Wednesday, April 2, 2014

A Mother's Joy

A Mother's Joy

One of my joyous roles is that of a mother,
graced in God's goodness with two very beautiful daughters.

As I celebrate Spring I also celebrate the birthday of my youngest daughter,
Stephanie, from The Enchanting Rose
Happy Birthday, Dear Stephanie!

"The garden of God's little girl-how grand!
It began with a dream, a prayer, a plan.
Nothing this splendid just happens, we know:
It takes time and care for flowers to grow."
       -Elizabeth George-

This blog is in honor first and foremost, of my God. It belongs to Him.
In His perfect leading and design this blog was created.
"For without Him, I can do nothing." (John 15:5)
For without Stephanie, I am helpless!

Over the last two years I have watched Stephanie touch many lives through her blog.
I have met ladies around the globe, both young and old,
through The Enchanting Rose that I have become dear friends with.

This post - my first - is in honor of my dear daughter,
my little girl who grew up to be my friend.
I thought it was perfectly fitting to begin my journey in "blog land"
on her special day, as she has been my inspiration and encourager every step of the way.

"I never tell you enough how much I love you and how thankful I am for you.
You have truly been a blessing and joy in my life, and you always will be!
You labor to make your home a place of comfort, happiness, warmth,
and most importantly, LOVE.
You rise early in the morning to spend time meditating in God's Word
and you prayerfully seek the Lord in every direction of your life.
You are not ashamed of Christ and what He has done for you,
but rather you proclaim His love and joyfully tell
others about Christ.
His light is always shinning in and through you.
You may be my mother and you may be 27 years older than me,
but you are my very close and best friend!
You will forever be in  my heart as my Mother and Friend
who is always there for me with her arms wide open with love
and who always has a caring and compassionate heart.
A mother and a friend who always has a gentle and meek spirit,
who willingly humbles herself before the Lord.
A mother and friend who desires to teach her children
and grandchildren about Jesus Christ and His Holy Word.
A mother and friend who always has a listening ear
and encouraging words to help me through my struggles.
The list could go on, but to sum it all up,
you are a Proverbs 31 Woman, and my prayer is that as I grow older
I will be just like you!
You are my role model and I thank the Lord everyday
for giving me you as my Mother and as my Friend.
Thank you for being such a wonderful example in my life!

I love you With All My Heart!

This was a gift from Stephanie placed in a frame
and surrounded by photo's of herself in her growing up years.
I received this precious gift for Mother's Day when Stephanie was 17 years old.

"You are a Proverbs 31 Woman and my prayer is that as I grow older
I will be just like you!
You are my role model and I thank the Lord
everyday for giving me you as my Mother
and my Friend.
Thank you for being such a wonderful example in my life!"

These were Stephanie's heart felt words to her mother.
She had a desire to follow the example of whom she saw as a Proverbs 31 Woman
(I fall short by the way)
She desired to be a woman that God teaches us we can all be.
Stephanie allowed the hand of God to mold her and make her what she is today.
What an honor as her mother to see her life reflect Christ.

I chose this as my first post as I begin this new journey,
"With purpose of heart" (Acts 11:23)
because it sets the stage, if you will,
for the purpose of this blog.

As women, the Bible instructs us to "teach the young women" (Titus 2)
to be godly role models as we live out the Word of God.
Is it an easy task? Not at all.
But it is attainable through the grace of God.
He is the one who works in and through us when we allow Him too. (Philippians 4:13)
As we reflect Christ in the lives of others,
He receives all the honor and glory due His name.

Thank you Heavenly Father,
for the gift of Your Son, and the salvation we can have through Him.
May we as women desire to follow after You,
and live our lives for Your glory


Stephanie said...

Welcome to blog land, sweet Mom! I hope your journey is beautiful and rewarding. You will bless many lives and I pray God uses you in a mighty way :) I love you!

And thank you for the precious words - you are a dear Mama. Warm hugs to you!

Esther Asbury said...

Welcome to the world of blogging! You have a sweet daughter who has brightened my day many times with her lovely comments on my blog!

Anonymous said...

So happy to see you have started a blog. It has been a blessing getting to know you and Stephanie. I look forward to visiting with you both.

NanaDiana said...

Welcome to blogland, Debbie. What a beautiful first post. I have come to know and love Stephanie in the past couple of years. She is a wonderful woman. You did good, Mom!!!!!

