Monday, August 3, 2015

I Have Decided to Follow Jesus

Every morning as I make the bed
I love to sing the beautiful Hymn 
"I have decided to follow Jesus."
I have made this a practice for many years now,
and since I make the bed first thing in the morning
singing the words to this hymn saturates 
my heart and mind for the remainder of the day.
I find the words of this hymn challenging 
in my walk with the Lord,
for the desire of my heart is to
"take up my cross and follow Jesus." (Matthew 10:38)


If we so desire to "follow" Jesus we must 
forsake (deny) our own agendas in order
to completely comply with God's agenda.
We must not only give up our own agenda but die to it.
We deny self when we surrender ourselves
to Christ and determine to obey His will.
When we live for Christ,
"daily dying to self" we become more like Him.
This is a practiced life, a choice to decide to follow.


"I have decided to follow Jesus.
No turning back, no turning back."

Peter says to Jesus in Mark 10:29-31
"See we have left all and followed you."
And Jesus answered and said,
"Assuredly, I say to you, there is no one who has left
house or brothers or sisters or father or mother
or wife or children or lands, for my sake
and the gospel's, who shall not receive a hundredfold
now in this time - houses and brothers and sisters
and mothers and children and lands, 
with persecutions - and in the age to come, eternal life.
But many who are first will be last,
and the last first." 


"Tho no one join me, still I will follow.
No turning back, no turning back."

Peter and his fellow apostles left all and followed Jesus.
They obeyed the Masters voice.
Jesus answered Peter in verses 28-31
that God would reward them beyond all
proportion to their supposed sacrifice.
No one who gives up anything to follow
Jesus misses out on anything in the end.
God will reward each one.


But... We must be sure our motives are right.
"For whoever desires to save his life will lose it,
but whoever loses his life 
for My sake and the gospel's will save it. (Mark 8:35)
Being great in God's kingdom means:
self denial and sacrificial service.
To lose ourselves is an act of devotion
that should lead us to share the gospel with a lost and hurting world.
God sees things from eternity's perspective.
"But many who are first, will be last,
and the last first."
Those who are first in their own eye's
will be last in God's eye's,
but those who are last in their own eye's
will be rewarded as first. 
May our service be to God and His glory only.


"The world behind me, the cross before me.
No turning back, no turning back." 

Jesus also promised that persecutions would come. Mark 10:30
Jesus Himself was persecuted
and as followers, we too will go through persecutions
should we choose to devote ourselves to
Christ and His work for the Kingdom.
But God balances the blessings with the battles,
developing us into mature and gracious daughters of the King.
May we not miss the opportunities God affords us
to make our life count for the Kingdom.
God promises us persecutions (suffering),
but in the end that suffering is transformed into glory.
If we acknowledge Christ and live for Him,
He will one day acknowledge us 
and share His glory with us.
Praise God!


~ Questions we can ask ourselves ~
*Are we surrendering ourselves completely to Jesus?
* Are we identifying with Jesus in His suffering and death?
* Are we following Jesus obediently wherever He leads?  
I will go where You lead dear Lord,
no turning back ~ no turning back.


"I will love Thee O Lord, my strength."
O Precious Heavenly Father,
cause us to fall upon our knees before You,
in total surrender to the work You have called us to do
for Your Kingdom at hand.
May we keep our eye's upon You,
while walking this life of faith in You,
 no looking back, no looking back.

Be Blessed
~ Debbie ~



Castles Crowns and Cottages said...

GOod morning dearest Debbie. Yes, these words I have learned, need "SKIN" put on them. We are that skin. My new blog post (hopefully going up later today) is an attempt to share that.

He came to teach us by His example of walking in humble shoes a most important journey, and each one of us has his/her own journey to carve out. May yours continue to be a concrete, visual and tangible example of what is unseen. Anita

Alex said...

These words really blessed me, thank you Debbie.

Jeanna said...

Lovely post. Thank you for starting my day with this blessing. I love the questions we should be asking ourselves...I'm writing them down so that I can read them often.

You photos are pretty, too.

Have a wonderful day :)

CelestinaMarie@SouthernDayDreams said...

Good Morning Debbie, I am away from my desk most of this week and next but had to stop in when I say your post come through. It truly touches my heart and once again your words and shared verses are a blessing.
Thank you my friend and God continue to line your path with many joys!!
Sending love and hugs your way!

Sylvia said...

Good morning my friend, your blog post always has some important words for me to think about. As I grow older I realize more and more the importance of living my faith by example. Following Jesus isn't an easy path but one that my heart longs to do! What a great example of Love, mercy and compassion He showed and still gives me today, as I strive to obey His truths!
Have a Blessed Day!

Debby Ray said...

