Thursday, March 26, 2015

Stephanie's Tea Cup & Mug Exchange

Please join me in a cup of tea
as I share with you the beautiful
treasures I received through 
Stephanie's tea-cup and mug exchange over at

"I can just imagine myself
sitting down at the head of the table
and pouring out the tea"
said Anne, shutting her eyes ecstatically.
"And asking Diana if she takes sugar!
I know she doesn't but of course
I'll ask her just as if I didn't know."
~ Lucy Maud Montgomery,
Anne of Green Gable
 Linda over at
gifted me with quite a collection of teas
and I would love to share them with you.
Do you take sugar? One lump or two?

 When Linda's gift arrived I squealed
with delight in the Post Office!
You see ~ Linda gave the most beautiful
tea-cup to Stephanie some time ago
and I fell in love with it!
It is a tea-cup like I have never seen before,
elegant in it's beauty.
If you were to turn the cup up-side down
it would look like a gown to be worn in a ballroom
with pleats running through it, gorgeous.
I told my dear Stephanie,
 should it disappear from her home
 she wouldn't have to look far
as it could be found in my china cabinet.
I have been fearful of having "sticky fingers"
when I sip tea in that elegant tea-cup. :)


After reading Linda's name on the corner of the box
with delight ~
I made my way home quite anxious to open it,
 and trying very hard NOT to speed.

 Each gift was wrapped so beautifully
in brown tissue with paper lace ribbon.
Some of you may know
I like love lace!


                 Linda was just as gracious with her gift giving
in this tea-cup exchange as she was with Stephanie.
Isn't this a gorgeous tea cup! 
Look at that tiny rose colored flower ~
I just LOVE it! 

Linda seemed to know exactly
what my taste is in decorating ~ primitive.
Each one of the lovely items she graced me with
has found a special place in my country home
and I think of her every time I look upon them.
Linda is a beautiful lady whom I have been blessed
to come to know through our blogs.
Linda ~ Thank you for each gift that
you so graciously showered me with.
I was deeply touched and felt quite spoiled! 


   I had the privilege of sending a tea-cup
to Janet over at
She too is a lovely lady with 
the most beautiful blog.
Please stop in and visit these dear ladies.


Stephanie ~ What a sweet and tender heart you have!
Thank you for the beauty in your
tea-cup and mug exchanges.
As your mother, I know of the hard work
you put into making these exchanges beautiful and meaningful
for us ladies to enjoy.
The beauty of your heart radiates through out
this exchange, and many are richly blessed.
May the Lord bless you, as you have blessed others.
I love you!

 Joy to you!
~ Debbie ~ 


Sarah said...

What a beautiful teacup! I hope sometime to participate in the tea cup exchange, it is a delightful idea. : ) Stephanie is such a dear sister in the LORD. Her blog has been a blessing to me.

Anonymous said...

Such a sweet cup and lovely selection of teas. I hope you take time today to enjoy a special tea time!

CelestinaMarie@SouthernDayDreams said...

Hi Debbie,
What a beautiful exchange with Linda. Your tea cup and pretties are perfectly matched to you. I know very well how wonderful Linda makes her packages as I was her partner in the last exchange and she blessed me with a gorgeous teacup that I just love. She is generous and so very talented and all is topped off with her sweet personality and kindness.
I know you will enjoy your pretties.

Yes, Stephanie is a blessing to all and she is a true GEM!! I just love her.

Happy Spring,
Hugs, CM

Stephanie said...

Excuse me a moment while I wipe the tears from my eyes..........

You are so kind and generous with your words and this post was very touching. Linda is a one-of-a-kind lady and her love and kindness flows onto others - I am so thankful she blessed you :) The tea cup she gave is quite the beauty and I guess I could say the same thing you did... if you find it missing you won't have to look far :) hee hee

And should Linda read this comment... my mom tried "taking" my tea cup the other day! The silly lady tried tucking it in her pocket while I was getting her water. It's all in fun and she makes me laugh :)

You are the dearest mother and I love you! Thanks for joining the exchange and being so supportive - I greatly appreciate it.

Sylvia said...

Oh Debbie, what a blessing you received that day and Linda was so generous to you. I love the teacup and would love to have tea with you. I take honey in my tea, and I'll try the Italian Chamomile, although all of them would be great.
Enjoy and have a great day,

NanaDiana said...

What a fun package to get in the mail! That cup & saucer is just gorgeous! I love it when someone "gets" you and knows just what to gift you with. Blessings to you today-enjoy your cuppa tea! xo Diana

Mehrll said...

Such a lovely cup. Take time to rest and enjoy your tea, you deserve it. Hugs.

living from glory to glory said...

What a lovely tribute to all those you have given! Just very generous and the way it was wrapped for you!
So pretty... And you like primitive decorating? I had a friend that loved to antique for that style and she had such an amazing home. Reminds me of the Amish style.
I would of squealed also (smile)
Hugs, Roxy

Debby Ray said...

Such a blessing...what lovely, lovely gifts you received from Linda! I so wanted to be a part of this exchange but February had just too many things packed into it for me to add one more thing. I certainly hope to next time!

Dee said...

What a lovely tea cup and I love that it was packaged so beautifully. I'm sure you'll enjoy having your hot cup of tea even more now. Blessings... :)

Julie's Lifestyle said...

Hi Debbie,
I love your tea and teacup you receive from the exchange. May you enjoy it all!
Julie xo

Mindy Whipple said...