I am your newest follower and I will put you on my sidebar right away and hope you get some exposure that way- xo Diana

Unknown said...

Welcome to the blogging world, Mrs. Harris! I've enjoyed getting to know your daughter through her blog and through her writing for our devotional blog, Meditations of His Love. I'm looking forward to getting to know you a bit through your own blog!

Have a delightful day,

Robyn said...

Welcome to the world of bloggers, Debbie! Your loving tribute to your daughter has me in tears this morning. How lucky you both are! I look forward to reading what you share with us. Have a wonderful day.

Nonnie said...

What a glorious tribute to your daughter. And what a mother you must be to have raised a Godly daughter as is Stephanie. Best wishes for your blogging journey.
Nonnie of Faith in a Bottle.

Terra said...

I came over from your daughter's blog. Welcome to blogland, dear Proverbs 31 lady.

Terra said...

Part 2 comment; your google friend connect button did not work just now. Hope it fixes itself :) I will go to and follow you that way.

Linda said...

Coming over from Stephanie's blog. What a special relationship you and your daughter have..most daughters & mothers do not have this. Thank you for sharing your lovely blog. Nice to meet you. Blessings

Bonnie said...

Nice to meet you Debbie. I have enjoyed being a blogging friend of Stephanie. Google Friend connect told me to come back later. I giggled at that since I haven't seen that before. You must have many followers on the way.

Looking forward to following your blog. Bonnie@livingwiththanksgiving

Debby Ray said...

Hi Debbie! From one Debby (me) to another, welcome to the land of "blog"! I have only been around for about 10 months and blogging has blessed my heart tremendously! I never dreamed I would meet such a lovely group of ladies who love the Lord Jesus! After reading your first post, it's no wonder why your Stephanie is so precious...she seems to take after her mother....what a beautiful daughter you have...inside and out! Your blog is so lovely and I am following you now...I'm looking forward to your posts!


Betty said...

I just came over from your Daughters blog. You have a very nice and inspiring one here.

AnnMarie aka Vintage Junkie aka NaNa said...

Welcome to the wonderful world of blogging! Visiting from your sweet Stephanie's blog and so happy to "meet" you. Your blog is beautiful to look at and this first post is just lovely to read. Will be looking forward to more wonderful posts from you!

Delvalina Wright said...

You such a blessing Mother :)
You're very welcome here, I'm sure hundreds of lady bloggers is waiting you here.
I'll be back to follow you back, I got trouble to sign in once i followed.
You're in my mind Mrs. Debbie. Love you dearly my second Mama ( Since Stephanie is my dear sister) :)

Sylvia said...

What a beautiful blog...I have come to love and admire your wonderful daughter,Stephanie. She has prayed for me and been an encouager in low moments to me through her emails. You have raised a wonderful christain girl and God has so blessed you. I know your are a blessing to each other. I started my blog at agrandmasblessings to share my faith and God's blessing to me. I am following yours and looking forward to getting to know you! Welcome!!

Gail Dixon said...

Stephanie is a wonderful woman, filled with a heart for God. I love that you have started your own blog to glorify God as well. You're off to a great start! God bless you both.

Denise said...

Such a precious post, welcome to blog land.

camp and cottage living said...

Stephanie is a special lady and it's obvious now to see why.
I pray you'll be blessed in your blogging endeavours!

Jazzmin said...

What a beautiful first post!! It has been the biggest blessing to me to get to know and find a friend in your daughter and see her kindness, and now I have the privilege of following you! Your blog is just beautiful. This was so heartfelt and beautiful. Stephanie's words at age 17 are precious and it is so apparent that you are truly best friends and that the Lord is working in both your lives completely. I am already inspired by your blog♥

I look forward to reading here and getting to know you through your blog! Welcome to blogging :)


Little Birdie Blessings said...

I'm thrilled to see your new blog Debbie. It's lovely, just like you and Stephanie are. I'm really looking forward to what God has for you here. Blessings dear one. ~ Abby

Anonymous said...

Hello, Debbie! So very nice to meet you. Stephanie is such a sweetheart and it is a pleasure to know her. Welcome to the land of blogging. I look forward to reading more. :-)

living from glory to glory said...

