas in ten minutes and I don't even have makeup on or my hair done! :) Love you LOTS!

Daniela said...

This post of yours really touches me, my darling Debbie, and so does Stephanie's comment, oh my, my eyes are shining to tears ...
I love you both so much, and love the love linking you in this adorable way, you're both so very special, thank you for your blessed friendship and congratulation Stephanie, the new header is truly stunning ... and stunning are the shots you've made, Debbie, so, I may conclude that you're a wonderful couple, aren't you ?!?

Love and hugs to both of you
sending blessings on your end of the week

Melanie said...

Your header is just beautiful! I know Stephanie loves doing that for you. What a lovely scene you see from your window!

Debbie, you are a treasure. I love your sweet spirit that comes through this blog. I wish we could sit over a table with a cup of coffee and just chat. Stephanie could come too! God bless.

Jeanna said...

Oh that darling Stephanie does an excellent job with her blog talents and photography.

You, my dear, are responsible for raising such a precious and talented child.

You, my dear, are responsible for the words on your blog that bless us all!

Love you both :)

Mindy Whipple said...

Beautiful photos and sweet words. Praying for God's peace for you as you continue to wait on Him. You and Stephanie both are such blessings to so many!

Roosterhead Designs said...

Hello Debbie, You have such a beautiful way of sharing your heart AND Gods word! Your post is so inspiring!
And I can relate to your feelings of thankfulness for the love and grace given by friends in the blogging community~ Thank you for all the encouragement you give. And the photo's are so serene and a gorgeous display of Gods love and beauty in this frosty season! : ) Blessings to you, Karen O

Joyful said...

A beautiful daughter of a beautiful mother. So lovely to see you again dear heart. Your blogger header is stunning. There is so much beauty in winter. I grew up in the cold, far north and though the winters were a bit long and cold, I do not forget the beauty of sunshine every day, the sound of dry snow crunching under my footsteps, the wonder of frost on window panes, the frost on bare branches, the stunning starlight nights and the ghostly northern lights. At night too the stars would shine so bright and the snow was so white, it light up the dark night around. So many beautiful memories.

I understand if you are not back to blogging so quickly. It takes time to grieve and get into some kind of new rhythm once again. Big hugs. xx

Joyful said...

A beautiful daughter of a beautiful mother.

So lovely to see you again dear heart. Your blogger header is stunning. There is so much beauty in winter. I grew up in the cold, far north. Though the winters were a bit long and cold, I do not forget the beauty of sunshine every day, the sound of dry snow crunching under my footsteps, the wonder of frost on window panes, the frost on bare branches, the stunning starlit nights and the ghostly northern lights swirling across the vast expanse of sky. At night too the stars would shine so bright and the snow was so white, it lit up the darkness around. As a child I spent hours hanging out my open bedroom window just soaking up the wonders of a winter night. There are many beautiful memories.

I understand if you are not back to blogging so quickly dear Debbie. It takes time to grieve a loved one and get into some kind of new rhythm once again. Life for you has changed in a big way and you need to time to figure things out once again. Big hugs and may you feel God's loving and big arms around you too. xx

FlowerLady Lorraine said...

Dear, dear Debbie ~ So good to see a post from you, and such a beautiful one too. Stephanie has done a wonderful job.

Your winter wonderland is beautiful, so different from our warm, humid and this week rainy weather.

Happy Christmas holidays ~ FlowerLady

Sylvia said...

My dear Debbie, I was so happy to see you posted this morning, I have missed reading your wonderful and inspiring post,God always blesses my heart with your words.
I love your header. Stephanie did such a good job with it. The snow is gorgeous, I love seeing it. The temperature has dropped here into the 30's and that's cold enough for me. I'll enjoy looking at your winter wonderland, it's beautiful!

CelestinaMarie@SouthernDayDreams said...

Dearest Debbie, what a lovely post filled with the beauty of the season. Meeting you and becoming friends has been a blessing to me as well as so many others. I continue to keep you in my prayers as you wait on the Lord.
Stephanie is a true gem and done such a wonderful job on your pretty blog working behind the scenes. She is talented and a gift to all.
Friday my hubby and I met with Kitty for lunch and had a wonderful time together. We spoke of you and Stephanie and what a huge part of our meeting was because of the teacup exchange. Little blessings like this all part of God's plan. What a special Christmas gift friendship is.

Love seeing the beauty in photos that you see each day.
Even the weeds holding the snow are beautiful.
Wishing you a Blessed Sunday and all good wishes this Christmas season.
Much Love xo

Debby Ray said...

My dearest Debbie, what a beautiful and heartfelt post. I noticed the beautiful photos and the other lovely changes on your blog right away. Those snow covered trees reaching up into the heavens are beyond beautiful...just like you. What a blessing to be able to enjoy their majestic grandeur everyday! I couldn't agree more with you about the sister-hood of our fellow bloggers. I never thought it was possible before I started my own blog. Sometimes my desire to meet some of my "sisters" face-to-face overwhelms me! You know that everything we do should be according to God's timing and whatever "schedule" He puts you on regarding your blog, is just fine....although I do miss you! You are so blessed to have such a godly daughter...but you already knew that, didn't you? God bless you, my sweet friend and I always look forward to seeing your post and emails...have a lovely Sunday :)

Anonymous said...