Such a lovely gift assortment chosen especially for you! And how sweet to wrap it in such a special way. The assortment of teas caught my eye right away - fair trade and organic speak to my heart : ) I love seeing the wonderful ways you bless each other through the exchange!

Camille said...

So beautiful. What a sweet package of treats! I'm so happy for you my friend. Hugs, Camille

Linda Walker said...

Dear Debbie,
You are very welcome! Your very kind, gracious words in this post mean so much to me! Thank you! When Stephanie emailed me to say you were my recipient, I emailed her right back to tell her how excited I was to get your name!!!!!

I am so happy that you enjoyed your little box of goodies!

Reading your post and comments makes me realize the snowball effect of Stephanie's hard work. Such joy and goodwill she is spreading-- near and far! It's really amazing..... I love participating and I am already looking forward to the next one!

Let Stephanie know that I did see her comment and tell her to hide the good silver.....from you!!! LOL!
Enjoy your tea Debbie,

Castles Crowns and Cottages said...

Dearest Debbie,

How honored, truly honored that you came to visit my blog! I just saw your comment this morning and wanted to come by before I start my work day.

I had been blogging for seven blessed years....then this January, I decided to stop. However, right on the cusp of my stopping, I met your dear daughter. I have been visiting her since, and she is always so kind to respond. Then when I came here to see YOU, I was so blessed to see another generation of kindness in you. You both are so SIMILAR! And you and I are around the same age too!

I am a busy French teacher and I also engage in poetry writing with a group that meets in my home. I hope to continue to write and publish one day, but in the interim, I hope to take my blessed years of blogging and properly arrange them in a self-published book. Thank you for visiting, and I hope to see you again and OH..we love tea around here too!

Have a lovely day, Anita

kitty@ Kitty's Kozy Kitchen said...

What a gorgeous teacup and such other lovely gifts you've recieved, dear Debbie! Your daughter provides so much love and happiness through her sweet mission of the teacup exchange. Enjoy sipping tea from your new cup. Now you won't have to pretend that you're taking Stephanie's!!

Pam~ Virginia Retro said...

How gorgeous! No wonder you were excited. I've been know to squeal at the post office myself. :)

This is my first time joining in Stephanie's exchange. She is indeed a blessing to us all. You must be very proud.

Linda said...

Dear Debbie,

I absolutely love tea, and your post has warmed my heart. God bless you, and thank you so much for sharing. :)

Sola Scriptura said...

What a beautiful package! Everything is just lovely. I hope you have a wonderful weekend.

Kelly-Anne @ Beautiful Girlhood said...

Dearest Debbie...Oh! I so enjoyed looking through your new lovelies! What a charming tea cup - the design is quite breathtaking...and how delicious your tea sounds!
I have been richly blessed through Stephanie's beautiful exchange - I will most certainly be joining in again!
Blessings and much love!

Kim said...

How I have enjoyed drinking your lovely post, listening to the Anne of Green Gables music! It has warmed my heart and soul. Thank you.

Asia King (aka Joanna K) said...

Oh Debbie, you are probably the luckiest girl in the whole 'exchange' seeing that Stephanie is your DD :). But boy, Linda has really treated you beautifully with her wonderful tea cup and gifts. This has been one fantastic exchange! Big hugs xx

Margie said...

Hi Debbie,

What a lovely teacup! I also love lace and am picking up quite a number of ideas from all the creative packages.

My mom and I often swap teawares. When I try to thin out some of my teawares, but I'm not quite ready to let them go competely, they go to live at my mom's place. Hee!

Faye Henry said...

Oh my, what a beautiful tea cup and gifts you received.. It has been so much fun and you certainly have a beautiful daughter.. Inside and out.. smile. God bless.. xo

Ida said...

How pretty is that Tea Cup. So delicate looking. I really like the selection of teas you received too. Isn't this a lot of fun.

Anonymous said...

Such a beautiful teacup!! You are right, it does look like a ballgown!
And such sweet gifts she sent as well! This exchange is such a beautiful way to connect with sweet sisters and friends!

Simply Linda said...

Ohhhhhhh how lovely!! I have sure enjoyed viewing everyone's teacups. Thank you for sharing. Blessings

Sandra said...

Debbie, what an amazing package you received from Linda. But oh, that's so beautiful! I'm sure you'll have many sips from this lovely teacup and will enjoy each item she sent to you.

Anonymous said...

Hi Debbie! I'm stopping by from Stephanie's link up party, although I have visited here before and absolutely love your blog :) Your package was filled with beautiful lovelies! The tea cup is stunning- I love the colors! Enjoy all your goodies! Blessings to you!

Roses, Lace and Brocante said...

Hello sweet Debbie

You have written a beautiful post for Stephanie's Teacup Exchange!

Oh my, the tea cup Linda sent you is one of the prettiest I have ever seen and like you I'm admiring the little flower on the inside of the cup - it's exquisite!

This was my second Tea Cup Exchange - Stephanie is such a kind soul organising these special blog parties and I feel very priviledged to be part of them.
You have raised a charming, gracious and beautiful daughter in Stephanie - she is a credit to you!

Hugs and blessings

Vee said...

Such fun to see your gifts! Yes, it is a beautiful tea cup...loved your description of Stephanie' charming to think of a tea cup that looks like a ball gown all pleated and lovely.

Zaa said...

Such an exciting post ... such heart-felt blessings and camaraderie... Wishing you a happy and joyous Easter, My Friend..xoxox

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