Dear Debbie, I am so excited for you and for those who will get to hear your heart! And His leading will guide you, have fun and do only what is going to work for you! Lovely words, a great beginning!
I was not able to start following the gadget would not work for me! I will try again soon!
Blessings, Roxy

Vicky Hunt said...

Oh Debbie...I am thrilled to see you have started your own blog! I feel as if I already know you from the sweet comments you leave on my blog sometimes and your participation in the ornament exchange. You are such a lovely woman of God and I look forward to visiting often...:) Your Stephanie is such a precious lady...she blesses my heart. Have a wonderful evening.

Blessings, Vicky

Jeanna said...

Hi Debbie, it is so nice to see you have joined blog land. I look forward to visiting you here. I can already tell this is going to be a blessing for me and so many others.

This is a beautiful post and I am so touched by the sweet words Stephanie wrote when she was just 17 years old. You have done a wonderful job as a Mother.

Patty Sumner said...

Welcome Debbie!! I am visiting via your daughters blog... of which you wrote so preciously about in this post.. I am so glad you have decided to begin a blog. I know many will be enriched by your heartfelt love for the Lord.... I know I have! I am following along and am looking forward to many wonderful visits with you... I am always pleased to join up with fellow Sisters in Christ.. Come on onever and visit and follow along with me too.. We have much in common. Blessings!

Visits With Mary said...

Hello Debbie! Stopping by for Stephanie's place. Your blog is beautiful and I am looking forward to visiting often!

Kate M said...

Welcome to Blog land - I feel that I know you already, through Stephanie's writings on her blog, you have done a marvelous job!
Wishing you every success in your new venture,

SarahGeorge said...

Hello sweet Debbie
I'm so happy for you both :) What a lovely mother daughter duo you both are! I'm so happy to read your very first post:) And great to know that you are "tech" inspired by your sweet daughter this time :) Couldn't wait to become a follower of your sweet blog :)
Hugs :)

lynn said...

It is very nice to meet you Debbie and I look forward to reading your blog. Your first post was lovely. Blessing, Lynn

Life and Breath and Everything Else said...

What a beautiful first post! I look forward to learning from your motherly wisdom!

Bonnie said...

following on blog lovin. Google friend connect is still not working. It says come back later. Bonnie@livingwiththanksgiving

The Mayo Family said...

I am so looking forward to getting to know you , reading what you share and gleaning.
You daughter is such a sweet gal and a encouragement to me as I (we) am raising our daughters. We all read and while the Lord has me in a season with many different age groups....6 girls and 2 son's 25-7 years old, there is so much to be encouraged by and learn from!
May God bless you as you blog and may you be encouraged by others as you are lead to share as well and meet many other sweet ladies here!
Blessings~ Lori
P.S. It's not letting me follow right now? I will come back

Ceil said...

Hi Debbie! Welcome to the world of blogging! I have always appreciated your visits to my blog, and I know you'll bring your heart and encouragement to this special place. What a beautiful testimony to your mother/daughter relationship that frame and saying is! God has blessed you both.

I'm looking forward to what you will be sharing!

Mrs. Smith said...

Hi there Debbie,

I've enjoyed reading your first post and I'm glad to get to meet you! Your sweet Stephanie is such a joy!

I keep trying to follow too, but I'm having the same problem as others. I hopped over to Stephanie's and my blog, and it worked okay there. I will keep checking back and I hope that it doesn't give you too much trouble. I wonder if you removed the follower widget and reloaded it again if that would help?

Great to visit with you here at your new blog! I'm looking forward to visiting again! :)

Maryann said...

Welcome to the blogging world Debbie, I popped on over from Stephanie's blog. This is a beautiful post, looking forward to getting to know you

Maryann said...

The following gadget not working for me either, will try again later

Mindy said...

So nice to meet you! Stephanie is such a sweet one, an obvious gift from God to you. I love how sweet your relationship is with one another; what a blessing. I look forward to following your blogging journey.

Deborah Montgomery said...

Welcome to blogging! I am a new blogger, too, and it has been a wonderful experience meeting so many lovely women here. I know that you would like to bless people, I'm sure you will but it will definitely be a blessing to you too!

amy @ Life in Pink Hi-Tops said...

Welcome to blogging. What a beautiful first post. I hope you continue to meet wonderful people here in blogland. May God bless your journey!