Debbie, I love that practice you developed over the years of singing that song while making your bed! What a wonderful way to start each day. Your posts are always so true...they are even convicting to me many times...and that is a GOOD thing! I need reminders like this! Thank you for sharing your beautiful heart, as always. Have a blessed week, friend!

Anonymous said...

Following means to me to let go of what is keeping me tied to this world's thinking and doing. Following Jesus means more than just making a commitment out loud. Your life has to show the change - completely!

This is my ultimate favorite hymn. As a Believer of Jesus Christ and a follower, I have had to change so much, but also have had to explain myself to my parents, my siblings. They don't understand the whys.

Following Jesus is hard. But the rewards are un-measurable!!!!

Thank you Debbie for sharing these words today :0)

( I though I had you on my blog list - but I couldn't find you :0( I have added you back... :D)


Deborah Montgomery said...

This is beautiful Debbie. I am in a little bit of a hurry this morning, but I am going to re-read this later with a cup of tea, so I can really ponder these good words.

Stephanie said...

This is such a precious hymn and it's quite special to me since it was the first hymn I learned how to play on the piano :)

The words you have shared with us have great meaning and so much wisdom. No turning back... How I pray each day I will be faithful to the Lord as I follow Him wherever He leads.

A beautiful post, mom, with lovely pictures. Another one to add to my list of favorites :) Have a wonderful Monday with your grandson. Love you!

hobbyloes said...

This is a wonderful post Debbie.
It is a joy to sing about Jesus of the Psalms and chants.
I love singing, at home or while driving.
Following Jeus is the best you can do, for now and in eternity.

kitty@ Kitty's Kozy Kitchen said...

You always share from your heart, dear Debbie, and what you write touches my heart, also. Thank you for sharing your wisdom with us. Loving hugs are sent to you.

hobbyloes said...

Sorry for the mistake, I mean:
Follow Jesus is the best you can do.

Simply Linda said...

What a beautiful post from a beautiful person. Thank you for inspirational words and smiles. Have a Blessed Monday, friend.

Kelly-Anne said...

Oh Debbie...what a beautiful reminder for today! I love that you sing each morning whilst making your bed...a lovely way to turn your thoughts to Jesus and what He'd have you do that day...
Thank you for always pouring so much love into encouraging and blessing our hearts with your lovely posts...I truly appreciate the wisdom you share!
May Jesus take centre stage of our lives...always...:)
Blessings and much love to you, Debbie...may you have a wonderful week!
Joy in Jesus!

Denise said...

thanks for blessing my heart, love you.

Linda Walker said...

Dear Debbie,
So many thoughts to ponder after reading your lovely post! The photo of you walking away surrounded by grass and wildflowers is such a beautiful image! What a perfectly positive way to start your morning: singing while making the bed. I could probably sing after 3 cups of coffee! Enjoyed spending some time here today Debbie!
ps cute sandals!

Vicky Hunt said...

Lovely message and photos Debbie. I so enjoy reading what's on your heart and mind. I can just hear you singing while making your bed. What a lovely way to start each day. I need to try this. I make my bed but never thought about singing through the job and starting my day with Jesus foremost on my mind. Hope you have a lovely evening and week ahead!

Hugs, Vicky

Linda said...

Dearest Debbie, this is such a beautiful and inspiring post...the photos, the encouraging and inspiring words and the music! Thank you so much for sharing. God bless you.

Deborah Montgomery said...

Well, a day later . . . but I'm back. I used to sing that song in the car when I first became a believer, loudly and joyfully. What a good idea to sing it while you're making your bed. Such a simple song, but oh, how convicting. Thank you for sharing.
And I love that black and white picture of you walking through the wildflowers.

Lady Linda said...

Hello dear Debbie, what a beautiful post! I really needed to read it today too. Love your little song while making the bed. I'm sure it pleases the Lord too.
Thank you for visiting my blog. I am trying to get back to some kind of norma.
I just have way to much on my plate.

Anne Payne said...

Debbie, my sweet friend, this is the first song my husband (then fiance) taught me after I received Christ as my Lord and Saviour! It's one of my favorites. No turning turning back.

Thank you for such a precious post.

Mindy Whipple said...

No turning back, no turning back. What a great way to start your day - by making that choice to follow Jesus. You are an inspiration!

CherylQuilts said...

Oh, Debbie, what a beautiful post! It starts out with one of my all-time favorite hymns, and what wonderful questions. Are we truly following Jesus wherever He leads...joyfully in good and bad times...and do we strive to surrender daily? Such wonderful and thoughtful things I shall ponder more. I may print this one and add it to my journal. Thank you, dear friend, for sharing your heart with us! Praise God for how He brings us together to "warm" us and draw us to Himself! Hugs!

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