Yes, your daughter is just as lovely as her mother :-). Take all the time that is needed. Heed His words fully and allow this time to bring you peace as you continue to mourn but now the good memories surface, just like Our Lord shares in His Word. I miss you but I also know that blogging is sharing from our hearts. :)

AnnMarie aka Vintage Junkie aka NaNa said...

I gasped in delight when I clicked on your blog and saw the new header. It is stunning and I find myself wishing and hoping for snow like that here soon. We don't have any yet! You and Stephanie are so easy to love with your wonderful posts filled with love, sweetness and the goodness of our Lord. I am happy to be connected to you both through the blogging world where your lights shine so brightly!

Deborah Montgomery said...

I knew right away when I saw your beautiful header that Stephanie was involved! :) I know she is your go-to for pretty-ing up your blog!! The pictures are gorgeous!
You're so right about this beautiful blogging community. It was such an unexpected gift of blogging, and now I consider it the very best part! And we are all truly blessed to have you be a part of it. Take your time, wait on the Lord; we will be here to read your lovely posts as you feel led to share. We all have lives to live, joys to share, sorrows to deal with -- real life that can take us away from blogging for a while. I'm very thankful that you have experienced the blessings of blogging friendships during your time of grief; friends are such a balm to the soul.
xo Deborah

Cheryl said...

Dear Debbie! Such a lovely post...oh, the pictures are truly breathtaking! What a view God has blessed you with to enjoy! And your words are so full of God's love and grace! Your dear Stephanie has become so dear to my heart, also. She is just so precious and such a blessing to me each time I hear from her or see her posts in my inbox. You two are very much alike! May the dear Lord Jesus wrap His dear arms around you in every moment of grief...I so understand, sweet friend. I still miss my dear Daddy, after 15 years...a song or spotting something he loved can set me back to the moment I lost him, it seems. I am praying for you and trusting God to see you through. You are a blessing to me and to so many!!

Anne Payne said...

Hey Debbie, Your new blog header is gorgeous, just like you and your sweet daughter! I fully understand the need to seek solace and peace, and starting back into life slowly. You are always in my prayers! I know how difficult this time of year is for those of us who are grieving. {{hugs}}

hobbyloes said...

You new header is just so beautiful!!!!!
I love your wonderful and loving post...and the photo's are amazing.
I wish we will get snow here too.
This season is so cozy with all of us at home.
Bless you !

Judith @ Lavender Cottage said...

Hello Debbie
Your header showing the beauty and magic which God has created for the season of winter is gorgeous.
It's refreshing to read heartfelt posts and kind of you as mother and friend to Stephanie to recognize her contributions to your blog.

Bonnie said...

So sorry,Debbie, to hear of your father's passing. I have been in and out this year with blogging. Not sure where the time has gone but I check in occasionally so I did not know until now.
Take your time to rest and heal. All bloggers understand that blogging takes a lot of time and effort.
Please know I will be praying for you. You have a sweet sweet spirit. I met you through your sweet Stephanie and she is a blessing to you as I'm sure you are to her.
Your photos are beautiful.

Linda Walker said...

Hi Debbie,
Your new header is beautiful and I am not a bit surprised that Stephanie had something to do with it! LOL!

I feel exactly the same way about my blogging friends! I have so missed everyone while I have been busy with my mom!

We are having 50 degree weather so no snow as of yet. But I sure would love some by Christmas Eve! There is nothing prettier than the first snow. I love to walk in the woods during the first snowstorm. It is so quiet, peaceful and so pretty!

I have missed you dear friend, hope you'll be back soon. Love and Blessings,

Robyn said...

The header is beautiful, Debbie! Stephanie has a real eye and I love that you two collaborate.
I'm genuinely thrilled to have you in my life, Debbie, and your friendship is truly treasured. I have no more words without getting all mushy, lol. We're here whenever you're ready. Lots of love to you. xoxo

SpicingUpIdaho said...

What a joy to stop by here today Debbie, and see your blog and its beautiful new header, and your wonderful post. You and Stephanie are just the sweetest most precious people, and loved so much! What a joy for you to have the beautiful views you shared from your window! I have to admit I am a bit "jealous" of your snow, as we have none here, and it looks pretty muddy here, lol! Praying for the Lord to continue helping you through the holidays as I know the pain of missing your dad is still so fresh. Praying that the Lord continues to bless you and keep you, my dear friend!

Beatrice Euphemie said...

It is so nice to have you in our lives, dear Debbie! Your daughter is the perfect reflection of you, her gracious Mother, and both of you are so lovely, kind and sweet. Isn't God's Earth just so beautiful? Every season brings such beauty, especially when all is covered in pure white snow. I hope you can find peace in your heart and with time and God's love, reclaim your joy once more. Sending you a big hug and many blessings. xo Karen

CherylQuilts said...

Oh, I so love the photographs and your blog banner. The snow and landscape are gorgeous, Debbie. And what a blessing it has been this year to read words from your heart and to be sisters in Christ. It's been a difficult year with your dad's going home to be with the Lord, but I continue to pray for you, dear friend, and know that God will continue to work in your heart as He does in each of ours. I have been so blessed this year in getting to know both you and Stephanie, and I look forward to 2016 to share more in our friendship and love for the Lord as He allows us to shine His Light to the world. Hugs and much love!

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