Karen @ Beatrice Euphemie said...

I am a follower of your darling daughter who has the most kind and loving spirit! I couldn't wait to meet the woman who is responsible for raising such a wonderful daughter! Your loving relationship is so dear and inspiring. I have two lovely daughters of my own and I know how precious a daughter is. I want to offer you a kind welcome and many blessings on your journey in blogland. xo Karen

silverfeather said...

I look forward to your posts have raised sweet Stephanie and with your godly example, she is quite an encourager to us all. God Bless You as you serve Him now in this new arena!

Janice Kay Schaub said...

wishing you joy in your endeavor. Best wishes and I will be following you

Butterfly 8)(8 Bungalow said...

Beautiful tribute. xoxo

Anne Payne said...

Debbie, You have certainly done a fine job raising Stephanie to be a godly woman and friend. She is precious! I'm so glad you've joined the blogging community :)

Wanda said...

I just starting following your darling daughter, Stephanie a few weeks ago, and already love her and her sweet personality and caring spirit...and NOW I see where she gets it.

I will be please to follow you. I too am a follower of Jesus, and have three daughters and one son (all adults) and lots and lots of grandchildren.

Thanks for being a living inspiration of God's Word.

Sending hugs and smiles.

Celestina Marie said...

Hi Debbie, So nice to meet you through your darling daughter Stephanie. Welcome to blogland and many blessings as you enjoy posting and meeting many friends.
Your post is simply lovely and the letter from Stephanie is a treasure of the heart.
It has been a blessing to get to know Stephanie and it is easy to see where she gets her beautiful spirit.
Have a wonderful time and blessings always.
Celestina Marie

~Lavender Dreamer~ said...

Welcome to our blog family! Stephanie is so precious to me and has been such a good friend to pray for my family. I know you're going to enjoy're off to a great start. I think I had 2 comments on my first post! Enjoy your weekend! Sweet hugs, Diane


Welcome to blogland! I have made true friendships thru blogging. God can use anything for His goodness.

Barbara Neubeck said...

...Hello Debbie... Welcome to blogging.I love your beautiful post.I'll be following you as well as Stephanie now..... how great...
Hugs and Blessings ...
Barb xxx

Cranberry Morning said...

So glad you joined the world of blogging, Debbie. Welcome! Enjoyed your lovely post. I found you through Stephanie's blog.

Anonymous said...

What an absolutely beautiful post and lovely blog! How precious is the sweet friendship you and Stephanie have. It is no wonder that Stephanie is a kindhearted soul with you as her mother. Stephanie is always a great encouragement to me.

I am happy to see that you, too, are how blogging.


kitty@ Kitty's Kozy Kitchen said...

Welcome, my dear friend, to blogland. I so enjoyed reading your first post and know what a joy Stephanie is to you and how much she loves and emulates YOU. You both are a joy and blessing in my life and I'm so happy to have been connected with you, all through a teacup exchange. I love you!

Conniecrafter said...

Welcome to blog land :)
Your daughter has a way with words doesn't she, I bet that brought a few tears to your eyes... it is so precious when we see our children grow up and be the people God entrusted us to raise them as, and she in turn will raise her children, God Bless

Bonnie said...

Finally, on the third try I was able to follow on Google Connect. You are doing very well. I have never gotten 54 comments. You are blessed.

I hope you have a great week as a new blogger.

Teri said...

Dear Debbie ... this is beautiful and so inspirational! Sweetest Blessings ♥ Teri

Unknown said...

Aw Debbie, it's wonderful! I love your blog! You are a Titus 2 woman and I look forward to learning from you. You've already been a huge blessing to me and I know our Lord will use you greatly. Much love to you my dear friend.

Sandra said...

I'm a little late but a warm, heart-felt welcome to the world of blogging. What a sweet, beautiful first post.

I've gotten to know your wonderful daughter, Stephanie, and so enjoy her blog as well as the emails we exchange. She is definitely a Godly, precious lady and I know that your influence through the years have shaped her into what she is today.

I look forward to visiting here often. How encouraging to have a blog such as yours to read!

Debby Ray said...

My eyes are welling up with tears as I read this. What a truly beautiful gift your dear Stephanie gave you with these words. I'm so glad I have had the joy of getting to know you both through our blogs! God bless you!

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